Company info

Outerspace Software is a Dutch software company that specializes in the development of realtime 3D graphics tools for video and digital signage.

Outerspace Software is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals that enjoys creating powerful, easy to use, robust and affordable software.

Next to our flagship BluffTitler we are busy creating tailor-made applications for the Dutch and international broadcast and digital signage industry.

Outerspace Software solutions are used by tens of thousands of users all around the world ranging from video hobbyists to major broadcast television networks.

The company was founded in 2003 by Michiel den Outer.

Our mission

To create graphical software that is as powerful, intuitive, responsive and enjoyable to use as a musical instrument.

Outerspace Software is registered at the Rotterdam chamber of commerce, number 34191572


The GUI buttons were designed by Taco den Outer

The Bix alien character illustrations were created by the Dutch visual service company Seven's Heaven

The music of the Bix's Photo Book demo video has been composed and performed by Muzz

Our 360 degree cube map textures are created by Virro

Safe and secure transactions are handled by our online payment processing partner Share-it

This site is hosted by VEVIDA

Our sourcecode is compiled by Microsoft's Visual Studio

All our products are tested on a wide range of NVIDIA graphics cards

All our products are tested on a wide range of AMD graphics cards

We are using Nullsoft's NSIS Installer

Our fashion store is managed by CafePress