Bixorama is a Windows desktop app for converting, generating and modifying panoramic photos

Bixorama can convert between 11 different panorama formats including Microsoft's DirectX DDS & Apple's QuickTime VR.

What are panoramic photos?

A panoramic photo is a photo containing the full environment as seen from a single point: 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.

Panoramic photos used to be created by stitching 2 or more (fisheye) photos, but can now be created much easier with equipment like this:

Convert your panoramic photos with Bixorama!

Bixorama can import AND export the following 11 formats:

1) QuickTime VR .MOV

Apple's QuickTime VR is the most popular panorama format on the internet.

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2) DirectX .DDS

DDS is the DirectX texture format. The DDS format can be used for panoramic backgrounds and reflectionmapping. DDS is the best format for use in BluffTitler.

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3) Latitude longitude (equirectangular)

This is what most people mean when they are talking about panoramic photos. The horizontal coordinate is the longitude and the vertical coordinate is the latitude. The mathematical name is (equi)rectangular projection.

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4) Horizontal cross

The 6 faces of the cubemap are laid out as a horizontal cross.

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5) Vertical cross

The 6 faces of the cubemap are laid out as a vertical cross.

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6) Strip

The face order is: front, right, back, left, top, bottom.

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7) Strip XYZ

The face order is: right, left, top, bottom, front, back. This layout is used by the NVIDIA DDS Photoshop plug-in

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8) Single files

This mode imports and exports the panorama as 6 single files.

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9) Spheremap

This projection is used by realtime 3D apps and games for reflection mapping. Notice that the back face is squeezed into the border of the circle resulting in poor quality reflection mapping.

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10) Mirror ball

This is the only featured projection that isn't a true panoramic projection because it contains only half the world. When you import this projection the front is mirrored into the back.

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11) Heart shaped

This cute looking projection is a tribute to the French mathematician Oronce Finé who wasn't afraid to work out crazy ideas.

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Things you can do with Bixorama

  • Convert QTVR movies into DDS cubemap files for use a reflection maps in BluffTitler
  • Extract the 6 cube faces from a QTVR movie
  • Add a logo to a QTVR movie
  • Create DDS cubemaps
  • Turn your panoramic photos into a QTVR movie
  • Convert a mirror ball photo into a QTVR movie or a DDS cubemap
  • Convert spheremaps into cubemaps
  • Pack 6 textures into a single DDS file

Easy to use

Bixorama does not feature complex settings dialogs.

Converting a file is as easy as choosing:

File > Import panorama

File > Export panorama

Batch processing

Bixorama can automatically convert multiple panoramic photos to the same format, or to the same resolution and JPG encoder quality, by choosing File > Batch processing...

Filenaming systems

Bixorama supports the following file naming systems for the 6 cube faces:

  • front, right, back, left, top, bottom
  • front, right, back, left, up, down
  • f, r, b, l, u, d (RealViz)
  • ft, rt, bk, lf, up, dn (Quake II)
  • f_, r_, b_, l_, u_, d_ (Adobe)

You can set the file naming system by choosing Settings > Options....