User guide

Step 1: Update DirectX

Bix's Photo Book requires the latest version of DirectX 9.

DirectX is available as a free download from Microsoft:
Update DirectX

If the web installer refuses to work, or if you would like to install DirectX on an offline computer, you can download the DirectX end-user redistributable.

Learn more about DirectX

Step 2: Download Bix's Photo Book

versionBix's Photo Book 3.4.4
size1 MB
date releasedTuesday, February 25th, 2014

Download Bix's Photo Book

If you do not like installers you can download the program as a ZIP file.

If the program complains about not being able to find D3DX9_34.dll you will have to install the latest version of DirectX.

Ordering info

A single user license of Bix's Photo Book costs € 9.95

What you get

When you buy Bix's Photo Book you receive your own personal license keys. Entering them into the program with the menu item Settings > Enter License Keys... will turn the evaluation version into the fully functional version.

Order Bix's Photo Book

Keyboard and mouse functions

How to select a photo folder

Choose File > Select Folder... and pick a photo (it does not matter which one) from the folder you wish to browse.

Go to the next page (turn page)

  • press the cursor right key
  • or press the cursor down key
  • or press the page down key
  • or press the spacebar
  • or press the return key
  • or left click with your mouse on the right side of the book, but not on a photo

Go to the previous page

  • press the cursor left key
  • or press the cursor up key
  • or press the page up key
  • or press the backspace key
  • or left clicking with your mouse on the left side of the book, but not on a photo

Zoom in on a photo

Left click with your mouse on a photo.

Rotate, flip or copy a photo

A pop-up menu is displayed when you right click on a photo. With this pop-up menu you can rotate, flip or copy the photo.

Select a filter effect

Right click on a photo and select Change Effect...

Changing the camera

w,sstep forward, backward
a,dstep left, step right
Numeric keypad 4,6look left, right
Numeric keypad 8,2look up, down
Numeric keypad +,-zoom in, out
<F1>, <F2>, presets
1,2,...light presets

Resizing the window

To resize the window place your mouse at the window border. When the pointer changes into an arrow, you can resize the window to any size you like.

Other functions

<Alt><Enter>toggle fullscreen
tdisplay technical information

Exporting as movie

Choose File > Export as Movie... to export your photo book as a movie file.

Animations are saved as AVI files. The AVI format is the most widely supported movie format and every animation, video and DVD authoring tool can import AVI files.

You can stop the export process by pressing the <ESCAPE> key.

Keep the window competely visible!

For maximum speed and image quality Bix's Photo Book grabs the screen when exporting. For this reason you have to keep Bix's Photo Book's window completely visible and on top of all other windows when creating a movie.

Camera views in AVI file

The following 7 camera presets are used in the creation of the AVI file: <F1> (front view), <F3> (left view), <F4> (right view) and the photo views <F5>, <F6>, <F7> and <F8>.

You can adjust a preset by pressing the corresponding function key and using the following keys:

w,sstep forward, backward
a,dstep left, step right
Numeric keypad 4,6look left, right
Numeric keypad 8,2look up, down
Numeric keypad +,-zoom in, out


Bix's Photo Book uses the latest 3D animation techniques, so make sure your computer is up-to-date by performing the following steps:

  • First check out the hardware requirements to see if your system meets the minimum requirements.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Bix's Photo Book.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Update the driver of your graphics card. You can download the latest driver from the website of your video card's manufacturer. For example if you own a GeForce card go to and if you have a Radeon visit Do not forget to install the driver after downloading.
  • Install the latest version of DirectX.
  • Update Windows at:
  • Free memory and CPU usage by not running too many programs in the background.
  • Sometimes it helps playing around with the hardware acceleration slider in the control center of your graphics card.
  • Set the colour quality of your desktop to Highest (32 bit).
  • Do not push your graphics card to its limits by using the highest desktop resolution possible. By using a normal resolution like 1024 x 768 you save precious video memory that can be used by applications like Bix's Photo Book. Also do not use super high resolution pictures.
  • And last but not least: do not download our software from crack sites, update your anti-virus software, your anti-spyware software and your firewall.

Technical specifications

Supported picture formats

  • .JPG
  • .PNG
  • .BMP
  • .TGA

Program history

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Version 3.4.4

Released: Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Price: € 9.95, free upgrade for registered users!

Changes since version 3.0:

  • Settings and About buttons in the select encoder dialog
  • Better support for DirectShow decoder filters
  • bugfix: "not responding" problem when exporting as AVI fixed

Version 3

Released: 2007-7-24
Price: € 19.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Software Antialiasing
    With software antialiasing your exported video always looks super sharp, no matter what graphics card, video driver and hardware antialiasing settings you are using. A nice side effect is that you no longer have to keep the render window visible when exporting
  • Create videos with resolutions bigger than your desktop
    For example you will be able to create the highest HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 1024 x 768 desktop
  • Two photo sorting methods that can be selected with the menu items File > Sort by Name and File > Sort by Date
  • New menu item: Settings > Set Animation Speed...
  • New menu item: Settings > Render Transparent Paper
  • When exporting a photo book, animated effects (like the sketcher effect) do not start animating until zoomed in
  • Bix's Photo Book can now create AVI files bigger than 2GB (OpenDML Extensions)

Version 2

Released: 2006-6-16
Price: € 19.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Export as movie file
  • Realtime filter effects with pixel shaders
  • Transparent page
  • Textured paper
  • Textured cover
  • More intuitive mouse and keyboard control
  • New menu item: Set Language...

Version 1

Released: 2005-12-20
Price: € 9.95

  • First release!


How do I upgrade to the latest version?