BluffTitler uses the power of DirectX

If you haven't yet installed the latest version of DirectX please carefully read the installation instructions.

Step 1: Update DirectX

BluffTitler requires the latest version of DirectX 9.

DirectX is available as a free download from Microsoft:
Update DirectX

If the web installer refuses to work, or if you would like to install DirectX on an offline computer, you can download the DirectX end-user redistributable.

Learn more about DirectX

Step 2: Download BluffTitler

size9 MB
date releasedThursday, April 17th, 2014

Download BluffTitler

If you do not like installers you can download the program as a ZIP file.

If the program complains about not being able to find D3DX9_34.dll you will have to install the latest version of DirectX.

Program history


Released: Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Free upgrade from version 11.0 or later!

To upgrade from earlier versions, start BluffTitler and choose Help > Check for Upgrades... or visit this page.

Changes since version 11.0:

  • 5 new particle layer properties: Launch Plane Position, Launch Plane Rotation, Launch Plane Size, Floor Level and Turbulence. Learn more
  • 3 new physics effects: Accelerate Slow, Decelerate Slow and Accelerate and Decelerate Slow. Learn more
  • 2 new spline effects: Spline Hulshoff and Spline Hulshoff Smooth. Learn more
  • New particle layer effect: Pointing Randomly. Learn more
  • New keyboard shortcuts to jump to the first, last, next and previous keyframes. Learn more
  • New preset in the File > Set Show Resolution... dialog: Digital Cinema.
  • New shader: Special/Clip.fx. Learn more
  • Changed behaviour: the Target Layer property of the particle layer works differently. Learn more
  • Bugfix: 24 bits WAV audio files are now correctly exported.
  • Bugfix: 3D models of the particle layer are now correctly updated when switching between shapes (using the 1st dropdown below the textbox).
  • Bugfix: animated target layers from the lightning and particle layers are now correctly loaded from in the .bt show files.
  • Bugfix: shadows and lightbeams now listen to the Submodel property of the model layer.
  • Bugfix: particles are no longer emitted when they are attached to a sketch layer with the Writer property set to 0.

Version 11.0

Released: 2014-2-25

Free upgrade if:

  • you have purchased BluffTitler in 2014
  • you have purchased the iTV version
  • you have purchased all 12 BixPacks
  • you help us by updating a translation

For upgrade info start BluffTitler and choose Help > Check for Upgrades... or visit this page.

  • Bitmap tracer
    This greatly simplifies the process of turning your 2D logos into 3D models. Choose Layer > Add Layer > Add Traced Picture Layer... to trace a picture. Learn more
  • Stroked text
    Borders in BluffTitler were always added to the interior of the texts. With the new Stroked text style we can finally add borders to the outside! Learn more
  • Stereo rendering
    When you set the new Pupil Distance property of the camera layer to a non-zero value, 2 viewports are rendered, one for each eye. Pixel shaders are available for red green anaglyph glasses and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Learn more
  • New pixel styles
    The text, EPS and traced picture layers offer the following new styles: Floating Hexagons, Floating Triangles and Bubbles. Learn more
  • Improved bitmap fonts
    Version 11 is fully compatible with bitmap fonts created with Alphabix 2.0
  • Drawing contours
    The sketch layer now also accepts bitmaps. Learn more
  • Post render event
    The File > Export as Movie... dialog now has a Post Render Command Line option. This is executed when the rendering is finished. Learn more.
  • New text style: holes.
  • 1 new property in the container layer: Rotation Centre.
  • 2 new properties in the particle layer: Min/Max Particles and Variation.
  • 4 new buttons in browser panel: Settings, Change all texts, Change all fonts, Change all textures. These buttons make it much easier to use templates.
  • UHDTV resolution presets in File > Set Show Resolution... dialog.

Version 10

Released: 2013-2-25
Free upgrade for registered users!

  • New GUI design: 60 new Metro/Windows 8 style buttons
  • Resizable tool window
  • Big app icon (256 x 256)
  • Change all texts with Edit > Change all Texts
  • Change all fonts with Edit > Change all Fonts
  • Change all textures with Edit > Change all Textures
  • Find a layer with <Control> F
  • Find next layer with <Control> G
  • Merge shows with <Control> M
  • Multiple viewports
  • Full audio support
  • New physics effects: ZigZag and Robotic
  • New light layer property: Beam Range
  • New text layer effects: XY-Slices, Z-Slices, Straight Slices, Round Slices, Vertically Revolved, Tubular Square, Light Discs, Light Bulbs, Extended Outlines and Ornaments
  • New text layer properties: Text Rotation Centre, Slices Position and Slices Rotation
  • New particle layer effects: 3D Cubes and 3D Blocks
  • New plasma layer property: Gradient Power
  • New sketch layer effect: Square
  • New sketch layer property: Shearing
  • New model layer properties: Submodel and Rotation Centre
  • Z-Bias properties in the text, EPS, picture and model layers to solve sorting problems.
  • Advanced cache control: Cache XML files checkbox in the Settings > Internet Options... dialog
  • Possibility to set the resolution of your webcam
  • Possibility to attach a light layer to a camera layer
  • Select a layer by double clicking on it
  • Moving a layer by dragging it is now relative to the camera orientation
  • Super fast shader antialiasing
  • Motion blur export option
  • New setting in options dialog: sort layers on layer type
  • New setting in options dialog: auto folding layers hierarchy
  • New setting in options dialog: always show tool window on startup
  • Bugfix: undo/redo now works as it should

Version 9

To prevent confusion with the extension DX9 that once has been used, version 9 has never been released.

Version 8

Released: 2010-1-14

Version 8 introduced 2 versions:

EASY€ 29.95. Free upgrade for registered users!
PRO€ 49.95. Upgrade for registered users: € 20.
  • New layer: Container layer
  • New layer: Lightning layer
  • New layer: Lense Flare layer
  • New layer: Voxel layer
  • Playlists. Choose Settings > Playlist Window to display the playlist window
  • Shell window. Choose Settings > Shell Window to display the shell window
  • Support for multi-monitor systems
  • Advanced time tags in the text layer
  • Options dialog: choose Settings > General Options...
  • Vertical align composition effects in the text layer
  • New light layer properties: Shadow Softness, Beam Colour, Flare Size and Flare Colour
  • Shadows and lightbeams are now generated by text, EPS, picture, model and sketch layers
  • New text layer effect: Single Sided
  • New text layer property: Encrypt
  • New picture layer effects: Single Sided, Skybox and 2D in Foreground
  • New particle layer effects: Pointing Upwards and Pointing towards Flight Direction
  • New particle layer properties: Chameleon, Effect Size, Launch Colour, Launch Colour Tolerance, Grid and Target Layer
  • New sketch layer effects: Attached Layers point Upwards and Attached Layers follow Sketch
  • New scroller layer property: Transparency
  • New plasma layer effects: Horizontal, Vertical and Radial Gradient
  • New sketch layer effect: Square
  • New model layer property: Colour
  • New passe-partout layer effects: Vertical Bars and Horizontal Bars
  • All demo shows that come with the installer now have the widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  • When editing, the active layer is rendered with a local coordinate system. This can be turned on/off by pressing <F2> or by choosing Settings > General Options...
  • Optimized rendering for realtime applications
  • Advanced IPC commands and command line options for system integration
  • Option to export as compressed AVI with transparency info (compressed 32 bits RGBA)
  • Bitmap fonts: press the new Select Bitmap Font button in the <F6> font dialog. Use Alphabix to create bitmap fonts
  • Video texture is updated when timeslider is moved
  • Attach borders to picture, video and video capture layers
  • Maximum number of particles increased from 1.000 to 10.000
  • Maximum number of characters in the text layer increased from 500 to 1000
  • Maximum show duration increased from 3 to 60 minutes
  • Use IE proxy settings option in the internet options dialog
  • Premultiplied alpha channel in SDI output and video export
  • Support for UNC paths
  • Intuitive camera position mouse control
  • Proper Would you like to overwrite? dialog when saving show with all media files

Version 7

Released: 2007-7-24
Price: € 39.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Software Antialiasing
    With software antialiasing your exported video and picture files always look super sharp, no matter what graphics card, video driver and hardware antialiasing settings you are using. A nice side effect is that you no longer have to keep the render window visible when exporting
  • Create videos with resolutions bigger than your desktop
    For example you will be able to create the highest HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 1024 x 768 desktop. Resolutions good enough for printing are also possible, like creating a 4000 x 4000 picture for use on a party flyer. In the File > Set Show Resolution... dialog you can select a view of 50%, 25% or 12.5% to indicate that the exported resolution should be 2, 4 or 8 times bigger than the render window
  • Support for shader model 3
    Advanced effects like median filters, morphing effects and fractals are possible with shader model 3. Of course these effects will only work if your graphics card also supports shader model 3 (Geforce 6, ATI X1800 or better)
  • Effect properties
    Effect files used to abuse existing properties to make them controllable by the GUI. In version 7 effect files can add properties to layers. For example it is possible to create a Mandelbrot fractal effect that adds the properties Max Iterations and Colour Cycling Speed to the picture layer. Another example is plane-to-donut morph effect that adds a Morp Stage property to the picture layer
  • Subtle material effects
    Combine lighting, texture mapping and reflection mapping in any ratio: fine-tune your materials from dull to 100% reflective
  • New file formats
    Stills and numbered frames can be exported in the following file formats: BMP(24 & 32 bits), TGA(24 & 32 bits), JPG(24 bits), GIF(8 bits), TIF(24 bits) and PNG(24 & 32 bits)

Version 6

Released: 2007-1-18
Price: € 39.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Sketch layer: animate EPS files created with Bixelangelo
  • Full unicode support: select the unicode character set in the Media > Change Font dialog
  • Browser panel with Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop Loading and Home buttons, URL combo box and status bar
  • All media files including textures, videos, models, effects and .BT show files can be downloaded from the internet by using paths starting with "http:"
  • Hyperlinks: add links to layers with the new menu item: Layer > Active Layer Properties
  • Successive shows: automatically open and start a new show when the current show ends with the menu item File > Show Properties
  • Video and audio files can be streamed from the internet. Choose Settings > Internet Options to turn streaming on/off
  • New menu item: File > Save Show + All Media files which is handy when copying shows to/from another computer or a web server
  • New menu items: Favorites / Add to Favorites and Favorites / Organize Favorites
  • New menu item: Settings > Internet Options
  • Textures, meshes, models and pools are shared between layers and successive shows: shows load faster and use less memory
  • Support for multiple webcams
  • BluffTitler can create AVI files bigger than 2GB (OpenDML Extensions)
  • New model layer property: Specularity
  • Correct rendering of Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic, Thai and Khmer

Version 5

Released: 2006-5-1
Price: € 39.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Smooth scroller layer
  • Support for DirectX effect files
  • Bump Mapping (normal maps)
  • Cube Mapping (with .DDS files)
  • Multi-Texturing effects
  • Tonal Art Mapping (realtime hatching)
  • Realtime filter effects in the picture, video and video capture layers
  • Text morphing effects
  • New particle layer property: Z-Bias
  • Filmstrip support in the picture layer
  • New model layer property: Transparency

Version 4

Released: 2005-12-19
Price: € 39.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • 3D model layer
  • Shadows
  • Lightbeams
  • Cloth simulation in the picture layer
  • Dynamic content: use BluffTitler to read RSS news feeds or as a photo browser
  • New picture layer property: Bounds
  • 3 new text layer properties: Decoration Density, Bounds and Character Size
  • Maximum number of characters increased to 500
  • Possibility to move the drop-down menu to the tool window and back

Version 3

Released: 2005-7-1
Price: € 39.95, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Optimized code resulting in ultra smooth realtime performance
  • 6 new pixel effects: Pixels, Cornered Pixels, Rounded Pixels, Floating Cubes, Floating Spheres and Floating Cylinders
  • 3 new particle effects: Blobs (meta-balls), Spheres and Pipes
  • 5 new text compositions: Spiral, Roll, String, Left and Right
  • 2 new texture modes: Masking and Additive Reflection Mapped
  • 3 new text layer Properties: Transparency, Decoration Size and Font Size
  • 5 new plasma effects: Line Segments, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles and Rays
  • Passe-partout layer
  • New menu item: Layer > Attach Plasma

Version 2

Released: 2004-9-1
Price: € 30, free upgrade for registered users!

  • Cool new skinnable GUI
  • Optical kerning
  • Draggable keyframes
  • 2 new particle layer properties: Trail Density and Rotation
  • New camera layer property: Arm Length
  • Undo/redo functionality
  • 32 bits AVI export
  • New menu item: Layer > Attach Border
  • New menu item: Layer > Attach Particles
  • Presets
  • Plasma layer
  • Particle layer
  • EPS layer
  • Video capture layer
  • Audio layer
  • Command line options
  • Video textures

Version 1

Released: 2003-8-5
Price: € 30

  • First release!

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP (32 or 64 bits)
  • The latest version of DirectX 9
  • Intel Pentium compatible CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 MB available harddisk space
  • Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card

For Full HD rendering, a graphics card with at least 1 GB video memory (VRAM) is advised.

Graphics cards that support shader version 3.0 or higher can take advantage of advanced effects such as bump mapping and cube mapping.

Please note: BluffTitler uses the latest video and 3D animation techniques, so make sure your video driver and DirectX versions are up-to-date.

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Het is best wel handig als een programma gewoon Nederlands praat...

Yes, it is very nice when software speaks your own language! BluffTitler speaks the following languages:

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Installation instructions:

Download one of the above files and place it in the blufftitler/media/locales folder. You can select the new language with the menu item Settings > General Options...



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