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1...animate between keysminstrel41484November 22nd 2012
2.x FILE SITEdgk2-909August 6th 2011
3"ABOVE AND BEYOND" is the name of t...IntroChamp181,134March 25th 2012
4"Bat" Menu - Sample ShowDaveH0-838November 13th 2012
5"Charisma" IntroIntroChamp2111,001February 27th 2012
6"Closed For Christmas"jmarkt342,907December 13th 2006
7"Get Out There" is the name of the ...IntroChamp0-990March 2nd 2012
8"GLIMMER" VIDEO INTROIntroChamp210921August 26th 2012
9"HEAVEN AND EARTH"IntroChamp0-1,074June 1st 2012
10"OVATION" is the name of this intro...IntroChamp481,066May 7th 2012
11"Paint" texture on image2da4est11-3155 months ago
12"SPARKLE"IntroChamp35999May 24th 2012
13"Things to Know" 3D Models in Bluff...BillyJack542611 month ago
14( Bixpack 5 Sports ) And ( Bixpack ...Carlos Marques0-1,512August 21st 2012
1501CM-introCarlos Marques17985January 7th 2012
1602CM- introCarlos Marques761,470January 7th 2012
1710 ANIVERSARIO DE BLUFFTITLER FELIZ...chespi65076507August 5th 2013
1810 things every BluffTitler user sh...michiel1692,434March 10th 2013
1910 ways to swap a textmichiel0-751June 25th 2013
20100.000 particlesmichiel0-4,401February 27th 2007
21108 EmergencyDani0-286August 21st 2013
2210th Anniversarymichiel19143,374August 5th 2013
2310th ANNIVERSARYliuyongcai761,081August 5th 2013
2412 Flares BT - FreeCarlos Marques482,561February 2nd 2012
2512-Piece-PuzzleUlli843,701November 20th 2006
2618 NEWS_SHOW.Dani34421October 17th 2013
272 Coloursmichiel0-2,730August 19th 2008
282 nightclub displaysmatty353,846July 13th 2006
292 questions2da4est6-2565 months ago
3020% DISCOUNT_INTRO.Dani95460October 21st 2013
312001 introPeteK781,568February 19th 2011
322011 Dark Metallicdvsprite322,668January 14th 2011
332014 HAPPY NEW YEARDani253533 months ago
342014 Ideas for BluffTitleragpvn363982 months ago
352014 New Year Intro.Dani444414 months ago
362014 NEW YEAR SHOW FREE INTRO.Dani445264 months ago
3720th Century Fox logoLostBoyz1691,702June 3rd 2013
3821st Birthday Videodvsprite0-1,813September 17th 2010
3924 Frames intro.Dani24415August 20th 2013
4024News_intro.Dani7103641 month ago
412D 3Dmichiel315,827April 15th 2007
422GB++michiel0-3,423September 15th 2006
433 Black Textsmichiel235,179May 19th 2011
443 Cutsmichiel3104,556December 8th 2011
453 new updates!michiel1793,880February 25th 2013
463 seconds of file saved as AVI--HEL...michelle4-1,051June 18th 2010
473 Simple (but Time-Saving) Video-La...viddy421,276March 12th 2010
483-D Volleyball Texture?Bob W.4-1,342August 8th 2011
493D .X Models Needed!Nico1-544December 3rd 2012
503D "world" Modelsebouze421,538August 22nd 2011
513D AnimationJimH742,372December 29th 2009
523d bookmaitegras793,035January 26th 2010
533D Box Shotmichiel0-9,362November 4th 2006
543D Clockmichiel552,495March 1st 2007
553d colors2da4est1-2105 months ago
563D Compositionmichiel0-3,659April 9th 2007
573D cubeDani25371August 20th 2013
583D DiceVision21-961May 20th 2010
593D doormaitegras0-1,808April 13th 2010
603d Floating Text...roneray13-940March 8th 2011
613D Frame Slideagpvn5102,067June 20th 2012
623D Framesernst3184,383February 1st 2006
633D Full HDfeha33950March 27th 2011
643D graphics, not just titlingholymac7-979April 3rd 2011
653d ImageDamo1-1,282October 18th 2009
663D Images - CreationScotty210152-1,006June 15th 2011
673D INTROagpvn341,280May 20th 2012
683D Modelmrbernd7-844October 19th 2012
693D Model Letterssinus300641,187April 24th 2013
703D MODEL RADIO. FREECarlos Marques0-2,103October 18th 2011
713D Modelssmiley312,761February 2nd 2006
723D Modelsdkgodfrey2-2,079March 27th 2010
733D Modelsdckbnfld3-697May 17th 2012
743d particle in a straight linekomies3-399July 19th 2013
753D PHOTO SLIDEagpvn651,349May 22nd 2012
763D Product Presentationmichiel0-3,368November 7th 2010
773D Rings with Blufftitleragpvn0-953October 19th 2012
783D RSS News Feed Readermichiel127,360June 27th 2006
793D ShapesJimH1-1,263May 2nd 2009
803D Simulation from Still ImageJimH1693,975June 25th 2008
813D Simulation from Still Image revi...mufasaxx2-1,358April 29th 2009
823D Sketch Starmichiel355,133January 23rd 2009
833D sketch suggestionsYousef6-1,100March 12th 2010
843D TunnelsDeanO1264,218August 8th 2006
853D Urdu Noori NastaliqArshad445,080May 3rd 2008
863D video Wall for own computer show...orlando6-1,583February 25th 2009 reviewmichiel201,588February 10th 2009
883DCITY skyscrapersvincent591,086September 14th 2012
893Dflaglampion732,892February 28th 2006
903DLOCKmichiel433,238October 16th 2010
914 FRAMES_INTRO.Dani4122853 weeks ago
924000 People. Friday July 13th Heine...JeepNL4101,307July 14th 2012
935 Stars Awardbylaw6109,098December 3rd 2009
945,4,3,2,1...IntroChamp67583October 1st 2013
9564 bit clientPer6-913January 25th 2012
966TV _TELUGU INTRO.Dani0-2211 month ago
9775% zoom would be helpful.John (ProComGer)4-2183 months ago
988.40.1 UpgradeEverettM3-528June 3rd 2012
998.6.0.0maitegras4-587September 5th 2012
1008.7 Text RotationDaveH131,345November 17th 2012
1019 P.M LIVE SHOW.Dani47636August 8th 2013
1029 PRIME TIME_B.T SHOW 17Dani98400September 27th 2013
10390 Degreesmichiel423,203May 21st 2008
104A BixPack QuestionBBB31839August 14th 2011
105A bottle and a glassUlli332,837June 10th 2006
106A box full with Dutch treats!michiel891,236August 5th 2013
107A couple of ideasThomasco232,413April 13th 2006
108A couple of items on my wish list f...jeffo1-437June 30th 2012
109A Dani's Show.Dani363734 months ago
110a different way to view keyframesSugref3-377February 26th 2013
111A frame with animated flowersmichiel364,126October 14th 2006
112A Halo for Baby Jesusjaymac424-1,152October 19th 2009
113A Little advert for Valentines daymatty223,547January 15th 2009
114A little requestvincent41572October 5th 2011
115A new suggestion for FX effects.SamSaam32521June 29th 2012
116A painting with a 3D framemichiel124,481October 14th 2006
117A Particle-u-lar ThingPixelpanther252361 month ago
118A request for a new cubemap textureBBB2011,743August 19th 2011
119A show with embedded other bt shows...matty751,494June 15th 2011
120A simpler version of my "Gear" intr...IntroChamp182712 months ago
121A Sketch QuestionBBB1-618October 6th 2011
122A subtle problem about locales of G...liuyongcai5-641July 24th 2012
123A swarm of nanobots eating a textmichiel716,065December 19th 2008
124A take on michiel's Disco Ball ShowJimH951,806August 28th 2010
125A title effect you cannot create wi...michiel212,924July 3rd 2008
126A wedding Montagebylaw235,007August 25th 2010
127A Wedding To Rememberbylaw121,677February 28th 2012
128¿ 2nd 2011
129AANCH IntroDani0-382August 21st 2013
130Abandoned Plaza stageliuyongcai861,133April 23rd 2013
131Abertura century fox - CMCarlos Marques553,236March 16th 2011
132About Blufftitler & Bix's Photo Boo...engsin1232-1,172April 15th 2009
133About particle layerssnafu5-492December 3rd 2012
134About pictures, textures, videos, w...michiel4-1,512March 2nd 2011
135About sub modelsvincent2-871May 1st 2010
136about Volume_Extrude2DPicture.fxagpvn2-1,509May 29th 2011
137Abstract Expressionismmichiel322,568October 22nd 2006
138Abstract game intro:)LostBoyz47613March 14th 2013
139Abstract Happy New Yearsinus3001195264 months ago
140Abstract Lionsinus300773192 months ago
141Abstract Star Warssinus300984965 months ago
142Abstract Studiosinus3001463985 months ago
143Abstract X game intro :)LostBoyz39607March 14th 2013
144Access gallery through a proxynuantus1-962December 17th 2009
145Accidentorlando243,689April 1st 2009
146Accordion Effectmichiel211,812August 23rd 2008
147Across the seaUlli412,399May 31st 2008
148AcuarioXarquS541,978December 2nd 2008
149Add a scroll bar to the edge of the...liuyongcai1-413November 26th 2012
150ADD AUDIO LAYERDimitris5-1,459July 20th 2010
151Add model layer not availableLogoLogics3-359April 1st 2013
152Add network streaming to btSamSaam1-745March 18th 2011
153Adding a Picture Layerlifechip2-689December 1st 2010
154Adding blur for depth of fieldPJChatman4-978August 30th 2010
155Adding more particle and plasma lay...DMcRMX1-965October 19th 2011
156Adding PhotosGurmeet3-878October 9th 2010
157Adding texture OutOfBounds.fx mich...liuyongcai3-2424 months ago
158Adding time to range of layersmarvin73453December 23rd 2012
159Adding Videojmarkt6-754March 11th 2011
160Adjust thickness of Text or Shape?xlogold4-945March 17th 2011
161Adjusting center on a ContainerBillyJack41654June 4th 2012
162Adjusting options per keySonnetje698-525March 12th 2012
163Adobe Premier Pro!!!joe19532-1,089March 13th 2010
164Advanced chroma key effectsmichiel1283,842September 9th 2009
165Advertising New Years Eve in a Clubmatty436,111November 21st 2008
166advertising using Buff Titlerclear211,075March 12th 2010
167After effectsmichelle1-811June 22nd 2010
168After effects projectswestho042-1,194June 21st 2009
169again, can u help meSamSaam2-703November 20th 2010
170AGP ONLINE TRAINING HD720pagpvn753,006November 19th 2010
171AGP Trainingernst0-2,859August 22nd 2007
172AGP Training Presnetagpvn4101,448October 3rd 2012
173AGPVN SHOW _INSPIRATION.Dani362551 week ago
174AGPVN: Just a short question for yo...John (ProComGer)2-625 days ago
175AGPVN: Light streak over the text l...John (ProComGer)8-941 day ago
176Airport Arrival BoardSonnetje692-2,035December 9th 2009
177AIRPORT DISPLAYvincent133,592February 17th 2010
178Ajouter une image de fond (Add pict...jeablu4-1,033May 4th 2010
179alfa romeomaitegras44847February 4th 2011
180ALGO QUE QUIERO COMPARTIRhernandez77716594April 5th 2013
181Aliensinus30047615February 13th 2013
182Alien Brain Effectmichiel183,385February 22nd 2012
183Alien Particleernst7714,980February 1st 2006
184Alien v.1sinus30097450September 5th 2013
185Aligning Texturesjmarkt31529April 3rd 2012
186All Christmas showsmichiel361,304December 11th 2012
187ALL CREATED WITH EPS proyecto de pu...chespi65037658July 28th 2013
188ALL YOU CAN DO WITH THIS INCREDIBLE...chespi65087594May 30th 2013
189Alles is Liefdemichiel0-8,092April 13th 2008
190Alpha animation testclasspros0-560April 8th 2012
191Alpha DIF with Blufftitleragpvn0-5,410November 12th 2009
192Alpha Effectmichiel1-1,622January 26th 2009
193Alpha introDani86545August 20th 2013
194Alpha Magicmichiel1233,938December 9th 2006
195Alpha Magic Paintermichiel312,592February 14th 2007
196Alphabetical list of previous forum...Dolly2-530October 12th 2012
197Alphabixmichiel863,062November 1st 2008
198ALPHABIXCarlos Marques493963 months ago
199Alphabix 2.0michiel766764 months ago
200ALPHABIX SHOW.Dani254773 months ago
201Altro rullo elettronico canale 5michiel0-1,629January 27th 2009
202always open shows with tool window ...Dick5-647February 22nd 2012
203Ambient music video with chroma-key...Har0-1,229April 22nd 2012
204Ambient OcclusionPer1-676October 8th 2011
205Amsterdam - Djakartamichiel4114,903November 28th 2006
206An example of the Bluff Greenscreen...jeffo13239September 25th 2013
207AN OTHER WORK FOR ORGANISACION HIDA...chespi650710597September 27th 2013
208Analog Clockmichiel654,755November 15th 2010
209ANIMAL PLANET INTRO BY SOLANO VJjulio solano673895 months ago
210animal texturesBram43-647August 31st 2011
211Animate EZ.x with EZ.fxmichiel1151,221September 27th 2013
212Animated Footagesgeorgec1-653September 26th 2011
213Animated Ornaments 2in1Ulli281,735September 21st 2011
214Animated phone number with voice-ov...michiel0-3,138August 26th 2006
215Animated Ribbonmichiel564,154December 2nd 2011
216Animated Wineglassbylaw313,941November 18th 2009
217animating stroke of textSugref1-321March 1st 2013
218Animating the textdkgodfrey2-943April 30th 2010
219animation clapboardmaitegras331,059August 14th 2012
220animation files foldersmaitegras23707August 14th 2012
221animation helicoptermaitegras491,034September 16th 2012
222animation lampmaitegras5151,325December 9th 2011
223Animation Menu DVD MusicTony Peppers 3D251,404March 16th 2012
224animation spheremaitegras0-847July 22nd 2012
225Animation??jmarkt2-1865 months ago
226Another Cool AccidentBillyJack39955March 28th 2012
227Another Propellor made with typebal...frankch35629July 31st 2012
228Another UV Model examplejoseburgos423,486June 27th 2009
229any experiments about text and soun...SamSaam4-647January 15th 2012
230Any Ideas???jmarkt7-454August 30th 2012
231Any tutorials?brido405,389February 2nd 2006
232Any updated on the new release surp...bob7333-699February 2nd 2011
233Any way to 'trace a route'?terrypin4-541January 18th 2012
234Any way to control "stack-order" of...ernietamminga0-378October 16th 2012
235any way to view gallery differentlyCAnn1-952December 13th 2009
236anybody can help to make this effec...SamSaam1-861September 12th 2010
237Anyone using player control through...marvin1-1635 months ago
238APCE INTRODani0-277August 21st 2013
239Appearing & disappearing textDick913,864September 4th 2009
240Appearing & disappearing text, revi...Dick1-2,883September 11th 2009
241apply more that one affectssebielson1-560November 8th 2011
242Aquarium Abstractsinus300251,033March 24th 2012
243archerymaitegras0-1,382September 2nd 2010
244Architectural visualizationmichiel1192,665March 11th 2010
245Archivo xJesus10-701October 6th 2012
246Are file icons possible?Dick2-557May 29th 2011
247ARE YOU SURE EARTH IS SPHERIC ?vincent1142,460October 4th 2010
248Armoured Effectmichiel566,836July 26th 2009
249Armoured short questionJohn (ProComGer)2-1341 month ago
250Around the worldlampion452,899May 17th 2006
251Art 2 GraphicsCarlos Marques1143162 months ago
252ART1 ;)Carlos Marques572702 months ago
253ART10Carlos Marques2122652 weeks ago
254ART11Carlos Marques8103142 weeks ago
255ART12Carlos Marques292121 week ago
256ART13Carlos Marques292651 week ago
257ART14Carlos Marques3112395 days ago
258ART15Carlos Marques9142454 days ago
259ART4Carlos Marques282642 months ago
260ART5Carlos Marques183131 month ago
261ART6Carlos Marques382592 months ago
262ART7Carlos Marques462842 months ago
263ART9 :)Carlos Marques593882 months ago
264Arte AmarillOmichiel0-4,577November 10th 2006
265AskLostBoyz4-773February 13th 2011
266AskLostBoyz2-664April 28th 2011
267AskLostBoyz51703July 19th 2011
268Ask 3LostBoyz2-648March 1st 2011
269Ask 3. DigitalHellfire fx.LostBoyz2-682May 2nd 2011
270Ask 4. Reflective floor FloatingPie...LostBoyz4-1,063May 21st 2011
271Ask.LostBoyz2-564May 18th 2011
272Ask.LostBoyz2-603June 23rd 2011
273ASK.S.O.SLostBoyz2-495September 1st 2012
274ASP1x1sinus30045863February 21st 2013
275Asteroid ChasersPixelpanther272341 month ago
276Atomiumpersiana37313September 18th 2013
277Attach picture layer not active2da4est2-1092 months ago
278Attaching a Picture to Active Layerlifechip3-735December 3rd 2010
279Attaching Layers .epsNico1-1,065July 29th 2009
280Attack of the Insomniacsernst242,617April 4th 2007
281Attempting to send the videoliuyongcai651,578December 8th 2012
282audiomoks1-982 months ago
283Audio & PlaylistsBackflipboy6-1101 week ago
284Audio Filesfootpaw1-604March 1st 2011
285Audio FilesBackflipboy8-1882 months ago
286Audio Levels RangeIBMedia4-452September 20th 2012
287Audio Problemjsoolee211904 months ago
288Audio requestmarvin52494June 13th 2012
289Auto Body Shop Ad for Digital Signa...EverettM173683 months ago
290autocarCarlos Marques0-1,450March 13th 2011
291AUTOCARCarlos Marques1111,602September 11th 2011
292AVCHD VideoBillyJack1-829August 13th 2010
293Avec BluffTitler, with....thethbac0-395July 29th 2013
294Average time it takes for you to cr...rudemartini4-529October 20th 2011
295AVI file fails in Pinnacle Studio 1...dfrancois116-3,139June 26th 2009
296Avi play's back in black, What am I...Sonnetje692-1,008September 30th 2009
297axis imagemaitegras4-699November 30th 2010
298axis of rotationmaitegras5-811March 25th 2011
299B.T SHOWDani574364 months ago
300B.T SHOW ARENA.Dani343983 months ago
301B.T SHOW_15, T.V NEWS GRAPHICS INSP...Dani55395September 25th 2013
302B.T SHOW_7Dani37407September 23rd 2013
303B.T SHOW_BIX 11 inspiration.Dani46359September 21st 2013
304B.T_DANI SHOW.Dani1174565 months ago
305B.T_SHOWDani76418September 9th 2013
306B.T_SHOW 18Dani65307September 28th 2013
307B.T_SHOW 2.Dani26423September 11th 2013
308B.T_SHOW 9Dani35346September 23rd 2013
309B.T_SHOW4.Dani77430September 17th 2013
310B.T._SHOW 13Dani36342September 25th 2013
311B.TSHOW_11Dani0-402September 24th 2013
312Baby slideshowBragina551,851September 1st 2010
313back in timepete baratta2-673 weeks ago
314BackgroundUlli322,447October 20th 2006
315background - freeCarlos Marques221,196February 15th 2012
316Background BTCarlos Marques5102,504December 30th 2011
317Background Picture in BixelangeloBill_C2-636May 29th 2011
318Background video free Bt showdjkaraok13821February 10th 2012
319Backgroundssinus3001851,103February 3rd 2013
320Backgrounds ( 1...sinus30012457February 5th 2013
321backstage show =)Carlos Marques794483 months ago
322Bad Lighting on Model?rudemartini10-1,089October 17th 2011
323Balancinpersiana16288September 25th 2013
324Ball object?Per2-647October 3rd 2011
325BALL TENNIS SPOTPODER VIRTUAL30647September 5th 2011
326Balloon inflatesjoseburgos0-3,699July 20th 2009
327BallroomCarlos Marques48398September 6th 2013
328BANDCarlos Marques13785May 15th 2012
329BarcelonaTony Peppers 3D28899July 1st 2012
330BARGRAPHmaitegras431,596April 10th 2011
331BARGRAPH (BBB)vincent442,365July 9th 2010
332BARGRAPH BLOCKSmaitegras371,674September 27th 2011
333Bargraph bloclinemaitegras4103051 month ago
334Basketball LoopsBillyJack0-2722 months ago
335Basketball MontageBillyJack1162751 month ago
336Batch AutomationIBMedia5-604October 20th 2011
337BauKlötze - Toyssinus30035706May 10th 2013
338BBC RSS news feed readermichiel2-4,805August 30th 2008
339Be Differentmichiel0-2,636March 17th 2009
340Beam Ballmichiel233,807June 22nd 2009
341beam effectjacques1-1,008September 29th 2009
342Beam Me Up MichielIBMedia33807September 8th 2012
343Beat the Blondesmichiel138,924April 24th 2008
344Beating heartdericktrotter14-455March 8th 2013
345Beautiful Mess... Lyric VideoIntroChamp1011834March 29th 2013
346Beautiful woman styleliuyongcai793531 month ago
347BEAUTY AND BEDLAMIntroChamp271,258June 6th 2012
348Beauty exhibition hallliuyongcai474432 months ago
349Beef or horse ?vincent45672February 18th 2013
350BeeldformaatEDW2-837May 24th 2010
351Beer Coastermichiel134,297September 14th 2010
352BegeistertUlli11604September 8th 2011
353Behind The Scence - AGP TRAINING PR...agpvn14939October 19th 2012
354Belly Bottomernst222,960April 12th 2006
355Bender Effectmichiel523,771July 15th 2009
356Bender reflection.fxLostBoyz5-1,285October 10th 2010
357BenderDDS ReflectiveFloor.fxmichiel1882,868September 16th 2011
358Bending Picture verticallysebielson2-572November 7th 2011
359Bending Textmrbernd26799November 1st 2012
360Beneath the Sea - Floating TextIntroChamp591,157March 15th 2012
361BEP INTRODani0-305August 19th 2013
362BEP INTRODani43367August 20th 2013
363BEP INTRO 1Dani0-309August 21st 2013
364BEP INTRO1Dani21187August 19th 2013
365BEP_SHOWDani871,097October 11th 2013
366Best 3D Titlesmichiel0-2,761February 16th 2009
367Best BT quality on youtube.LostBoyz64686August 2nd 2013
368Best Graphics Group on the webBillyJack0-496April 11th 2012
369Best MP4 codecIBMedia111629October 27th 2013
370Best Setting for Avid Liquid 7Vision23-976March 22nd 2010
371Best settings for full HD ?feha3-838March 17th 2011
372Best settings for uploading BluffTi...michiel311,913May 31st 2011
373Best Video Card option for Bluff Ti...apc000-558March 3rd 2012
374Best way of achieving camera flight...Virtual DarKness6-581May 31st 2012
375Best wishes for 2010michiel744,773December 17th 2009
376Beta 11 QuestionPixelpanther211862 months ago
377Better late than never...ArmoredElect1125,524July 27th 2009
378Beware of the Aliensmichiel507,833April 20th 2007
379Bezier and Overhauser Splinesmichiel432,570December 6th 2008
380Bezier Spline and Overhauser SplineDolly3-801February 15th 2011
381BIBLE QUIZ 2013 for Gospel TVDani26558August 15th 2013
382Big Ben, New Year Countdown.tayla221723 months ago
383Big black outline 02sebouze541,484August 17th 2011
384BIG models in X format.RRA6-837January 15th 2011
385Big Yard Salejmarkt231,964April 14th 2007
386BikeUlli572,565May 24th 2007
387Billboardmichiel132,497March 12th 2007
388BillyJack GearSetBillyJack351,374November 10th 2011
389Biohazard Logo with Blufftitleragpvn161,174September 29th 2012
390Bird's Nest Font Effectmichiel1073,052July 30th 2008
391Birthday Cakesmichiel484,221February 18th 2006
392Birthday Template 06agpvn262541 month ago
393Birthday TitlesDeanO532,885April 25th 2007
394Bitmap Fontsmaxste2-1,652December 30th 2008
395BIX FRIEND_ EZ SHOWDani76674September 14th 2013
396Bix in the mistmichiel137,076October 17th 2006
397Bix Loves UDaDa17115,572July 6th 2006
398BIX MONITORvincent341,407July 22nd 2011
399Bix Racing Teammichiel203,851July 15th 2010
400Bix Storymichiel767,105October 25th 2006
401Bix tanztorlando213,099March 22nd 2009
402Bix the Buildermichiel243,228June 12th 2007
403Bix's new clothesmichiel1-1,402March 10th 2010
404Bix's Photo Book 2.0 is ready for d...michiel443,474June 16th 2006
405Bix's Request: Shortcut Keys and Sh...Changa0-1323 months ago
406Bixelangelocarlo1035,950September 17th 2006
407BixelangeloJackWhite1-1,015November 12th 2009
408BixelangeloEverettM3-396March 15th 2013
409BixelangeloSamSaam21241August 26th 2013
410Bixelangelo - Convert Sketch questi...JackWhite1-591October 4th 2011
411Bixelangelo / attach particlestbo1-679May 31st 2011
412Bixelangelo 2.0michiel2353,956May 27th 2011
413Bixelangelo and .eps filesasterix2-480July 16th 2012
414Bixelangelo feature req: tracing pi...Virtual DarKness1-482June 2nd 2012
415Bixelangelo Licenselifechip1-649November 24th 2010
416Bixelangelo question - generate ske...2da4est2-1172 months ago
417Bixelangelo question - picture2da4est2-992 months ago
418Bixelangelo question...Mike Shaw1-962August 18th 2009
419Bixelangelo questionsstbo6-698May 29th 2011
420Bixelangelo requestYousef1-509January 19th 2012
421Bixelangelo resolutionstbo3-919May 29th 2011
422Bixelangelo TracingBoofus6-770September 14th 2011
423bixelangelo tutorials2da4est3-1402 months ago
424Bixelangelo web appmichiel26956March 22nd 2012
425Bixelangelo: undo featureVirtual DarKness7-768August 30th 2011
426Bixorama assistance neededBillyJack1-1162 months ago
427BIXPACK 11 AND 12 .FX MIX SHOW.Dani0-4063 weeks ago
428BixPack 11 PartyCarlos Marques48693October 5th 2013
429BixPack 11: Party - Out now!michiel9111,399September 18th 2013
430BixPack 12 - Lists - Out Now!michiel14131,1975 months ago
431BIXPACK 13 SHOW.Dani193882 months ago
432BixPack 3 offers home video templat...michiel792,251January 3rd 2012
433Bixpack 4 en Bixpack7Bertk2-340March 7th 2013
434BixPack 5 Remixesmichiel1091,910May 28th 2013
435BixPack 6Carlos Marques0-1,032August 21st 2012
436Bixpack 6 - customizeCarlos Marques151,390August 20th 2012
437BixPack 6 - Shine and Glowmichiel13124,010August 13th 2012
438BixPack 8: Dust, Dirt And Destructi...michiel13134,125November 30th 2012
439BixPack collage generatormichiel261,810May 25th 2012
440BIXPACK12_INTRODani264304 months ago
441BixPack3Carlos Marques471,803January 3rd 2012
442BIXPACKSsnafu2-1602 months ago
443BLCarlos Marques27357September 6th 2013
444Black and White 2sinus30025470May 10th 2013
445Black and White 3sinus30047580May 10th 2013
446Black and White intro BTsinus30027902March 9th 2012
447Black and White to ColorVision22-774April 19th 2010
448Black and White with Glasssinus30044619June 14th 2013
449Black background has dimly lit spot...comsigns4-865 days ago
450Black borders bug fixed!michiel21841November 10th 2011
451Black hole vacuum sucker?IBMedia4-593March 23rd 2012
452black lines above and below showsongweaver1-905December 7th 2009
453Black NightCarlos Marques442,000April 29th 2011
454black nightmaitegras0-1,107April 11th 2012
455blanket fx.maitegras33701January 10th 2012
456BLESSY_25 SHOW.Dani54415October 4th 2013
457Blitz and the Sheetsmichiel112,051April 10th 2008
458Blitz and the Sheets Gig Flyersmichiel122,337August 5th 2008
459Blobs Pixel Shadermichiel512,462February 20th 2007
460Block Concertoliuyongcai778292 months ago
461Blotchy Picture in a showbob7332-606February 15th 2011
462Blubsi Effectmichiel434,248May 19th 2008
463Blue BroadcasterCarlos Marques541,339July 28th 2011
464Blue ice cream photo albumliuyongcai5134342 months ago
465BLUE SKIESIntroChamp17613May 1st 2013
466Blue Sphere with shadowmedeltids4-1,033May 4th 2011
467Blue Stripesmichiel1076,555July 19th 2010
468Blue TV Fantasysinus30067609May 17th 2013
469Bluff Animation on CNNJimH561,409November 24th 2011
470Bluff as a 2D Picture Manipulatorjeffo29480June 30th 2012
471Bluff City Show?user3900969-561October 30th 2011
472Bluff Titler - CityDimitris3-579October 31st 2011
473BLUFF TITLER EN LA EDAD MEDIAJOSE LUIS353,932September 20th 2009
474Bluff Titler ProMacau2-1,311August 24th 2011
475Bluff Titler used for Skate of the ...Intrepid222,202August 6th 2009
476Bluff Tool coming along nicely...marvin271,051December 25th 2012
477Blufff Feature Request...IntroChamp32515February 14th 2012
478BLUFFTITLERDani0-314August 20th 2013
479BLUFFTITLERDani0-420August 21st 2013
480BlufftitlerCarlos Marques674233 months ago
481Blufftitler - Future Galaxy - Custo...Carlos Marques491,404August 30th 2012
482Blufftitler - Giáng Sinhagpvn284284 months ago
483Blufftitler - The Dream MakerPixelpanther273171 month ago
484Blufftitler -Text - Happy New Yearagpvn253783 months ago
485Blufftitler + 3D Element Video Copi...agpvn1171,632September 27th 2012
486BluffTitler +H and BixoramaBillyJack121272 months ago
487BluffTitler 10.0 - Installationjeablu8-668February 25th 2013
488BluffTitler 10.2,Update what new co...liuyongcai2-3174 months ago
489BLUFFTITLER 10th ANNIVERSARYDani1211544August 5th 2013
490Blufftitler 11 Beta - Valentines vi...DaveH1174682 months ago
491BluffTitler 11 New Features review ...chespi650243701 month ago
492BluffTitler 11 Sketch LayerBillyJack232621 month ago
493Blufftitler and Blender / Model lay...taucher19455-1,415February 14th 2010
494Blufftitler and DreamscenesYousef0-998June 5th 2010
495BluffTitler and Voicesinus3000-973January 15th 2012
496BluffTitler Artistsinus300471,084April 2nd 2012
497BLUFFTITLER ARTISTSDani810575August 26th 2013
498BluffTitler Basics Tutorial by guru...michiel391,253March 9th 2013
499blufftitler business images tv.maitegras35846May 15th 2012
500BluffTitler DiversityPixelpanther632292 months ago
501BluffTitler for live eventsBillyJack242012 months ago
502Blufftitler for Music Video Virtual...agpvn0-2,810December 4th 2010
503BluffTitler Gala v1sinus300610865March 27th 2013
504BluffTitler Gallery Template or sho...Monzoor1-211August 7th 2013
505Blufftitler Halloween 2013agpvn384695 months ago
506BluffTitler helpengsin1237-1,241April 6th 2009
507BLUFFTITLER INTRODani0-610August 22nd 2013
508BluffTitler manual PDF downloadPJChatman14-5,232September 20th 2010
509BluffTitler need to add the followi...agpvn11654August 31st 2012
510BluffTitler News Networkmichiel81110,540May 5th 2008
511BluffTitler now supports every lang...michiel0-1,909January 21st 2008
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513BluffTitler on Windows 8.1michiel0-582October 23rd 2013
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515Blufftitler PhotoGalleryagpvn264345 months ago
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517BluffTitler Pro version featuresElect19-1,388June 15th 2009
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519BluffTitler review on 12th 2012
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522BluffTitler Revolution (with Apolog...ernst122,456April 4th 2007
523Blufftitler Script Languagemarvin1-381February 2nd 2013
524Blufftitler Script Languagemarvin123985February 2nd 2013
525Blufftitler Show Users 3DTony Peppers 3D5101,329February 19th 2012
526Blufftitler SlideShow Noel 01agpvn374465 months ago
527BluffTitler slideshow tool: Why isn...John (ProComGer)2-1373 weeks ago
528blufftitler sonidero stile show gra...chespi650322,132November 21st 2012
529BluffTitler speaks Tamil!michiel0-1,920November 2nd 2008
530Blufftitler the latestTyl1-1091 month ago
531BluffTitler timeline examplevincent24841January 17th 2013
532BLUFFTITLER V11IntroChamp3114182 months ago
533BluffTitler Version 10.1michiel1881,164June 4th 2013
534BLUFFTITLER VERSION 11Dani452772 months ago
535BluffTitler Version 11liuyongcai153492 months ago
536Blufftitler Version 11Jesus5-3042 months ago
537BLUFFTITLER VERSION 11 SHOW.Dani242912 months ago
538BluffTitler version 7.5 is ready fo...michiel732,824December 1st 2008
539blufftitler Version 8.3 introCarlos Marques581,563August 26th 2011
540Blufftitler_ Lễ Thành Hônagpvn444365 months ago
541BLUFFTITLER_SHOW 14Dani14386September 25th 2013
542blufftitler,effect wrapmaitegras42758January 29th 2012
543Blufftitler. Merry Christmas 01agpvn484184 months ago
544Blufftitler.Wedding Template 09agpvn486445 months ago
545Blufftitler.WeddingTemplateagpvn265045 months ago
546Blufftitlerproject pack freemaitegras16512,563January 28th 2011
547blufftitlerprojects new jobsmaitegras0-872January 22nd 2011
548Blufftool v 0.2 Updatemarvin13460December 28th 2012
549BLUFFTTIELR PROJECT.Dani254513 months ago
550Bluffy the Cracker Slayermichiel6911,633December 2nd 2007
551BlumenUlli241,990October 14th 2006
552Blumen1Ulli232,156October 14th 2006
553Blurred textmichiel7-4,042December 28th 2008
554BLUTTITLER SHOWDani104530September 8th 2013
555BoatUlli874,541May 16th 2006
556Bob and Babettemichiel0-4,883November 1st 2007
557Bokeh effectVladimir2-521February 15th 2012
558BOLD TEXTDani7108991 month ago
559Bon Anniversairethethbac11280August 5th 2013
560BON NADALcrispin424,825November 21st 2010
561BookUlli212,681June 15th 2007
562book animate 3dmaitegras541,124August 29th 2010
563book memoriesmaitegras5101,330January 29th 2012
564Book of fairy talesmichiel344,242October 15th 2006
565Bouncing Ball Effectmichiel695321 month ago
566Bouncing LettersBob W.3-670August 7th 2011
567BOX TRUSSCarlos Marques151,574February 14th 2011
568brand newbie herelove2bgigi2-1,109April 20th 2010
569Brazil 2014Carlos Marques0-877November 12th 2011
570Brazilian Champion 2011Carlos Marques44850December 6th 2011
571BREAK FREE!IntroChamp311731May 16th 2013
572Breaking a bezier motion?Per9-684January 9th 2012
573Breaking Newsmichiel81725,082March 6th 2006
574Breaking Newssinus30044742June 22nd 2013
575Breaking Wall ?Dani5-2555 months ago
576BreakPointhabed254,769August 13th 2009
577BRIGHT IDEAIntroChamp0-1,035February 4th 2012
578BRITAINS GOT TALENT (ANYONE INTERES...westho040-945June 6th 2009
579BROADCAST _INTRODani172931 month ago
580BRT NEWSagpvn921,309October 24th 2011
581BT & Bixelangelo 2.0 TIPLostBoyz0-790May 28th 2011
582BT 8.2 suggestion: REMOVE ESC key a...PJChatman51956September 11th 2010
583BT and EZjmarkt241853 months ago
584BT and MAC'sjmarkt3-904November 22nd 2010
585BT cakeLostBoyz75703April 17th 2013
586BT Came From Outer Spacemichiel0-2,570March 23rd 2007
587BT CrashPer3-473February 2nd 2012
588BT file for the Worms!matty522,801January 31st 2010
589BT HD 3D - FreeCarlos Marques192,223January 7th 2012
590BT learning platform for exchange o...liuyongcai36595October 26th 2013
591BT MOTORCYCLEvincent891,876July 29th 2011
592BT on the blink!minstrel2-270July 17th 2013
593BT PROCarlos Marques181,418February 29th 2012
594BT rendered output size does not ma...NFAToys4-1,173July 11th 2009
595BT Rockbandbylaw554,895October 15th 2010
596BT showshantang142532 months ago
597BT Shows ?BBB2-927June 9th 2010
598BT sorts layers by their centre pos...RRA2-684February 1st 2011
599BT Studio I.sinus30097646June 14th 2013
600BT usersName ShowLostBoyz30131,838July 22nd 2013
601BT UsesIBMedia43468December 12th 2012
602BT_FOR_YOU_#1John (ProComGer)221522 weeks ago
603BT_FOR_YOU_#2John (ProComGer)521742 weeks ago
604BT_HILLTOPDani74361September 6th 2013
605BT_NEWSCAST.Dani261851 week ago
606BT_PINK SHOW.Dani74507September 8th 2013
607BT_SHOWDani66431September 6th 2013
608BT_SHOW 3.Dani64383September 11th 2013
609BT11-effectliuyongcai384601 month ago
610BTmanual_ESJesus0-771 month ago
611BTshows2hantang0-3942 months ago
612BTutorialLostBoyz206721October 17th 2013
613BTV Introagpvn0-1,018October 24th 2011
614Buff Titler DownloadEddie2-1,712July 12th 2009
615Bug with EPS layers?DaveH3-996June 16th 2009
616Bug?Per2-1,035March 20th 2009
617Bug?marvin4-353December 12th 2012
618Bug? Font interfacePer3-969October 27th 2009
619Bug? Resolution not loadingPer1-888July 2nd 2009
620Building BusinessCarlos Marques121,253March 17th 2011
621BULLETvincent310974February 24th 2013
622BULLET _SHOWDani0-2472 months ago
623BumpBragina0-1,519January 14th 2012
624Bumpy Ride TunnelDeanO644,085August 11th 2006
625BusStop intro Bixsinus3000-1,053March 9th 2012
626BUTTERFLIESJesus23216September 6th 2013
627ButterflyUlli222,705September 4th 2007
628butterfly roadmaitegras88652August 8th 2013
629Buzzwordsmichiel0-3,378March 17th 2008
630Cómo hacer descargas ?Alanan1-541December 3rd 2011
631CABANNA hallCarlos Marques0-1,395June 24th 2011
632Cake Happy Birthdaymaitegras161,626March 13th 2011
633calque videogerard humblot1-507October 24th 2011
634Cambio de apodopersiana3-264September 1st 2013
635CAMERAvincent341,507July 22nd 2011
636Camera & Point Lt movesjeff112,857June 26th 2006
637camera actionCarlos Marques35678June 2nd 2013
638Camera and/or object splines? (view...SteveWills7-260October 5th 2013
639camera feature request.Yousef5-822August 10th 2010
640Camera Layer??jmarkt3-1581 month ago
641camera layers activating/deactivati...pugsly4-567March 10th 2012
642Camera movementJackWhite2-557February 12th 2012
643Camera Movementsrickyrey9-797June 21st 2011
644Camera Names2ids1-514January 12th 2012
645camera onmaitegras351,005October 25th 2011
646Camouflagemichiel143,082April 3rd 2006
647Campioni ACLI 2003michiel423,148June 26th 2006
648Can a scroller be vertical?Bald Runner3-921 month ago
649Can any one bulid me a united state...malvino60855September 25th 2011
650Can Bixelangelo make like this?SamSaam82541May 8th 2013
651Can BluffTitler produce titles in H...michiel2-450August 14th 2012
652Can BT create this effect?terrypin3-507August 30th 2012
653Can I stop audio looping?stbo2-268May 8th 2013
654Can I use 2 fx on the same picture?alxtronics3-1,060May 10th 2009
655Can I use every video I exported wi...John (ProComGer)5-1362 months ago
656Can it is possible to have writer p...Dani4-230October 27th 2013
657can not download Shows which are of...orlando15-1,617June 1st 2011
658Can these be added to BulffTitler?BillyJack53651November 18th 2011
659Can these two effects be achieved e...terrypin1-318June 28th 2013
660can u add some physic features?SamSaam0-703January 22nd 2011
661Can u change this FX?SamSaam5-578November 29th 2011
662Can u make a glass shader?SamSaam21531August 24th 2012
663can u make special FXSamSaam1-506March 25th 2012
664Can we change the hotkeys?Per0-548September 29th 2011
665Can we move Cantainer to another?Dani2-286September 28th 2013
666can we use shaders effect for readi...SamSaam1-883February 20th 2010
667can you add a new layer type?SamSaam5-450June 29th 2012
668Can you add a Vertical scroller?SamSaam91746February 13th 2011
669Can you help me manage this RSS?SamSaam3-623February 13th 2011
670Can You make a new FX file?SamSaam5-571July 29th 2012
671Can't black?Per1-771April 23rd 2010
672Can't Escape The SunBillyJack2083701 month ago
673Can't Find Saved ShowEYELENE9-411June 5th 2013
674Can't post a show??DaveH2-328March 20th 2013
675Can't you retrieve RSS information ...Per8-987February 13th 2010
676Cannot Add EPSjmarkt3-675September 28th 2011
677Cannot get the text color palette t...claudo4-525December 21st 2011
678Car -Auto Abstractsinus30023495June 25th 2013
679CAR bstractsinus3000-566February 8th 2013
680Cardiogram.FXmichiel7102,907July 12th 2011
681Caribbean Volcano Text Islandmichiel529,108April 26th 2007
682Carlos MarquesCarlos Marques0-1,312November 12th 2011
683Carlos MarquesCarlos Marques3101,395March 10th 2012
684Carnaval de Veneciapersiana9102381 month ago
685Carnivalmichiel832,519May 17th 2010
686Carnivalmichiel133,897September 14th 2010
687Carnival 2michiel224,200October 26th 2010
688Carouselmichiel1245,937March 18th 2009
689CarouselTyl1-448August 20th 2012
690Carruselpersiana25262October 8th 2013
691Cartoon Intromichiel263,216October 21st 2012
692Cartoon Physicsmichiel1173,922June 14th 2006
693Carved Glass Shadermichiel111,919March 3rd 2008
694Cassette Deckvincent813867March 28th 2013
695Catch Upmichiel213,142July 2nd 2008
696Cave 10,000 BCjoseburgos433,867July 10th 2009
697CBN SHOWDani46288August 19th 2013
698cdCarlos Marques0-1,015March 29th 2012
699CD 3D reflectionmaitegras752,001September 15th 2010
700Ce que Peut Faire Blufftitlerthethbac13696July 16th 2013
701ceativity gone wild!mufasaxx1-961August 11th 2010
702CELEBRATIONS BIXPACKSsnafu0-1484 months ago
703CENARIO TR-RCarlos Marques141,092February 15th 2012
704Century Foxivetemaria1-306June 17th 2013
705Chain Drive SamplesBillyJack751,162November 23rd 2011
706Chains from hellmichiel592,645November 29th 2011
707CHAINS_TUNNEL.Dani28462October 23rd 2013
708CHAMPIONCarlos Marques3102542 months ago
709Change all Texturesmichiel6101,278August 3rd 2012
710Change axis rotation??jmarkt2-873August 2nd 2010
711Change background colourterrypin5-616March 21st 2012
712Change background photoTyl11912July 13th 2011
713Change Font default from All Keys t...bob7331-634February 7th 2011
714CHANGE LOGO.Dani0-3483 months ago
715Change Model in Model Layer?IBMedia2-441June 5th 2012
716Change reflection in SilverBorder?terrypin3-545March 26th 2012
717Change text on Sketch Projects?Eric Sands1-1,164February 26th 2009
718Change text-particles without delet...ernietamminga2-367March 26th 2013
719Change Texturemrbernd2-359December 26th 2012
720CHANGE THE COLOUR OF THE BACKGROUN...spyrcon3-1,280February 25th 2010
721Changed Computer, own Pro, after In...taucher19454-382February 9th 2013
722Changing flat text to 3D?terrypin5-744January 16th 2012
723CHANNEL 9_26Dani25409October 5th 2013
724CHANNEL_8Dani0-2272 weeks ago
725Chaossinus300664495 months ago
726Character Blendingmichiel102,164October 23rd 2006
727Character Scaleernst447,855February 13th 2006
728Cheri Hearts Bitmap Fontmichiel0-2,709December 21st 2008
729chess 3Dmaitegras341,374August 31st 2010
730Chess 3D Abstract wallpaper by Lost...LostBoyz5-1,146August 31st 2010
731China towerliuyongcai0-1,621October 30th 2012
732China's Qingdao beachliuyongcai0-1,288December 13th 2012
733Chinese folding fan surface -"Bewke...liuyongcai511964March 28th 2013
734Chinese lanternsliuyongcai261,222November 23rd 2012
735Chinese plum fanliuyongcai0-334March 12th 2013
736Chopped introElect1536,027July 9th 2009
737Choppy Moviesjamestheros1-470October 24th 2011
738ChristbaumkugelUlli322,413December 17th 2008
739ChristmasUlli0-2,275December 13th 2006
740Christmas greetingsorlando441,887December 21st 2009
741CHRISTMAS INTRODani1486305 months ago
742CHRISTMAS INTRO.Dani775205 months ago
743CHRISTMAS MEMORIESmaitegras381,417November 20th 2011
744Christmas Ornamentjmarkt5-1,225December 6th 2009
745Christmas scene 2maitegras3101,255September 2nd 2012
746Christmas Showstayla4-2594 months ago
747Christmas Stars bitmap fontmichiel254,825December 21st 2008
748Christmas Treemaitegras661,065December 19th 2010
749CHRISTMAS_INTRO.Dani384495 months ago
750CHRISTMAS_SHOW.Dani675185 months ago
751Christmas-Cap-Bitmap-FontUlli232,194December 4th 2008
752Chroma key effectmichiel261,419October 27th 2011
753Chroma Key effect?John (ProComGer)3-1422 months ago
754Chroma KeyerRon Holt2-540July 9th 2012
755Chromakey video render questionjeffo4-880September 28th 2011
756Chromakey, help needed.tayla7-3183 months ago
757Cigar SmokeJimH0-3,012June 4th 2006
758Cinama Trailermrbernd162628October 26th 2012
759CinemaUlli593,151June 3rd 2007
760CINEMA 70 MM.Dani482782 months ago
761CINEMA ESPECIALCarlos Marques321,799March 13th 2011
762CIRCLE BUSINESSCarlos Marques311,455March 16th 2011
763Circle2 Arenamichiel154,800December 9th 2011
764Circling Text Around 3D ObjectEddie2-1,007July 12th 2009
765Circular Slide ShowDaveH3131,628March 26th 2013
766circulo truss estructura redonda en...chespi6500-994May 23rd 2012
767cityCarlos Marques741,443February 16th 2011
768CITY HEIGHTSIntroChamp0-810June 5th 2012
769city vertigomaitegras151,640October 31st 2011
770CityscapeIntroChamp39976February 4th 2013
771ClapboardUlli153,178May 8th 2007
772Clapper Board PSD TemplateDaveH1-1,504August 5th 2009
773ClapperboardJJH4-867September 4th 2010
774claqueteCarlos Marques0-1,050January 2nd 2012
775Classic Arts rhymetudouliuyongcai273182 months ago
776CLASSIFIED!!!IntroChamp4124521 week ago
777Clock countdownmichiel0-3,823November 14th 2006
778Clone active layer: what gets copie...terrypin2-528March 22nd 2012
779Cloth effect doesn't workmrbernd3-411October 10th 2012
780Cloth effect: how to change positio...terrypin5-584March 22nd 2012
781CloverleafUlli132,302February 10th 2007
782CM & BTCarlos Marques9112,835August 31st 2011
783CM designerCarlos Marques0-1,126March 8th 2012
784CM GRAPHICSCarlos Marques683493 months ago
785CM intro ShowCarlos Marques7112,644June 25th 2011
786CM STUDIO / VIRTUAL NEW 2011Carlos Marques132,352March 27th 2011
787CM Your Party presentationCarlos Marques512747June 11th 2013
788CN TVmaitegras261,261October 22nd 2011
789Cohete (Rocket)michiel322,751July 30th 2008
790Coke flower edition by lb v.4 :-)LostBoyz0-837July 23rd 2012
791Coke splatter edition by lbLostBoyz0-816July 17th 2012
792Collection Intro 2Bragina791,599October 3rd 2011
793Collection Intro 3Bragina771,149January 29th 2012
794Collection of Ideas – #1John (ProComGer)4-1131 week ago
795Color change questionpapabear5-728January 25th 2011
796Color Picker in Toolbox?IBMedia31500May 31st 2012
797ColorFlashDaDa632,640March 10th 2006
798Colorful Cookiessinus30036708May 28th 2013
799Colour Invertmichiel211,901April 20th 2007
800colour of the textDorus1-1,176May 22nd 2009
801Colour settings over 255?terrypin3-590February 28th 2012
802Coloured Blocksmichiel0-3,411September 10th 2008
803Colours and Stripestaco1-2,157February 12th 2009
804Columnsmichiel0-2,600January 23rd 2009
805Combining 2 ShowsBillyJack1131,085December 3rd 2011
806Combining 2 shows...viddy7-966March 3rd 2010
807COME WITH ME (SPANGLISH MIX VERSION...julio solano88648September 21st 2013
808Coming Soon 2013...agpvn0-736January 24th 2013
809COMING SOON.Dani372642 months ago
810COMING UPNEXT INTRO.Dani373873 months ago
811Comma constructionliuyongcai288375 months ago
812como exportar en forma transparentefanatico2-812February 26th 2012
813como hago un texto que despues expl...linea_abierta1-221June 25th 2013
814como lograr mejor rendimiento?chespi6503-618March 3rd 2012
815Complete PuzzleBillyJack1633,624October 26th 2011
816Composite Bluff Titlesagdezee5-2735 months ago
817composite/animation questionmufasaxx4-726March 5th 2011
818comprar bluff titlerchespi650215,109February 28th 2012
819Compression - Help!Damo3-902April 7th 2010
820Compresssion and transparencymichiel6-1,409January 21st 2009
821Concave textdckbnfld3-566July 13th 2012
822Concentric Circles Filter Effectmichiel1081,268June 8th 2013
823Connectivitymichiel762,381January 23rd 2007
824Contain in Container Or Container L...agpvn431513 months ago
825containersonidoyarisboys1-433November 1st 2012
826Containerpool12257June 3rd 2013
827Container Accessssiegwald4-276August 3rd 2013
828Container and videosjeablu2-399January 3rd 2013
829Container Confinement Feature Regue...BillyJack4-564November 28th 2011
830Container Feature request definedBillyJack47982November 29th 2011
831container layerdericktrotter2-765October 18th 2011
832Container management?DaveH6-1,061June 19th 2009
833Container nested methodliuyongcai351,162March 22nd 2013
834Container Stripestaco0-2,818March 16th 2009
835Container to a Containerlakeeffect511,069December 25th 2010
836CONTAINERSJesus5-345August 27th 2013
837Containers nested method to do the ...liuyongcai1972,263March 26th 2013
838Containers on Steroids...viddy0-689February 4th 2011
839Contents of point releases of Bluff...PiPPi1-441May 7th 2012
840Continue Text Scrolling after camer...pugsly2-877February 19th 2012
841Continuous Looping and screen shot?classpros2-583April 7th 2012
842Control tabbingPer2-874June 13th 2009
843conversion of pictures or drawings ...snafu14-362August 30th 2013
844CONVERT 3D MODEL FOR BLUFFTITLER BY...julio solano2-276October 20th 2013
845Convert Iphone 4S from 3D Studio Ma...agpvn331,211November 10th 2011
846Convert Iphone4S 3D Studio Max to B...agpvn361,237October 23rd 2011
847Converting 3D objects to .x for BTmarvin2-1853 months ago
848Cool effect tipJohn (ProComGer)4-2685 months ago
849Coordinate SystemBob W.6-695January 29th 2011
850copy and paste more than one key fr...dericktrotter4-544March 18th 2012
851Copy keyjnossin3-890November 4th 2010
852Copy layer from one show to anotherdvsprite3-1,105May 14th 2010
853Copy to container in Containersinus300221,040May 22nd 2013
854copy/paste keys?Dick1611,068April 8th 2012
855copying multiple keysDick6-966February 18th 2010
856Copyrightasterix1-690January 9th 2011
857Corkscrew Spiralmichiel544,025November 27th 2010
858Correct settings for BT and AVIbob7333-610January 27th 2011
859Cosmic galaxyCarlos Marques17631June 4th 2013
860Cosmic Particlesmichiel371,5385 months ago
861COUBmarvin0-1432 months ago
862Could Not Render Any Source Output ...J.Lyric1-373June 13th 2013
863CountCarlos Marques0-1,307April 9th 2012
864Countdownsebouze511,090September 7th 2011
865Countdownsebouze12108214 months ago
866Countdown Clockpospinolim3-1,205November 15th 2010
867Countdown downloadchespi650693,421April 12th 2012
868Counter effectmichiel1042,306March 13th 2011
869Counter...xml function?minstrel3-1,092November 18th 2009
870Couple of Spot LampsBillyJack27961May 17th 2012
871Crache-Pognonasterix0-1,152January 9th 2011
872Cracks Additive.fxLostBoyz41436January 7th 2013
873cranKHouse / StormChaserafricanjim0-485June 24th 2013
874Crash Effectmichiel151410,665April 10th 2008
875Crayon Particlesmichiel262,775July 21st 2012
876crear un wallpaper fondo de pantall...chespi6500-1,067April 8th 2012
877Create a cubecybernetuk5-1,270February 17th 2009
878Create AVi with music fileDiamantenbulle1-1,010May 19th 2010
879create particles2da4est5-1111 month ago
880Create piechartIBMedia12-579July 3rd 2012
881Create Time Lapse movies with Bluff...michiel542,243November 12th 2010
882creating .eps filesheartsongwriter4-1,789August 28th 2008
883Creating a 3D object from PNG fileJimH10-733February 10th 2013
884Creating ObjectJerryF1-658July 15th 2011
885CRIME NEWS INTRODani0-369August 21st 2013
886Cross fadeing poses problemPer7-678February 17th 2012
887Crowd MoverIntroChamp271,006August 20th 2012
888Cruise Ship themeMarcello1-620September 21st 2011
889Crumbler Effectmrbernd21423October 10th 2012
890Crystal Showroomliuyongcai23711June 19th 2013
891CTRL+Amichiel0-276June 20th 2013
892Cube anime avec presetsjeablu5-1,411April 3rd 2010
893cube foldedmaitegras591,468August 25th 2012
894Cube goodbye3Carlos Marques0-503June 2nd 2013
895cube perfectmaitegras251,088April 11th 2012
896cube perfect v2maitegras0-597March 24th 2013
897cube roboticmaitegras49682March 24th 2013
898cube rubik of 4maitegras7121,447January 2nd 2013
899Cube V2 - For TaylaDaveH241,151March 20th 2013
900Cube with texture on one sidemarvin1-404December 12th 2012
901Cube x 2 - Photo ShowDaveH0-331March 20th 2013
902Cube x 2 - Photo ShowDaveH671,141March 20th 2013
903Cubed picture layerPer31541December 7th 2011
904CubeMap DDS Dummy!jmarkt111,379August 23rd 2011
905cubemapDDS.fx PROBLEMChanga7-2643 months ago
906CubesCarlos Marques46666March 21st 2013
907CUBES WORLD.Dani67530October 25th 2013
908CUBES_CINEMA.Dani0-1912 days ago
909CUBIC'svincent411,467December 6th 2010
910cubics animationmaitegras13101,613May 15th 2011
911CUBOS 3DCarlos Marques291,823August 18th 2011
912CUBOS 3DCarlos Marques892,525August 18th 2011
913CuriousJohn (ProComGer)1-1801 week ago
914CURTAIN CALL is the name of this Vi...IntroChamp28977May 13th 2012
915Curved Tunnelmichiel466,186August 10th 2006
916Custom Workpbcunningham6-978October 6th 2009
917Cut Outer Bitmap Fontmichiel0-2,664December 3rd 2008
918Cuttlefish Productionsmichiel0-2,613July 2nd 2008
919CYBORGvincent68677January 31st 2013
920Cylinder to ConeBillyJack4-792March 27th 2012
921D LOGODani494254 months ago
922d.pack-djmaitegras342,842April 12th 2012
923D&B v.2LostBoyz27533April 5th 2013
924D&B vol II. v.2LostBoyz89670May 14th 2013
925D&LB drum and bass v.2LostBoyz894052 months ago
926D3-BLACKCarlos Marques391,097March 29th 2012
927D4 Black - GreenCarlos Marques0-1,262March 29th 2012
928Dalek model helpLouis11-657November 21st 2010
929dance floorCarlos Marques161,371March 13th 2011
930Dance with meUlli281,292February 3rd 2012
931DANCE_B.T_SHOW20Dani47374September 30th 2013
932Dance_Floor-colorsCarlos Marques813829April 5th 2013
933Dance_showDani563451 month ago
934Dancing ElephantUlli172,741March 10th 2006
935Dancing Foolmichiel20136,554February 24th 2010
936Dancing fool effect questionstbo2-633May 12th 2012
937Dancing Fool FX versur Bender FX.RRA2-1,412March 20th 2011
938Dancing LEDsmichiel714,274February 25th 2009
939Dancingfool effectsnafu2-209September 14th 2013
940Danger Mousemichiel122,985February 28th 2007
941DANI _iNTRODani163385 months ago
942DANI _ODOMETER.Dani363964 months ago
943DANI _ORANGE iNTRO.Dani262002 weeks ago
944DANi _SHOW.Dani14402October 26th 2013
945DANI 24 _NETWORK.Dani34310October 19th 2013
946DANI B.T_SHOW 1Dani65447September 9th 2013
947DANI BLUFFTITLER WINGS SHOW FREEDani9131,761August 26th 2013
948Dani Bumpmap Show.Dani254704 months ago
949DANI INTROSDani54415August 15th 2013
950DANI iNTROS_BUMP.FXDani46419October 27th 2013
951DANI iNTROS.Dani67490October 22nd 2013
952DANI NEWS_SHOW16Dani45374September 26th 2013
953DANI SHOW.Dani483565 months ago
954DANI SHOW.Dani763713 months ago
955Dani Show.Dani244783 months ago
956Dani show.Dani363382 months ago
957DANI STUDIODani36498August 8th 2013
958Dani__ Traced picture_SHOWDani383511 month ago
959DANI_1978Dani45355October 19th 2013
960DANI_3D WORLD SHOWDani45500September 2nd 2013
961DANI_BTDani45519August 30th 2013
962DANI_CUBE SHOW.Dani15361October 12th 2013
963Dani_DesignsDani484284 months ago
964DANI_DJ PARTY, BIXPACK 11 INSPIRATI...Dani36679September 18th 2013
965DANI_HALLOWEEN.Dani74293October 19th 2013
966DANI_iNTROSDani785175 months ago
967DANI_iNTROS SHOWDani34415October 24th 2013
968DANI_SPORTS.Dani381766 days ago
969DANI_STUDIO Ver:IIDani65388September 26th 2013
970DANI_STUDIOS SHOW.Dani493281 month ago
971Dani_Xmas show.Dani363744 months ago
972Dani.fx show.Dani263052 months ago
973Daniel introsDani0-303August 21st 2013
974DANIEL iNTROS_GRUNGE.Dani87412October 21st 2013
975DANIEL_SHOWSDani67352October 10th 2013
976Dark purple with red flashesmichiel1046,067October 5th 2010
977Dark side of the earthmichiel432740,723July 4th 2006
978DarkSHOW #3John (ProComGer)25587 hours ago
979De Wereld Draait Doormichiel3413,714February 13th 2007
980De wereld draait doormichiel646,959April 10th 2009
981Death Star Bump Mapmichiel5511,660November 1st 2006
982Deck of CardsBillyJack26899April 29th 2012
983Decorationsmichiel0-1,312May 19th 2010
984Dedicated to the Gallery ArtistsPixelpanther994471 month ago
985Deep ThoughtsJimH133,081April 5th 2007
986Default DurationRevJonG3-1,185January 9th 2009
987Default resolutionPer2-1,083March 18th 2009
988Default Show Resolution won't stickJimH8-1,112February 4th 2009
989Default start up showJimH1-929August 12th 2009
990Deinterlacer Effectmichiel0-1,600October 1st 2008
991Delaying Video Layersbenjee91-635January 22nd 2011
992Deleting keyframes problem.RRA1-592February 2nd 2011
993Delivery Birdjsi223,702March 15th 2007
994DEMEN Ver.01- TVCagpvn0-882October 24th 2011
995DEMEN Ver.02- TVCagpvn0-957October 24th 2011
996Demo Difference between Picture Lay...BillyJack452561 month ago
997Demo new song Singer Cristiano Arau...Tony Peppers 3D0-996February 14th 2012
998Depth LayerRRA61515December 23rd 2012
999DepthBuffer.fxmichiel57838September 3rd 2013
1000Designed Pixelsmichiel122,371December 18th 2006
1001Destruct now with BT show filePixelpanther435031 month ago
1002DestructionPixelpanther593071 month ago
1003Diablomichiel0-5,111September 20th 2010
1004Did I find a bug?taucher194513-1,007September 6th 2009
1005DID YOU KNOW...IntroChamp610859February 19th 2013
1006Different colors in text?Per2-704November 12th 2010
1007Digital cameraCarlos Marques491,790February 14th 2011
1008digital foto CM - freeCarlos Marques121,376October 18th 2011
1009digital framemaitegras27858January 29th 2012
1010Digital Hellfire Effect Updatedmichiel354,434May 4th 2011
1011Digital SignageIntroChamp4101,005February 14th 2012
1012Digital Signage (Playlist Features)kugo8-1,182July 3rd 2010
1013Digital Signage Presentationmichiel233,465April 7th 2009
1014Dimension Shiftmichiel2-991June 2nd 2010
1015Dingbat Fontsmichiel0-1,938August 29th 2008
1016Directory for the font downloadedjsoolee2-340March 3rd 2013
1017Directx 11?jsoolee1-2395 months ago
1018DirectX installation bluesmichiel3-1,292November 13th 2008
1019dirty messagePixel Pim401,161October 16th 2010
1020Disc_Light_Floor-YellowCarlos Marques36744April 9th 2013
1021Disc_Light-Floor_Colors.Carlos Marques27791April 9th 2013
1022Disco Ball modelmichiel664,303July 15th 2010
1023Disco Ball Planetmichiel577,030August 27th 2010
1024Disco girlmaitegras792,003December 4th 2011
1025disco girl 2maitegras32976January 29th 2012
1026Disco MountainPixelpanther0-3111 month ago
1027Discount on Bixelangelo?JackWhite6-1,044June 13th 2011
1028Disintegratormichiel215,743February 8th 2007
1029Disolve or desintegratesnafu3-823March 28th 2011
1030display screen sizeDick1-871June 11th 2010
1031Displaying an image in the gallery.IntroChamp1-413June 11th 2012
1032Dissolving or disintegrating a textsnafu6-895August 9th 2010
1033Distorted Worldview?michiel254,508August 13th 2006
1034Dizzy Spiralsmichiel481,909July 28th 2010
1035DJCarlos Marques431,677February 14th 2011
1036DJ Intro.Dani554373 months ago
1037DJ LOGOjulio solano33371July 11th 2013
1038DJ Mikey Mike Effectmichiel313,811March 17th 2010
1039DJ/VJ Effect Clip CUBOIDPixelpanther5102981 month ago
1040Do more with transparencymichiel1-1,909April 23rd 2009
1041Do not use Arialmichiel1012,243July 2nd 2008
1042Do u have any plan for Interactive ...SamSaam211242 months ago
1043Do you have any new ideas for bixel...SamSaam3-1563 months ago
1044Doctor Who Introsmichiel1225,414April 13th 2008
1045Doctor Who Title Sequencemichiel424,257January 15th 2008
1046Does Blufftitle accept Videolayers ...taucher19456-1,026August 19th 2011
1047DOF in 3D space, simulation of phys...RRA4-1,003June 19th 2010
1048Dog Earsmichiel622,493April 28th 2008
1049Domino Effectmichiel444,627April 29th 2007
1050Dondgk1-829June 15th 2009
1051Don't forget to click the YouTube b...michiel3-735September 21st 2011
1052Don't know if it is possible !vincent2-526July 9th 2012
1053Donut Cage 3D Sketchmichiel385,186January 27th 2012
1054Donut Texturesmichiel222,058January 28th 2009
1055DoorUlli782,655November 8th 2006
1056DotsOfLight.FXmichiel832,230June 22nd 2010
1057Double Bordermichiel123,378March 31st 2009
1058Double Screenluis19664-1,044March 16th 2009
1059Double vision fxLostBoyz2-771April 27th 2011
1060Download_Particle Dissolve show.Dani4103115 days ago
1061Downloading fonts BixpackEDW4-486March 12th 2013
1062downloading problemaydin4-831October 28th 2010
1063DR.DRE BEATSjulio solano32590July 5th 2013
1064Dragonsinus300793332 months ago
1065Drawing unbroken line with slightly...babdi1-453May 28th 2012
1066Dream Chaser (Feminine Version)IntroChamp38925January 31st 2012
1067Dream Chaser (Video Intro)IntroChamp4141,134January 29th 2012
1068Dream Teammichiel663,829February 13th 2007
1069DREAMED LOVEJesus35263August 27th 2013
1070Driver stops working when exportingmichelle1-583January 30th 2011
1071Drop Shadow on TextPer10-786August 27th 2012
1072Drop Shadow optionsdgk2-1,029July 18th 2011
1073Dropping Linesmichiel113,756September 2nd 2007
1074Drunken Typographermichiel151,2265 months ago
1075Dual Monitor Supportmichiel343,399August 15th 2007
1076Dull Gray Metal TextureBob W.6-717March 3rd 2012
1077duration problem importing AVI into...politico315-827March 2nd 2010
1078DVD Box Shotmichiel444,313April 22nd 2009
1079DVD Casejoseburgos143,670June 26th 2009
1080dvd coverCarlos Marques162,046March 25th 2011
1081DVD Introgimme863,668February 7th 2006
1082DVD party introductionDaveH45695July 13th 2013
1083dynamic content - using rsseranbd2-1,002June 8th 2010
1084Dynamic Content -- For sliders?TheChad3-643December 2nd 2011
1085Dynamic content and control of valu...stbo3-746March 17th 2011
1086dynamic contents/xml‏Omega_Works7-946October 4th 2010
1087Dynamic video differences in previe...viddy10-1,222August 28th 2009
1088EarthUlli522,918March 2nd 2006
1089EarthMap Morphing-VisionJanot442,735March 24th 2011
1090Earthmap Slideshowvincent1310955February 4th 2013
1091earthquake effectmrbernd3-958July 26th 2010
1092Earthquake Effect??jmarkt5-1321 month ago
1093EaselUlli732,564March 2nd 2007
1094EasterUlli132,703April 12th 2006
1095Easter Islandmichiel0-4,357April 9th 2007
1096Easy moneyvincent375,709April 20th 2008
1097Easy StormBillyJack311,309September 2nd 2012
1098Easy things should be easymichiel222,685September 20th 2006
1099Easy way to see all possible shows ...bob7333-790January 15th 2011
1100Eau De Parfummichiel132,826June 22nd 2009
1101ecenario virtualhernandez7770-636March 26th 2013
1102ECENARIO VIRTUAL 2hernandez77746635April 2nd 2013
1103ECENARIO VIRTUAL 3Dhernandez7770-264April 2nd 2013
1104ECENARIOS VIRTUALhernandez77734464May 13th 2012
1105ECENARIOS VIRTUALhernandez7770-369May 13th 2012
1106Edit All ImagesIBMedia2-430July 24th 2012
1107Editing the scriptPer2-750November 29th 2011
1108Edius Plug-inBig Rick1-1,571January 26th 2010
1109effectCarlos Marques2-662March 5th 2012
1110Effect Cloth and containerjeablu6-469December 17th 2012
1111Effect Cloth and particlesjeablu6-496December 11th 2012
1112Effect fxCarlos Marques531,286July 11th 2011
1113effect FxCarlos Marques131,347January 7th 2012
1114effect fxCarlos Marques7-676March 12th 2012
1115effect fxCarlos Marques1-476July 3rd 2012
1116effect FX :)Carlos Marques3-538April 27th 2012
1117effect fx.Carlos Marques631,195June 25th 2011
1118Effect of feelingliuyongcai474542 months ago
1119Effect ReelOfFilm with videosjeablu3-473January 3rd 2013
1120Effect ReelOfFilm.fx - problem clea...jeablu5-832November 3rd 2010
1121Effect request:)LostBoyz101471May 28th 2013
1122Effective Use Of DPak'sjmarkt7-1,308June 10th 2010
1123Effectsmichiel0-3,036May 2nd 2006
1124effectsGurmeet6-781October 25th 2010
1125effects animationbobby1-326May 11th 2013
1126Effects Folders in BluffTitlerDolly5-670November 3rd 2011
1127Effects LibraryJackWhite0-510February 12th 2012
1128Effects removedPer3-973June 4th 2009
1129effet sketchDIDJ841-199September 16th 2013
1130Eiffel Coliseumvincent6111,173October 5th 2012
1131EL ANGEL DE BLUFF TITLERJOSE LUIS0-1,837September 27th 2009
1132Eldoradomichiel243,693October 27th 2010
1133Elections_2014Dani582891 month ago
1134Electricitylampion253,438February 12th 2006
1135ElefantUlli552,739March 8th 2006
1136EletrohitsCarlos Marques321,545March 14th 2011
1137ELL MARe DESIGNsinus3000-901February 19th 2012
1138Ellipsemichiel734,722November 9th 2007
1139Emerge!IntroChamp19802January 18th 2013
1140Emotion Citybix91110,695February 13th 2006
1141EMP Alert!JimH461,528June 15th 2011
1142EMP Attack!JimH171,509June 17th 2011
1143En Profilemichiel535,113March 12th 2007
1144Encrypt propertymichiel132,748January 6th 2009
1145ENERGETIC TRAILERDani283363 months ago
1146energy imagemaitegras471,003May 10th 2012
1147English Licoricemichiel323,549June 22nd 2009
1148Enjoy 2008michiel124,280December 15th 2007
1149Enjoy 2011michiel1341,716December 13th 2010
1150Enlightenment requestmufasaxx10-686August 13th 2011
1151entre ventanasmaitegras181,186July 9th 2012
1152Eon Vue ddspuffd3-1,223January 9th 2010
1153Epi Pantosmichiel172,700February 27th 2008
1154Epic TrailerIBMedia484995 months ago
1155EPMD logoLostBoyz12111,143February 19th 2013
1156EPSbobke1-1,102April 19th 2009
1157EPS and PhotoShopBillyJack2-1,086March 4th 2010
1158EPS CAMERAvincent492,777May 14th 2010
1159EPS CAR MK2vincent521,518October 18th 2010
1160EPS creator for 3d objects?John (ProComGer)6-1673 weeks ago
1161eps filesBrian1-1,103December 21st 2009
1162EPS filesDolly3-873February 6th 2012
1163EPS filesdericktrotter1-489February 18th 2012
1164EPS Fileskarvilla2-320July 5th 2013
1165EPS geometric pathApolinaire9-1882 months ago
1166EPS Inquiryjmarkt11-944April 8th 2012
1167EPS LayerTKDDAD4-1,693October 2nd 2010
1168EPS MIXING CONSOLEvincent992,536May 31st 2010
1169EPS MOTORvincent754,043October 22nd 2009
1170EPS path (from Bixangelo) plays bac...DaveH3-1,175June 4th 2009
1171EPS PINBALLvincent1192,023June 19th 2010
1172EPS Questionjmarkt8-2,270April 4th 2009
1173EPS ROBOT IIvincent581,245June 21st 2012
1174Eps Rotation CentreLostBoyz2-417July 12th 2012
1175EPS sketch on map background (to sh...soupy6-1,199April 26th 2010
1176EPS TOOL PROJECTvincent70295,458March 24th 2012
1177EPS turntableLostBoyz33787August 29th 2010
1178EPS WalkthroughBillyJack9-1,695October 18th 2011
1179EPS WATCHvincent1181,933July 24th 2010
1180EQ Sample for BBBBillyJack201,514July 4th 2010
1181equal partswilcovr3-968May 24th 2009
1182EqualizerUlli291,461October 4th 2011
1183errorCarlos Marques15-959February 7th 2012
1184ESC (accidentially) exits BThenryklein5-863April 30th 2010
1185escenario espacialmaitegras231,629March 25th 2011
1186escenario virtual chespi650chespi650211,352March 3rd 2012
1187ESCENARIO VIRTUAL DE GRUPO PEGGATE ...chespi65066391September 22nd 2013
1188escenario virtual show de luceschespi6500-921March 5th 2012
1189estructura en x gratis truss free xchespi6501072,423May 23rd 2012
1190Eternal FlameIntroChamp181,053August 7th 2012
1191Eternal Zoommichiel0-5,165October 27th 2006
1192EternalZoomwalgu0-1,137February 16th 2012
1193EuroTrip 1sinus30039711January 28th 2013
1194Every day that I check bt, I hope I...SamSaam0-660February 15th 2011
1195EVGA GeForce GT 440 vs Intel DG31PR...Arshad3-1,138July 4th 2011
1196Excellent Categoriesmufasaxx2-686March 22nd 2011
1197EXCELSIORCarlos Marques45883February 15th 2012
1198Exclusive show.Dani811456October 8th 2013
1199EXPERIMENTAL CONTAINER TOOLvincent78244,585April 4th 2012
1200Experiments with new Dots of Light....orlando101,402June 30th 2010
1201Experiments with new Dots of Light....orlando0-1,498June 30th 2010
1202Experiments with new Dots of Light....orlando0-1,348June 30th 2010
1203Experiments with new Dots of Light....orlando0-1,404June 30th 2010
1204Experiments with new Dots of Light....orlando101,691June 30th 2010
1205Expertise on globe effect????jmarkt3-1,394December 18th 2008
1206Expiriences with export BT pictures...frankch1-616July 26th 2011
1207Exploding a ModelIntroChamp81657January 18th 2012
1208Exploding textGraham9-973May 12th 2010
1209Explosionvincent124,130April 4th 2008
1210explosionLostBoyz3-845January 27th 2011
1211EXPLOSIONvincent0-1,466April 12th 2011
1212explosionmaitegras1011,927July 3rd 2011
1213Explosion Cloudmichiel0-2,272March 21st 2007
1214Explosion Experimentsmichiel9141,812July 9th 2012
1215Explosion patternsmichiel881,473August 7th 2012
1216Export 3D ObjectJimH9-1,706May 3rd 2010
1217Export as GIFarmando4-1,324July 3rd 2009
1218Export Avi uncompressedGoofy4A301,704November 12th 2007
1219Export BT Show to Studiolifechip0-667November 23rd 2010
1220Export in different resolutionIBMedia4-477May 29th 2012
1221export in Windows 7 (poor quality)maitegras4-713January 11th 2011
1222Export Issues in version 7michiel9-2,910August 1st 2007
1223Export moviejsoolee3-545 days ago
1224export template.maitegras2-441July 15th 2012
1225Export Templatesagpvn2-388September 5th 2012
1226Export the screen as picture; what ...taucher19454-1,038June 11th 2009
1227Export to HD MovieIntrepid2-537January 30th 2012
1228Export with Transparency and codecsPer3-570October 20th 2011
1229exportingStephanie19-695November 2nd 2011
1230Exporting 29.97 frames per second -...viddy2-502May 2nd 2012
1231Exporting a movieStephanie4-627January 13th 2012
1232Exporting filesmpryor33972-1,053September 23rd 2009
1233Exporting particles not reflecting ...stbo3-864November 6th 2011
1234Exporting- Loses soundfootpaw1-724July 1st 2011
1235Expositorpersiana65330September 11th 2013
1236EXPRESS_INTRO.Dani571762 days ago
1237Extended Outlinesmichiel983,109October 21st 2010
1238external (program) control of Bluff...Whow1004,207February 1st 2006
1239Extra option for modelsmarvin61583May 31st 2012
1240extreme premium HD - BTCarlos Marques141,849April 5th 2011
1241Extrude and animate QR codes with t...michiel2223,794May 30th 2011
1242Extrude transparent pictures with t...michiel1483,743July 13th 2010
1243Extrusionmichiel263,078February 3rd 2006
1244Eyeglasses-EffectUlli22630October 20th 2011
1245Eyeglasses-EffectUlli651,078October 21st 2011
1246EZ carrying 3D textsmichiel761,161October 3rd 2013
1247EZ vs BIXmaitegras1213712September 15th 2013
1248F1 intromaitegras0-885October 19th 2011
1249FACE FORWARDIntroChamp26754April 15th 2013
1250FACEBOOK SHOW 2Dani462982 months ago
1251FACEBOOK SHOW.Dani372592 months ago
1252Fade out textures?Per5-595October 22nd 2011
1253Fading an effectBillyJack13-1,616August 28th 2011
1254Fading plasmaPer2-989March 18th 2009
1255FAIL OF THE DAY!Pixelpanther231141 month ago
1256Fake Shadowsmichiel235345 months ago
1257Fake Volume Equalizer Effectmichiel551,958June 28th 2011
1258falling charactersDick6-1,147April 7th 2009
1259Falling Lettersmichiel263,155July 24th 2012
1260Famous Film Studio Logomichiel172434,026June 28th 2006
1261Farsi text ShowesAli113,981March 31st 2009
1262Fashion Introagpvn0-912January 18th 2013
1263Fashion TV Logoagpvn111,259December 22nd 2011
1264FASTRAX - CUSTOMIZECarlos Marques0-1,184September 18th 2012
1265Fat and Skinny PNG Photographsjaymac4212-1,112April 19th 2010
1266Favoritespiem1-724May 1st 2010
1267Fazination Orchideen - Fascination ...sinus30057898January 27th 2012
1268Feature Requestjmarkt1-726May 1st 2010
1269FEATURE REQUESTIntroChamp31437June 7th 2012
1270Feature requestmarvin8-536September 3rd 2012
1271Feature requestmarvin0-470September 22nd 2012
1272Feature requestmarvin3-1614 months ago
1273Feature requestJohn (ProComGer)611291 month ago
1274Feature RequestPixelpanther0-691 month ago
1275Feature Requestmisterbrains5-761 month ago
1276Feature Request: Teletype text enh...Bansaw4-563November 18th 2011
1277Feature Request: Apply Two effects ...Changa211271 month ago
1278Feature request: Arrange layers in ...Per6-516November 5th 2011
1279Feature request: Lock show resoluti...Per1-722September 1st 2010
1280feature request: Stereo rendering S...komies6-1402 weeks ago
1281Feature request?DigitalDave3-742August 9th 2010
1282FEATURE REQUESTSBBB33650January 10th 2012
1283Feature SuggestionBillyJack41550August 31st 2011
1284Feeling Exhibitionliuyongcai883971 month ago
1285Felic Navidabylaw0-924December 24th 2009
1286FELIZ DIA DE REYES DE MAGOS ALL BLU...chespi650575253 months ago
1287Ferrari 458 Italiakomies56603August 1st 2013
1288Ferromagnetic-C Fractal Effectmichiel0-1,268June 4th 2009
1289Ferromagnetic-Z Fractal Effectmichiel0-1,174June 4th 2009
1290fichier epsgerard humblot31402January 19th 2013
1291Fichiers EPSadrien60423,946April 21st 2010
1292FICHIERS EPSgerard humblot4-523October 12th 2012
1293fichiers songerard humblot1-351November 24th 2012
1294Fifa WorldCup Finalbylaw543,840July 10th 2010
1295Fight Intro SessionTony Peppers 3D0-814April 29th 2012
1296File saved in HDmichelle2-754June 22nd 2010
1297Film and television shows broadcast...liuyongcai47613October 7th 2013
1298Film and Video Maker reviewmichiel901,952July 11th 2009
1299Film Grain Filter Effectmichiel0-1,992February 14th 2007
1300film strip down sidesdericktrotter1-802February 17th 2011
1301film strips down sidesdericktrotter4-703February 15th 2011
1302FilmstripDaDa21216,013October 23rd 2006
1303Filmstrip Particlemichiel112,304February 13th 2007
1304Filter by periodmichiel0-609December 9th 2011
1305Filter Forgemichiel212,987July 7th 2008
1306Final: Blufftitler + Boujou + After...agpvn1722,462October 30th 2010
1307Finally got around to itPixelpanther662241 month ago
1308Find tool: not working for Layers?terrypin2-346February 27th 2013
1309Fingersmichiel135,092October 9th 2007
1310FIRE DAMAGEIntroChamp3101,026January 27th 2012
1311Fire Fantasysinus30047693May 17th 2013
1312FIRE IN THE HOLE - SNIPER!IntroChamp1133412 weeks ago
1313FIRE IN THE HOLE!IntroChamp472751 month ago
1314Fire on border?Eric Sands503,884February 26th 2009
1315FIRE STARTERIntroChamp35694March 31st 2013
1316FIRE_RAIN SHOW.Dani0-2731 month ago
1317FIRE!JimH141,165October 5th 2011
1318Fireworksernst153,430February 9th 2006
1319Fireworksmichiel375,019December 31st 2009
1320FIREWORKS [SKF]vincent0-2,231July 22nd 2011
1321Fireworks 1 controlramman3-1,051September 30th 2009
1322Fireworks Effectmichiel10117,201January 4th 2008
1323First Ask. charcoal fx.LostBoyz2-699April 30th 2011
1324First character trickJoshua53-4,205August 5th 2010
1325FIRST CONTACTIntroChamp110701March 26th 2013
1326First video footage from Phoenix Ma...ernst0-3,637May 28th 2008
1327first work on new 10.0 blufftitler ...chespi65046656February 26th 2013
1328Fist of sparklesJesus5-765December 9th 2011
1329Fitness Academy IntroIntroChamp16114591 month ago
1330Five Candlesmichiel0-3,670February 24th 2006
1331Fix export issue version 8.3.1michiel0-675October 18th 2011
1332Fixed Bottle Modelmichiel533,379July 12th 2009
1333Fixing position of BT windows when ...terrypin3-448February 19th 2012
1334Flamengo football clubCarlos Marques291,106December 16th 2011
1335Flare Effect Laboratorymichiel283,495October 20th 2011
1336Flare effectsJohn (ProComGer)3-1392 months ago
1337FLARE FXsebouze352,698August 21st 2011
1338flare help2da4est6-1162 months ago
1339Flash Screen Frameliuyongcai261993 weeks ago
1340Flashing red lights albumliuyongcai162842 months ago
1341Flashy TextKiloOne0-3,392February 3rd 2006
1342Flat Panel Video Monitorjoseburgos6-1,989July 14th 2009
1343Flattening the rays...papabear8-929July 22nd 2010
1344Flex Labmichiel1055,002March 17th 2009
1345Flexibility propertyjsoolee1-585September 15th 2011
1346Flexible WordsIBMedia2-440June 20th 2012
1347Flickering Text by Requestamiga103,482September 12th 2009
1348Flight Pathmichiel2586,102November 19th 2006
1349FlightBoard Texteffect like in Term...schmidde782-843March 30th 2010
1350FlightPathmichiel2838,912November 24th 2007
1351Flightpath Effect with twinkling st...michiel1007,566May 24th 2008
1352Flip TimeRae1-744August 29th 2010
1353FLOATING EFFECT FOR JMARKTvincent123,274January 31st 2009
1354Floating LOST logodibbkd717,096November 15th 2006
1355Floating Pieces Effectmichiel133,839October 16th 2008
1356Flock of seagullsmichiel152,544May 8th 2007
1357floral donwload heremaitegras2-1,772May 30th 2011
1358Floral Ornaments 3Dsinus300783945 months ago
1359Flowerwalgu131,226March 4th 2012
1360Flower fieldernst584,555February 3rd 2006
1361Flower FontUlli544,332April 18th 2008
1362Flower in the wind effectmichiel582793 weeks ago
1363Flowers and Namesmichiel22148,092October 3rd 2006
1364Flowers framesBragina321,475May 20th 2010
1365Fly-by on textstbo1-727February 11th 2011
1366Fly-in Text for TerrypinJimH51662January 15th 2012
1367Flying Fontsmichiel3410,829November 26th 2007
1368FLYING HIGH WITH BLUFF 11.1IntroChamp4101925 days ago
1369Flying Starsmichiel572,673October 17th 2012
1370Fold image into a sphere?Per4-569January 24th 2012
1371Font CityIntroChamp471,548March 21st 2012
1372Font name not foundJurgen1-806September 19th 2010
1373Font Questionjmarkt3-465December 17th 2011
1374Font Size Changes Text ColorIBMedia2-757August 26th 2012
1375font size questionBram43-529September 1st 2011
1376FONTS NOT SOLIDLINDSAY1-770July 31st 2010
1377FootballUlli233,316June 9th 2006
1378Football Intro 01BillyJack24954April 19th 2012
1379football opener for TVS Lionsfdolansky0-2121 month ago
1380for a doubl special dag- my birthda...Andretti1-196October 23rd 2013
1381For dancing textJOSE DE JESUS21482September 19th 2012
1382For quality anti aliasing which for...Jesus2-467October 30th 2012
1383ford e-100 econoline 1961-1967 truc...chespi65047724August 19th 2013
1384FORMULA 1Carlos Marques671,662September 15th 2011
1385Forum theme funElect11-918September 2nd 2009
1386Fountain abstract - Brunnen abstrac...sinus30027985February 12th 2012
1387Four Textsmichiel164,561March 27th 2010
1388Four Textures I createdphansen142,274February 25th 2006
1389Frühlingsinus30026936March 9th 2012
1390Fractal Planet DDSmichiel235,096October 30th 2010
1391FragmentationBragina142,789June 5th 2010
1392FrankJo 905-741June 24th 2011
1393Freddiemichiel0-1,970March 6th 2007
1394Free 3D Software!Per61876March 6th 2012
1395FREE DJ MOVED HEADS WITH OUT MODEL ...chespi650381,165August 5th 2013
1396Free DVD Motion MenusDaveH672,221April 15th 2012
1397Free Fontsmrbernd1-429October 10th 2012
1398Free Green Screen Image sequence fo...pool0-846March 9th 2012
1399FREE MODEL TO ALL FIRENDS BLUFFTITL...chespi650341,440May 30th 2013
1400Free ModelsLouis11-826November 21st 2010
1401Free Models 2Louis13-1,358November 21st 2010
1402Free Show - Book of Hearts (Bluff 1...DaveH581991 day ago
1403FREE SPEAKER MODEL :)IntroChamp781,776April 11th 2013
1404FREE SPEECH!IntroChamp14146201 month ago
1405free spider tarantula and web for a...chespi65024457October 7th 2013
1406Free Template Project Blufftitler M...Carlos Marques154,751January 13th 2012
1407free video backgrounds, lower third...erikger0-671February 10th 2012
1408Fringe OpeningCAnn2-495February 9th 2012
1409FRIS XXL 2013 @ BORCHLAND AMSTERDAM...JeepNL912952July 2nd 2013
1410Frohe OsternUlli313,084March 22nd 2008
1411Frohe Ostern - Happy Eastersinus30048603March 27th 2013
1412Frohes Festcarlo345,355December 5th 2008
1413From 3ds Max to BluffTitlerSevensheaven14-2,843July 13th 2009
1414From Blender to BluffTitlerSevensheaven732492 months ago
1415From Super Not To Super Hotmichiel213,288April 20th 2009
1416From vynyl to laservincent756,044August 23rd 2008
1417Frustrated with the User GuideTheChad0-488October 19th 2011
1418Full 3D RubicBillyJack475,426December 22nd 2010
1419FULL HD DEFINITIONCarlos Marques522,076March 13th 2011
1420FUN SKETCHED HEADvincent56825June 2nd 2013
1421FUN with FOVmichiel0-2,202September 17th 2006
1422Fun With Particlesmichiel265,507October 23rd 2010
1423Fun with subtractive blendingmichiel162,523April 13th 2012
1424Fur Effectmichiel353,758May 7th 2006
1425Future intro 2LostBoyz0-921January 14th 2013
1426FXmrbernd9-753March 17th 2011
1427fxmaitegras0-594May 4th 2011
1428FX Bending effectssammcpherson1-680September 19th 2011
1429FX Counter Filejmarkt2-607January 20th 2012
1430fx double as a sheetmaitegras4-663November 19th 2010
1431FX for Grow Up?IBMedia313175 months ago
1432FX Particle grow and fadeVirtual DarKness5-551May 31st 2012
1433FX Programming for BTsinus3007-624February 6th 2012
1434FX REQUESTvincent41811January 1st 2011
1435Fx requestJohn (ProComGer)3-2101 month ago
1436FX Request??jmarkt4-1341 month ago
1437GALASHOW 2009agpvn281,305October 24th 2011
1438GALERIA METALCarlos Marques731,785March 18th 2011
1440Gallery downloads..boothferrylegend5-1,082May 9th 2009
1441GALLERY NEWSDani9103831 month ago
1442Game intro / ps /LostBoyz36544January 30th 2013
1443Game intro / x /LostBoyz0-615January 31st 2013
1444Gamediamichiel124,658July 11th 2008
1445GAMEDIA SHOWREEL GAMESCOM 2009Tukkermando861,622October 20th 2009
1446Gangnam Style intro BTsinus30048895January 27th 2013
1447Gapmichiel385013 weeks ago
1448Garten-Eisenbahnmichiel122,264April 9th 2007
1449Gas Burnermichiel875,745October 30th 2010
1450Gear SetBillyJack672,052October 27th 2011
1451Gearsvincent696,837May 9th 2008
1452Gel Textjameswall0073-408January 21st 2013
1453Generate DDS Cubemaps with Bixorama...michiel321,671October 30th 2010
1454Generating Blixelangelo 2 OrnamentsTwoWolves2-464December 29th 2011
1455Generating multiple candle flamesjaymac428-1,117August 31st 2009
1456GET 3D MODEL X FILES BY GOOGLESKETC...julio solano62386October 20th 2013
1457GFM_SHOW.Dani461851 month ago
1458Ghostsinus30026756January 28th 2013
1459gif problemmaitegras8-713November 29th 2010
1460Giro dos famososCarlos Marques0-897March 23rd 2012
1461Glass Artmichiel0-3,045June 9th 2006
1462GLASS BOXJesus35613July 10th 2013
1463Glass CubeTony Lee363,375January 12th 2007
1464Glass GalleryCarlos Marques383122 months ago
1465GLASS LIGHT & X-RAYvincent251,912March 11th 2011
1466Glints on textmichiel354,637June 25th 2006
1467Glitter Your Party BlueCarlos Marques26556June 12th 2013
1468Glitter Your Party PresentationCarlos Marques610818June 12th 2013
1469Glitz TemplateEYELENE5-359May 5th 2013
1470Globe - Globussinus3000-865February 13th 2013
1471Globulos rojos en arteriamichiel662,436November 26th 2007
1472Glow Party!Carlos Marques0-772March 22nd 2013
1473Glowing Metalmrbernd611,151March 17th 2011
1474Glowing picture layermichiel531,935January 24th 2008
1475GOD LOVES YOU_iNTRO.Dani485285 months ago
1476GOD OF WARDani87426October 23rd 2013
1477Going go a specific page in the Gal...bob7333-654February 3rd 2011
1478Gold Sufersinus300281594 days ago
1479Golden Heartsmichiel0-3,279April 3rd 2006
1480Golden Particlesmichiel214,267July 22nd 2009
1481Golden Textmichiel255,203September 18th 2010
1482GOLDEN TIME: A clock for you!John (ProComGer)262122 weeks ago
1483Golf has a futuresinus30044734March 24th 2012
1484Good Evilmichiel311,847April 15th 2007
1485GOOD FRIDAYDani391816 days ago
1486GOOD FRIDAY INTRODani45506August 21st 2013
1487Google Sketchup 8 trouble!Louis11-712November 22nd 2010
1488Gorgeous ball markerliuyongcai153872 months ago
1489Goursat's Surfacemichiel622,046June 2nd 2010
1490GRACE INTRO(Rock)Dani23288August 20th 2013
1491GRACIAS A DANI POR ESTE SHOW FREE L...chespi65046581August 30th 2013
1492GRACIAS A LostBoyz por los modeloschespi65023434October 20th 2013
1493Gradient Effectsmichiel0-6,991May 6th 2008
1494Gradient Reflectionmichiel423,626September 14th 2010
1495Gradient Wipe Slideshowmichiel134,975January 7th 2008
1496GradientFeathermaitegras6-554January 10th 2013
1497Graffiti intro v.2 / dirty /LostBoyz16923November 5th 2012
1498Grafica de VilmarPlus+michiel0-1,525October 25th 2008
1499graphicmaitegras721,364September 10th 2010
1500Graphic - BixCarlos Marques0-1,037July 5th 2012
1501Graphic - LexCarlos Marques17906July 5th 2012
1502Graphic starters for upcoming Baske...BillyJack241662 months ago
1503GRAPHICS DESIGNCarlos Marques331,288May 18th 2011
1504Graphics Memory and Render TimeIBMedia3-480June 14th 2012
1505Grayscale EffectYousef624,266November 3rd 2009
1506GreatUlli312,333March 27th 2007
1507GREEN - VIDEO 2Carlos Marques0-1,064June 3rd 2012
1508Green Screen Crop Effectmichiel1122,267December 7th 2011
1509Green Screen Talentpugsly1-603March 6th 2012
1510Green screen talentbbailey31542August 17th 2012
1511Green Screen Templatesstudiolike283802 months ago
1512GREEN VIDEOCarlos Marques0-835June 3rd 2012
1513GREEN_SHOW.Dani682501 month ago
1514GREENSCREENdgk2-1111 month ago
1515GreenScreen FX with spillage suppre...michiel1723,689June 2nd 2010
1516GreenScreenPlus FXmichiel953,392June 14th 2010
1517Grid propertymichiel0-1,371April 19th 2010
1518Grobo Bitmap Fontmichiel112,804December 2nd 2008
1519Grooves Effectmichiel1-1,499August 21st 2008
1520GRUNGE B.T_SHOW19.Dani24371September 29th 2013
1521GTA V.LostBoyz116504August 14th 2013
1522Gui editor enhancement requestPer2-887August 8th 2009
1523gum textmaitegras631,175September 2nd 2010
1524GUN_DANI SHOW.Dani243155 months ago
1525Guru media editormichiel1-562May 15th 2012
1526GYM SHOWjulio solano531582 months ago
1527Hôn Lễ 02agpvn264555 months ago
1528Halftones Effectmichiel252,181July 12th 2012
1529Halloween 2012DaveH0-836October 21st 2012
1530Halloween DVD IntroDaveH1094355 months ago
1531Halloween PartyLostBoyz117584October 27th 2013
1532Halloween v.1sinus300115426October 16th 2013
1533Halloween v.2sinus30067401October 19th 2013
1534Halloween VC modelLostBoyz136706October 17th 2013
1535HandUlli212,226March 10th 2007
1536hand roboticmaitegras411847May 21st 2012
1537handleidingmartien2-1,258August 12th 2010
1538Hands upUlli712,864December 2nd 2008
1539Handy Liebemichiel0-2,083March 6th 2007
1540HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY BLUFF! from ...IntroChamp911682August 5th 2013
1541HAPPY ANNIVERSARYJesus56444July 31st 2013
1542Happy Anniversary Blufftitler!marvin23220August 5th 2013
1543HAPPY BIRTHDAY 10THagpvn36548August 6th 2013
1544HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUFFTITLERsinus300107676August 1st 2013
1545Happy Birthday BluffTitlerUlli58399August 4th 2013
1546Happy Birthday Styleagpvn0-402June 26th 2013
1547Happy Bluffdaykomies87799August 6th 2013
1548Happy ChristmasDaveH395655 months ago
1549HAPPY CHRISTMAS .Dani223764 months ago
1550HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARmatty2-932December 27th 2009
1551Happy Christmas Blufftitlers!DaveH666834 months ago
1552Happy Christmas dayJesus0-543December 23rd 2011
1553Happy Cubesmichiel443,655September 14th 2010
1554Happy Eastersinus30019736April 2nd 2012
1555Happy EasterUlli241,015April 7th 2012
1556Happy Eastersinus300771834 days ago
1557Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern 2sinus300461,024April 2nd 2012
1558Happy Easter 2014sinus300282164 days ago
1559HAPPY EASTER!LostBoyz4-854April 22nd 2011
1560Happy Easter!LostBoyz89711March 26th 2013
1561Happy HalloweenUlli0-2,204October 3rd 2006
1562Happy Holidays to Allbylaw533,099December 23rd 2009
1563Happy Holidays!IntroChamp7135544 months ago
1564HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2013.Dani98456August 14th 2013
1565HAPPY INDEPENDENCE OF MEXICOJesus74394September 14th 2013
1566HAPPY NEW YEARwalgu131,110December 26th 2011
1567happy new yearmaitegras461,082December 27th 2011
1568HAPPY NEW YEARsinus30028629December 30th 2012
1569Happy new yearmaitegras19990December 30th 2012
1570HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012agpvn241,566December 5th 2011
1571HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014Dani0-3444 months ago
1572Happy New Year 2014Dani754683 months ago
1573HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 BLUFFTITLER SH...Dani891,1754 months ago
1574Happy New Year 2014 v. 1sinus300463764 months ago
1575Happy New Year 2014 v. 2sinus300483324 months ago
1576Happy New Year 2014_ Merry Christma...Dani978565 months ago
1577Happy New Year 2014.Dani294384 months ago
1578Happy New Year 2014.Dani1066214 months ago
1579Happy New Year Abstractsinus300753744 months ago
1580Happy New Year ClockDaveH25109563 months ago
1581HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!LostBoyz1678543 months ago
1582Happy New Year For Allthethbac0-1502 months ago
1583Happy New Year!LostBoyz685584 months ago
1584Happy ornamentedliuyongcai0-1,167November 17th 2012
1585Happy Planetmichiel133,544July 14th 2010
1586Happy VacationUlli251,103January 5th 2012
1587Happy Valentien´s Day 2014 v.2 (BT ...sinus300752662 months ago
1588Happy Valentiens Day 2014sinus300673112 months ago
1589Happy ValentinLostBoyz1087482 months ago
1590Happy Valentine Day 2014agpvn0-1982 months ago
1591Happy Valentine Heart Kaleidoscopedvsprite221,494February 14th 2011
1592Happy Valentine Slideshowbylaw662,420January 22nd 2011
1593HAPPY VALENTINES DAY SHOW.Dani572422 months ago
1594Happy Valentines Day!Bragina571,000February 13th 2012
1595Happy Women's Dayagpvn462291 month ago
1596HAPY HALLOWING BLUFFTITLERchespi65045425October 6th 2013
1597Harmonographmichiel155,013July 2nd 2008
1598Harry Potter with Blufftitler ^_^agpvn152,786November 11th 2009
1599Have a Coffee breakbylaw0-3,586November 4th 2010
1600Have a great 2007michiel1032,337December 17th 2006
1601HBO INTROvincent542,287April 16th 2010
1602HD introLostBoyz0-1,098July 14th 2012
1603HD NEWS INTRO.Dani574464 months ago
1604Headlinesmichiel452,463October 30th 2012
1605HEADLINES SHOW_BTDani67549August 31st 2013
1606HeadSubCarlos Marques0-814February 2nd 2013
1607Headsub - 3D Slide Photoagpvn232,168September 5th 2012
1608Health Plus Intro.Dani544495 months ago
1609HeartBragina243,522February 20th 2010
1610Heartbeat effectmichiel1253,385June 7th 2011
1611Hearts Kaleidoscopedvsprite0-1,407January 17th 2011
1612hEaVeN sEnT_ iNtRoIntroChamp46572June 28th 2013
1613HEAVY LOAD!IntroChamp893603 weeks ago
1614HEAVYWEIGHT (MMA)IntroChamp36499April 17th 2013
1615Hebrew and Right to Left Reading or...virtualflavius0-2,506October 9th 2007
1616Hebrew, Farsi and Arabicmichiel322,409January 23rd 2007
1617Heineken MusicLostBoyz67460October 10th 2013
1618helicopter apachemaitegras78927December 28th 2012
1619HellFiresinus30065685February 16th 2013
1620HellFire v.2sinus30076779February 17th 2013
1621Hello All Teamthethbac5-279July 30th 2013
1622Hello my question is like putting a...chespi6503-489March 28th 2012
1623HELPpadgy4-549May 17th 2012
1624Helpthethbac4-267August 22nd 2013
1625Help A fellow BT UserBBB3-844July 2nd 2010
1626Help creating an icecube effect.Bei...lineman556-877October 27th 2010
1627Help Using containerJesus5-418July 3rd 2012
1628Help with HD introsnapperjack0-935August 2nd 2009
1629Help with reflexion on second pictu...NYA-Mike211,488October 28th 2009
1630Help, I've got jaggiesmichiel422,494September 16th 2006
1631Help!JordanMillns2-434July 7th 2012
1632HELP! Missing Fonttsamara1-685July 23rd 2011
1633Hesitation in loopingDick5-936March 23rd 2009
1634Het Blokmichiel647,113October 26th 2006
1635Hexagonal Planetmichiel875,817August 26th 2010
1636Hexahedronsmichiel897,735July 13th 2010
1637hiscorpion7181-255June 23rd 2013
1638hi everyonescorpion7184-303June 25th 2013
1639Hi Everyone!:)LostBoyz612605 months ago
1640Hi Michiel! CheckAlpha.fxLostBoyz6-266September 3rd 2013
1641Hi, Michelle. not allowed to upload...liuyongcai1-375March 12th 2013
1642hibrid electronicmaitegras26871May 10th 2012
1643High Definition - GlassesCarlos Marques14738May 22nd 2012
1644High Definition - Glasses PurpleCarlos Marques0-1,010May 23rd 2012
1645High Definition - Glasses RedCarlos Marques0-811May 22nd 2012
1646highest resolution video capture la...komies3-439August 28th 2012
1647Hindi Fontsmichiel532,776April 18th 2007
1648Hip Hop Factor:)LostBoyz994165 months ago
1649Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxymichiel165,309March 6th 2007
1650HOCC Hungary GTA5 Online CrewLostBoyz1272642 months ago
1651Holidaysinus30066864February 21st 2013
1652Holland Win 2-1bylaw113,324July 2nd 2010
1653HOME MADE MICROPHONE .Xvincent761,730May 20th 2012
1654Home Shopping mal anderssinus30014730February 2nd 2012
1655HomeVideosinus3000-918January 27th 2012
1656HoneyComb.FXmichiel0-1,433June 22nd 2010
1657HoneyCombBumpMap.fxmichiel1124,061February 20th 2012
1658Horizon Effectmichiel0-1,661February 22nd 2010
1659Horse skinless.Jesus3-402October 19th 2012
1660Hot Cross Bunstaco102,263February 21st 2009
1661How about defineable shortcutkeys?Per2-465September 29th 2012
1662How can I export the alpha channel?michiel472601 month ago
1663How can I force to refresh xml from...SamSaam1-750February 7th 2011
1664How can I have slideshow with image...SamSaam1-1,443January 23rd 2010
1665How Can I Make This Better?pbcunningham7-2,799October 8th 2010
1666How can i put a video in place of a...matty4-809March 18th 2011
1667How can I tell what is going to be ...Dick4-894February 10th 2010
1668How can we know which particle pres...Dani2-331August 10th 2013
1669how copy keys from other animation ...chespi6503-386February 28th 2013
1670how do I change speed type with a t...fdolansky1-251August 3rd 2013
1671How do I change the texts and pictu...michiel0-782August 7th 2012
1672How do I change this image?terrypin2-482December 15th 2012
1673How do I copy all key of the layer ...apown3-435December 24th 2012
1674How do I copy my shows?michiel11369December 29th 2012
1675How do I crop a photo or video?waltkerr3-858December 6th 2011
1676How Do I Do This?drmain3-1,307November 25th 2008
1677How do I enter unicode characters?michiel323,113September 14th 2009
1678How do I find my own posts?terrypin2-971 month ago
1679How do I get this simple effect?John (ProComGer)5-2534 months ago
1680How do I import video ?BBB3-977July 10th 2010
1681How do I install a new font?michiel1-569September 15th 2012
1682How do I make this 3d?Vision21-988April 15th 2010
1684How Do I?Djdave1-669November 27th 2010
1685How do you attached an existing lay...JimH5-1,066March 20th 2009
1686How do you change the axis of rotat...JimH1-988May 2nd 2009
1687How do you extend a Bluff Title - a...Mike Shaw17-1,912April 6th 2009
1688How do you make a .png image look 3...Vision26-1,811March 16th 2010
1689How do you make a keyframe on one t...Per5-951February 1st 2010
1690How do you substitute one AVI for a...jaymac422-963October 7th 2009
1691How do you use the Voxel layer?TheChad2-468October 19th 2011
1692How to activate BluffTitler without...michiel32484January 23rd 2013
1693How to add text to this show?terrypin4-414May 31st 2012
1694How to apply a Cubmap file in the b...Changa2-2153 months ago
1695How to build a cube yourselfmichiel1865,190June 8th 2009
1696How to change the color?Kirk Parsons11-675October 4th 2012
1697How to create a 3D 5-point star wit...michiel302,731May 10th 2008
1698How to create a creditroll without ...ernst14137,198February 1st 2006
1699How to create dropshadowsmichiel381,865September 22nd 2012
1700How to create light beamsmichiel1184,382May 12th 2006
1701How to create templatesmichiel234,575November 27th 2009
1702How to create this effect?John (ProComGer)4-2815 months ago
1703How to do a big bang show and chang...bob7332-939January 28th 2011
1704How to do reflection mappingmichiel261,108April 22nd 2013
1705How to emulate LED screens in versi...michiel45848June 10th 2013
1706How To Fly A Text String Along A Cu...Bob W.3-579October 28th 2012
1707How to get higher resolution plasma...John (ProComGer)7-2824 months ago
1708How to get object reflection?Derg1-1,094July 29th 2009
1709How to get ReflectiveFloor_Reflecti...Dick2-827September 1st 2010
1710How to handle double-sided texture ...Danoo1-1905 months ago
1711How to import textured Blender Obje...taucher19457-1,123May 22nd 2011
1712How to import transparent videos in...michiel423103 weeks ago
1713How to insert a picturebouddhamango3-1895 months ago
1714How to link a programvincent4-466September 16th 2012
1715How to make a countdown from 99 to ...John (ProComGer)10-3095 months ago
1716How to make a text layer appear and...michiel0-2,966December 4th 2008
1717How to make a title thicker/create ...John (ProComGer)4-1471 month ago
1718How To Make Exported AVI's Repeat??...jmarkt3-1151 month ago
1719How to Merge two show?rafyperez2-396May 4th 2013
1720How to remove the counter on BixPac...ewsg2-367March 15th 2013
1721How To Save??jmarkt6-834February 24th 2012
1722How to spice up a boring slidemichiel573023 weeks ago
1723How to tackle this show?terrypin18-661March 30th 2012
1724How to turn on hardware antialiasin...michiel211,267January 15th 2012
1725How to unzip a BixPack ZIP filemichiel11623August 17th 2012
1726How to use the ROTATION CENTRE prop...michiel0-4153 months ago
1727How to use two effects on the same ...John (ProComGer)8-2774 months ago
1728How to View Selected LayerBald Runner311382 months ago
1729How to wiggle text easily?happy3d12516November 27th 2011
1730How To???jmarkt0-825September 4th 2009
1731How was the blending effect in the ...John (ProComGer)10-1702 months ago
1732How was this created?terrypin2-445February 21st 2012
1733How you can use BluffTitler to crea...michiel672,303April 12th 2012
1734HP'svincent0-4,452August 2nd 2008
1735HS.COMDani0-323August 19th 2013
1736HSport pack by lbLostBoyz410910September 4th 2012
1737Hyperlinks and successive showsmichiel111,979February 2nd 2007
1738Hyperspeedmichiel223,860February 6th 2009
1739I call this video intro "FULL BLOOM...IntroChamp0-913July 5th 2012
1740I call this video intro "LIMELIGHT"IntroChamp28976May 10th 2012
1741I can't pay, what can I dohantang3-2164 months ago
1742i did not get the way to read my re...tomi1-932March 18th 2009
1743I Dream of Titling...DeanO151515,610February 4th 2006
1744I forgot how to set the background ...John (ProComGer)2-1021 week ago
1745I have 2 questionsSamSaam2-348February 13th 2013
1746I have a difficult suggestion.SamSaam1-649October 5th 2011
1747I have a Directx programming questi...SamSaam6-386April 4th 2013
1748I have some question about Bixelang...SamSaam3-347February 8th 2013
1749I have some Questions.SamSaam1-964May 8th 2010
1750I know this has to get old, but I r...BillyJack13497March 1st 2012
1751I need cloudsmufasaxx4-790June 23rd 2010
1752I need Fifties Rock'n'Roll title id...ozstar3-494September 7th 2012
1753I need help of tryng to put a pictu...malvino7-653May 7th 2012
1754I need the Universe Big Bang showbob7339-891February 7th 2011
1755I NEWSDani0-339August 21st 2013
1756I still have DEMO on my screenRon Holt1-383July 4th 2012
1757I want to make video shows from Mp3...SamSaam2-609February 1st 2012
1758I wanted to share my first projectScotty21015121,109June 11th 2011
1759I would have the effect UVAnimator ...Carlos Marques21549May 23rd 2012
1760I would like a new featurevincent11-474January 18th 2013
1761i-vox logopiercey79772,988February 26th 2006
1762i,m need fxmaitegras4-783September 17th 2010
1763I'm moving stuff to a new computer ...JLAA412484 months ago
1764Ian Humphrey Video IntroIntroChamp682861 month ago
1765iCatcher effectengsin1231-760August 16th 2010
1766iCatcher, My first upload attemptBillyJack333,054August 8th 2010
1767Ice LettersBald Runner61368August 29th 2013
1768Identifying Ofjects In A Show?jmarkt2-325March 5th 2013
1769Im still having trouble.Vision22-784April 26th 2010
1770Image as background with text overl...computerchic3-1,097July 15th 2010
1771image in iphonemaitegras741,446February 8th 2010
1772image jpeg con fx ddsmaitegras2-523January 22nd 2012
1773Image resizing question...HELP plea...Hurricane5-679November 24th 2010
1774image sequencemufasaxx2-634June 27th 2011
1775image stackingsaxdude1-419September 15th 2012
1776Imagen del videopersiana5-249September 7th 2013
1777Images/Logo use - remove white back...GlenFranklin6-706February 1st 2012
1778ImmortalIntroChamp58570February 10th 2013
1779Immortal Version 2IntroChamp36546February 12th 2013
1780Import Blufftitler showfrankch7-936August 15th 2011
1781Import New Particlesdkgodfrey1-826April 17th 2010
1782Import of 3D files in BluffTitler v...Jeep35512501 month ago
1783import question2da4est3-2035 months ago
1784Import save as etcTyl21804July 18th 2011
1785Important request!LostBoyz91509December 13th 2012
1786Important! It is possible 2D in Bac...LostBoyz8-913May 2nd 2011
1787importing animation?Nico3-660March 11th 2011
1788Importing files from BT to Avid Stu...Webby3-481May 17th 2012
1789Improved 3D Waving Flag Effectmichiel963,185March 27th 2009
1790Improved Bouncingmarvin65534December 25th 2012
1791Improved Burning Text Effectmichiel155,204July 3rd 2008
1792Improved Circles Effectmichiel0-1,565April 11th 2009
1793Improved Curtain Effectmichiel522,506September 1st 2008
1794Improved Fur Shadermichiel274,724February 19th 2007
1795Improved Magnifying Glass Effectmichiel724,188August 12th 2008
1796Improved particle renderingmichiel121,179April 15th 2010
1797Improved Pixelizer Effectmichiel0-1,837April 11th 2009
1798Improved Roller Effectmichiel755,335May 18th 2009
1799In the GalleryUlli161,148March 6th 2012
1800In the seavincent388,311March 30th 2008
1801IN THE SHUTTLE (Mon.Room V2)vincent2121,456September 30th 2012
1802In The Viewfindermichiel231,521January 29th 2010
1803Inconsistent BT playbackterrypin10-597March 22nd 2012
1804incoporate small picture during dow...orlando1-892March 27th 2009
1805Index of Showsjaymac422-1,013September 24th 2009
1806indication and point of rotationmaitegras0-384May 24th 2012
1807Industrial Logo Reveal.Dani2102392 weeks ago
1808Info ArrowBillyJack1-432May 20th 2012
1809Ink Spotmichiel0-4,303December 17th 2007
1810Inquiry:jmarkt411411 month ago
1811Insert bt file as layerbylaw3-753August 7th 2010
1812Insert layer?2da4est13-253October 23rd 2013
1813Insert logo with transparent partshdijksterhuis1-428December 18th 2012
1814Insert Time ButtonIBMedia4-475September 9th 2012
1815Inserting Audiobooragal3-479January 21st 2012
1816Inspired Show.Dani153043 months ago
1817INSPIRED_ BLUFTITLER SHOW 22Dani25397October 1st 2013
1818Installeren LettertypesBertk2-200September 17th 2013
1819Interactive 3D Bar Graph Demomichiel321,657August 23rd 2009
1820Interactive VJmichiel4917,320February 4th 2006
1821International Women's DayCarlos Marques9103011 month ago
1822Internet ExplorerCarlos Marques0-925May 31st 2012
1823Interrupted Linesmichiel0-4,399November 26th 2007
1824Interstellar stageliuyongcai0-2042 weeks ago
1825introCarlos Marques2111,815July 28th 2011
1826INTROCarlos Marques461,392October 18th 2011
1827introCarlos Marques0-1,049October 18th 2011
1828introCarlos Marques0-962November 12th 2011
1829introCarlos Marques5101,515December 16th 2011
1830introCarlos Marques0-892December 30th 2011
1831introCarlos Marques0-777December 30th 2011
1832introCarlos Marques591,151February 8th 2012
1833IntroCarlos Marques5101,088February 16th 2012
1834introCarlos Marques1581,290February 28th 2012
1835introCarlos Marques881,359February 28th 2012
1836IntroLostBoyz0-992September 19th 2012
1837INTRO - CARLOS MARQUESCarlos Marques0-2,041February 14th 2011
1838INTRO - CONVEMCarlos Marques271,011February 2nd 2012
1839INTRO - IFLEX DESIGNSCarlos Marques381,496December 30th 2011
1840Intro - Memoriesagpvn1061,548October 24th 2011
1841intro - políciaCarlos Marques0-965May 21st 2012
1842intro - uaivideoCarlos Marques29824May 21st 2012
1843INTRO - UVANIMATORCarlos Marques0-905June 2nd 2012
1844INTRO - UVANIMATOR - RedCarlos Marques0-1,861June 2nd 2012
1845intro -playtecCarlos Marques571,106November 3rd 2011
1846intro 14Carlos Marques0-977February 28th 2012
1847INTRO 15 AÑOSJesus44539July 5th 2013
1848intro 2012 BTCarlos Marques191,385March 8th 2012
1849Intro AutoCar Bridgestone Racing 3DTony Peppers 3D0-1,162February 14th 2012
1850intro BTCarlos Marques181,769December 5th 2011
1851intro BTCarlos Marques0-1,000February 15th 2012
1852Intro BTCarlos Marques0-893February 28th 2012
1853Intro century-Nokiamaitegras0-1,297September 17th 2011
1854intro CMCarlos Marques151,237November 12th 2011
1855Intro CM. alto falantesCarlos Marques2121,549June 29th 2011
1856intro comercialmaitegras451,116October 10th 2011
1857intro con Blufftitlermichiel113,224May 26th 2008
1858intro de sonidero o dj castle openi...chespi65023917March 24th 2012
1859Intro for a pirate moviemichiel8516,035July 18th 2006
1860intro freeCarlos Marques162,244October 18th 2011
1861INTRO FREE BY CHESPI 650 EPS AND FL...chespi650172,326April 2nd 2012
1862INTRO fur WeddingAndretti2-182September 26th 2013
1863Intro Giới Thiệu Du Lịchagpvn392393 weeks ago
1864INTRO INEWS - CM - BTCarlos Marques131,469March 13th 2011
1865intro logoCarlos Marques13873November 3rd 2011
1866INTRO LOGO DOMINGO ESPETACULARCarlos Marques0-1,275February 17th 2011
1867intro mix headsubCarlos Marques231,189October 18th 2011
1868INTRO MOMENTO VIPCarlos Marques311,335February 17th 2011
1869intro plus newsCarlos Marques0-1,277November 3rd 2011
1870intro removable fieldmaitegras0-914September 27th 2011
1871INTRO REPLAY - FREECarlos Marques121,642October 18th 2011
1872Intro SGCTony Peppers 3D0-916April 28th 2012
1873Intro Space - BTCarlos Marques4101,299March 8th 2012
1874intro studio lightCarlos Marques0-992December 30th 2011
1875Intro Style 01agpvn0-509May 1st 2013
1876Intro Style 02agpvn27716May 1st 2013
1877Intro Style 02agpvn0-405May 10th 2013
1878Intro Style 03agpvn36631May 1st 2013
1879Intro Style 03agpvn0-504May 10th 2013
1880Intro Style 04agpvn45709May 1st 2013
1881Intro Style 04agpvn0-527May 10th 2013
1882Intro Style 05agpvn13713May 10th 2013
1883Intro Style 06agpvn0-481May 10th 2013
1884Intro Template 12agpvn283551 month ago
1885Intro Template 18agpvn683421 month ago
1886INTRO TEXT BTCarlos Marques452,681February 17th 2011
1887Intro Tinhte.vnagpvn751,733November 12th 2011
1888INTRO TRACK FOR BLUFFERS.....Pixelpanther631441 month ago
1889INTRO TV DRFACarlos Marques0-1,421March 17th 2011
1890intro TV FAEXCarlos Marques0-810February 2nd 2012
1891Intro VAC Non - Fictie.mp4 http://...Roald15984May 10th 2012
1892Intro violates gold ArtisticTony Peppers 3D0-950February 14th 2012
1893intro XvideoCarlos Marques0-1,247December 30th 2011
1894Intro-ACarlos Marques16768May 15th 2012
1895Intro's and GLIDESAndretti1-279June 1st 2013
1896Intro's to my vidsbrntguy24373December 27th 2012
1897IntroChamp and Carlos Marques revea...michiel1773,717May 1st 2012
1898introChamp Promo VideoIntroChamp493561 month ago
1899INTROCHAMP SPEAKER MODELchespi65037645April 15th 2013 Promo - Animations =...IntroChamp511693August 7th 2013
1901INTRODUCING PARTY BIX PACK 11julio solano65733October 10th 2013
1902Introducing the EZmichiel691,361September 13th 2013
1903introsCarlos Marques0-926April 3rd 2012
1904introsCarlos Marques210762March 9th 2013
1905Invaders from outer spacemichiel247,790October 15th 2006
1906Inverse Silhouettemichiel213,947October 3rd 2007
1907IPACKvincent252,449May 28th 2010
1908iphone motion modifiedmaitegras0-740May 31st 2012
1909iphone motion whitemaitegras37932June 3rd 2012
1910iphone picture 2maitegras751,769July 25th 2011
1911iphone picture 3 with iphone 4maitegras24917May 27th 2012
1912iphone picture wth iphone 4s & handmaitegras461,291June 24th 2012
1913Irish Folk Teasermrbernd48629October 10th 2012
1914Is there a Pendulum swing fx file?kf_daddy11476January 26th 2012
1915Is there a way to zoom in the displ...Per4-958December 4th 2009
1916Is there any effect that can react ...SamSaam2-1865 months ago
1917Is this cube intro possible?John (ProComGer)10-2163 weeks ago
1918Is this with blufftitler?SamSaam1-848June 24th 2010
1919Isn't "info" a safearea?Per10-545October 29th 2011
1920It Came From Outer Space - IntroDeanO1285,969April 22nd 2007
1921It Can Be That Simplemichiel252,701January 24th 2012
1922It's a Dog's LifeIBMedia49525October 22nd 2013
1923IT'S IN THE MAILIntroChamp210688March 24th 2013
1924Italicmichiel0-3,249July 2nd 2008
1925ItalicsDigitalDave2-410February 18th 2013
1926itro - freeCarlos Marques332,085January 2nd 2012
1927iTV Decklink SDI Key Outkugo1-355May 5th 2013
1928ITV News Studio Mockdjleekee0-2,600March 10th 2010
1929ivsEditsmichiel711,812October 5th 2012
1930Iyamishi Alloy SteelTjeb0-865October 26th 2012
1931Jack-omichiel122,505October 3rd 2006
1932Jaguarsinus300462532 months ago
1933Jaguares de ChiapasTony Peppers 3D0-757February 29th 2012
1934Je Peins La MusiqueGClaire1054,118August 27th 2008
1935Jerky Playjmarkt10-1,025January 2nd 2010
1936Jigsaw picturesmaitegras831,061June 26th 2011
1937Jigsaw pictures 2maitegras852,740July 12th 2011
1938Jigsaw Puzzleernst314,261May 11th 2006
1939jmarktBillyJack944681 month ago
1940John_Show_Test_Round_Background_Ima...John (ProComGer)3-1951 month ago
1941Joining two scripts?Per5-547January 8th 2012
1942Joining videos. Is that possible?Vladimir2-873February 18th 2010
1943JORNAL DA GLOBOCarlos Marques221,790March 13th 2011
1944Jornal da recordCarlos Marques131,382February 15th 2011
1945JOY TO THE WORLD.Dani693994 months ago
1946Jubilee in EPScarlo554,967April 4th 2009
1947Julia Fractal Effectmichiel2-1,485June 4th 2009
1948Jump For Joymichiel753,552February 23rd 2012
1949Jumperbix1714,748March 2nd 2006
1950Just reflectionsNYA-Mike722,205November 2nd 2009
1951Kakelbont effectmichiel143,746November 19th 2010
1952Kaleidoscopemichiel0-1,904April 14th 2007
1953Kaleidoscopedvsprite6-695January 14th 2011
1954Kaleidoscope Flowerorlando122,757February 27th 2009
1955Kaleidoscopesasterix321,463January 8th 2011
1956Kaleidoskop1Ulli241,914April 14th 2007
1957Kaleidoskop2Ulli451,931April 14th 2007
1958Karaoke Effectmichiel612,839November 11th 2009
1959Karine DayaneCarlos Marques38484September 11th 2013
1960Karl Bartos- Atomium v.2LostBoyz37669March 19th 2013
1961Karmen QuesadaLostBoyz1374575 months ago
1962Karneval - Carnival - Carnavalsinus3000-768February 2nd 2012
1963Karneval 2013sinus3000-564January 27th 2013
1964Karneval 2014 - Carnival 2014 - Car...sinus3001243212 months ago
1965Ken Burns effectmichiel4-3,164August 26th 2008
1966Kerningmichiel34590September 5th 2013
1967keyfupi1-1,044June 8th 2009
1968key (TAB)maitegras2-776May 4th 2010
1969KEY Framesrheeramun2-532June 29th 2012
1970Keyboard functionsBragina3-810April 30th 2010
1971Keying an effectChristine2-439March 27th 2012
1972keys movementmaitegras31725July 15th 2011
1973KinemacJimH34479November 24th 2012
1974KINGS INTRODani33338August 20th 2013
1975Klaatu Barada Niktomichiel135,817January 31st 2008
1976Klimaschutz-Climate Change-Le Chang...sinus3000-1,140January 13th 2012
1977Klostergriffcarlo414,130August 6th 2008
1978KOEIENLETTERSmichiel0-3,297February 23rd 2009
1979Kreisel - Roundaboutsinus3000-302February 13th 2013
1980Kreisel - Roundaboutsinus30015693February 13th 2013
1981kumbia de los pitufoschespi65015604May 2nd 2013
1982Kungfu Panda 2 - 3D Reflectionagpvn511,489May 28th 2011
1983La Ruletapersiana13124365 months ago
1984LA VOZ DEL PERU SHOWjulio solano0-614October 17th 2013
1985Lễ Đính Hôn 02agpvn162381 month ago
1986Lamboghini GOLDsinus300893761 month ago
1987Lamborghini 2014LostBoyz12113191 month ago
1988Lamborghini NFS intro v.2LostBoyz55723October 9th 2012
1989LAPTOPvincent471,883August 14th 2010
1990Large Hadron Collidermichiel125,940September 10th 2008
1991Laser Lovemichiel0-5,047November 7th 2006
1992Laser SketchBob W.8-991February 4th 2011
1993Lasershowsinus300641,027July 3rd 2013
1994LAST SHOWvincent633,493February 7th 2009
1995latest Updatemufasaxx2-530November 19th 2011
1996Laughing Mirrormichiel113,770August 7th 2008
1997Laughing textBragina572,070September 16th 2011
1998LavalampUlli246,017February 27th 2008
1999Layer child attached in "Technical ...jeablu3-475November 20th 2012
2000Layer Namesdckbnfld11396July 10th 2012
2001Layer PropertiesGreenfishPete2-583July 17th 2011
2002Layers Coming TogetherHugh3-792July 22nd 2010
2003LBLostBoyz11103402 months ago
2004LB abstract v2LostBoyz1710737August 10th 2013
2005LB new intro /underground art v.2/LostBoyz27814July 18th 2012
2006LB underground artLostBoyz167753April 16th 2013
2007LB2013LostBoyz1485124 months ago
2008LB2014LostBoyz13124543 months ago
2009LBWBLostBoyz136716August 7th 2013
2010Le Meteore De La Nuitmichiel0-2,179March 23rd 2007
2011LEADER_INTRO.Dani4105225 months ago
2012LEADER_SHOW.Dani492622 months ago
2013LEAP IS THE FUTUREmarvin0-334February 1st 2013
2014Learning through BixpacksPiPPi181,012October 23rd 2012
2015LED Font?Eric Sands4-1,293February 24th 2009
2016LED screensmichiel105920May 24th 2013
2017LED Wallmichiel822,111September 25th 2008
2018Left Align Time Tagsmichiel3764,183April 18th 2012
2019Legoland IntroDaveH0-693August 12th 2012
2020Lens Flarerustyjames2-1,082May 3rd 2010
2021Lens Flare Layer Previewmichiel6113,665August 30th 2009
2022Lens Flare--light layer visible, or...TheChad3-608October 19th 2011
2023Lensflare Tutorialmrbernd1-792October 22nd 2010
2024Letter Cubesmichiel263,402January 12th 2009
2025Letter Magnets Effectmichiel213,856April 19th 2008
2026Lettercubesmichiel333,379December 16th 2008
2027LETTERS ANIMATIONvincent342,626January 29th 2011
2028LHC PARTICLE FUSEPixelpanther352891 month ago
2029librariesmrbernd4-815November 1st 2010
2030licens key will not workmrbernd1-562July 14th 2011
2031Licensing Issuejmarkt1-471November 26th 2011
2032Life of Bixmichiel0-11,181April 3rd 2006
2033Lightwalgu461,201October 26th 2011
2034Light beams on images with transpar...Per10-798January 20th 2012
2035Light Beams Through Textjmarkt2-469March 13th 2012
2036Light Change TutorialBillyJack972,324April 20th 2012
2037Light Source Questions and problemsDigitalDave2-801August 9th 2010
2038Light streaksJackWhite3-490February 12th 2012
2039Light Streaksmichiel5175,932February 14th 2012
2040Light teleportVirtual DarKness521,183July 23rd 2011
2041Lightbeamsmichiel123,987November 4th 2008
2042LightingIntroChamp4-816July 21st 2010
2043Lighting feature request.Yousef0-442November 5th 2011
2044Lightningmichiel143,040September 20th 2006
2045Lightning LayerJimH6-1,040March 6th 2010
2046Lightning Layer Previewmichiel573,678August 28th 2009
2047LIGHTS OUT (FAIRY TALE)IntroChamp271,034January 26th 2012
2048Lights, Camera And ACTION!bylaw0-5,930December 11th 2009
2049Lightsnake Effectmichiel112,444December 15th 2008
2050Lightsweep - Sliver of LightDigitalDave6-805August 24th 2010
2051Lime Backlightmichiel0-3,849October 5th 2010
2052Limit sparkle to part of text?terrypin4-474February 21st 2012
2053line array bocinas aereas xchespi650451,506May 23rd 2012
2054Line Artmichiel0-2,774May 15th 2006
2055lionsgatemaitegras4101,058November 16th 2011
2056Liquid Metal Morphmichiel334,314April 17th 2009
2057Little Big Planetmichiel0-7,843August 7th 2008
2058Live Music.Dani354123 months ago
2059Live your life like a Jarkko!michiel135,079September 19th 2006
2060LLLLLL1-515September 30th 2011
2061localtypography.commichiel143824 months ago
2062Locking a video layerpugsly3-385September 7th 2012
2063Locking sliders, and locating point...Mike Shaw3-1,070April 21st 2009
2064LogoBragina264,263February 25th 2010
2065logomaitegras241,503September 30th 2010
2066Logowalgu661,340November 11th 2011
2067Logomacias00771380August 15th 2013
2068logo 3d by chespi 650 tigre sonider...chespi65037627April 8th 2013
2069logo animaton laptopmaitegras281,749October 7th 2011
2070LOGO DJ WEPAKO EPSchespi6500-287February 16th 2013
2071LOGO DJ WEPAKO EPSchespi65066496February 16th 2013
2072LOGO FIRE.Dani263753 months ago
2073LOGO FOR NIGHT CLUB WEPAKO MIX DJchespi6500-678February 17th 2013
2074Logo introCarlos Marques173765 months ago
2075LOGO On Wall.Dani263041 month ago
2076LOGO PARA SONIDO PACHUCO DE SAN JOS...chespi65057387September 9th 2013
2077LOGO PIZZA HUTjulio solano0-243September 10th 2013
2078LOGO SHOW.Dani233183 months ago
2079logo tubeespañamaitegras0-1,485August 4th 2011
2080LOGO_SHOW.Dani384321 month ago
2081logos 3dhernandez777361,117June 8th 2012
2082logos para video projector on conce...chespi65024537September 9th 2013
2083LOGOSHOW.Dani0-3062 months ago
2084LOGOTIPO DE TIGRE SONIDERO BY CHESP...chespi6500-617April 8th 2013
2085Long-form ambient music video using...Har0-1,023April 22nd 2012
2086LOOK FAMILIAR?IntroChamp13113431 month ago
2087Looking for a Championship BracketBigApple1-315April 4th 2013
2088Looking for a model hererudemartini3-636September 5th 2011
2089Looking for a Motion Trails Effectkf_daddy1-916September 10th 2009
2090Looking For Old Showjmarkt7-495June 10th 2012
2091Looking for...jmarkt1-663February 18th 2011
2092LOOP INTRO DJ LOGOjulio solano117480October 3rd 2013
2093Looping Questionjmarkt3-449September 24th 2011
2094Looping, Fullscreen & Main Window D...kugo6-1,026July 12th 2010
2095Lordi: Hard Rock HallelujahPeteK131,476May 10th 2009
2096Lorenz Butterflymichiel146,918January 7th 2009
2097Los 10 hombres considerados mas atr...michiel674,050March 26th 2007
2098Loss of Transparencyjaymac422-851October 14th 2009
2099Lost Chaossinus300391754 days ago
2100Lost License KeyBillyJack2-1684 months ago
2101Lost Meteoritesmichiel655,334November 11th 2010
2102Lost Pixels Filter Effectmichiel0-1,872February 14th 2007
2103Lost Ring v.2LostBoyz47761January 28th 2013
2104LostBoyzLostBoyz137886May 18th 2013
2105LostBoyzLostBoyz871721 day ago
2106LOSTBOYZ INTRODani25311August 19th 2013
2107LOSTBOYZ introDani24371August 21st 2013
2108LostBoyz introsLostBoyz1293002 months ago
2109LOSTBOYZ SHOW.Dani57433October 29th 2013
2110LostBoyz v.2LostBoyz77753April 17th 2013
2111LostBoyz vol. IVLostBoyz97643May 27th 2013
2112LostBoyz: Street LifeLostBoyz610733March 30th 2013
2113LostDream v.2LostBoyz83410September 7th 2013
2114LostDream2LostBoyz1686015 months ago
2115LostWorldLostBoyz159683September 12th 2013
2116Lots of BT Fx...sebouze5-654August 30th 2011
2117Lots of questions: outputting BT sh...henryklein4-727April 29th 2010
2118Lotus flower animatedmarvin1-338June 12th 2013
2119Lotus Fowermarvin10-501May 14th 2013
2120LOVEDani142252 months ago
2121love conquers hatebix0-9,049February 27th 2006
2122love desert blufftitler 1920 x 1080...chespi65047523January 30th 2013
2123love girlCarlos Marques762,112June 12th 2011
2124Love Testmichiel0-4,328October 4th 2010
2125Love Youbylaw341,557February 25th 2012
2126Lower Thirdmichiel5914,147August 26th 2006
2127Lower Third 2michiel136,609September 23rd 2010
2128Lower Third 3michiel356,207September 25th 2010
2129Lower Third AniUlli0-2,366January 21st 2007
2130lower thirdswestho041-1,005June 28th 2009
2131LupeUlli213,496August 6th 2008
2132Lupe2Ulli203,153August 6th 2008
2133Luxor Beer v.1sinus30065338October 15th 2013
2134Luxor Beer v.2sinus30044334October 15th 2013
2135Lyapunov Fractal Effectmichiel112,025June 4th 2009
2136Maarten Den Outer in remembrance of...LostBoyz8105295 months ago
2137machine gun 3dmaitegras111,406September 8th 2010
2138Magic Night 2maitegras471,065September 9th 2012
2139magic night 3maitegras76871February 16th 2013
2140magic night 4maitegras510885March 10th 2013
2141Magic Ring Trickmichiel373415 days ago
2142Magic Ringsmichiel246,221October 30th 2010
2143Magic Treesmichiel13107,007December 18th 2008
2144Magic Wandmichiel346,489July 5th 2006
2145Magic Wandmichiel411016,954December 2nd 2007
2146Magical properties...marvin2-420October 9th 2012
2147Magnifying Glass Effectmichiel942,313August 5th 2008
2148Magnifying Glass Photo Browsermichiel443,871July 17th 2009
2149MagnifyingGlass.fxwalgu0-1,033January 31st 2012
2150Magrittebix257,248March 8th 2006
2151Make a sketch from an imageIBMedia151908June 14th 2012
2152Make texture transparent (JPEG TO P...John (ProComGer)3-1552 months ago
2153Make your Blackmagic Decklink Studi...michiel0-1,582July 19th 2011
2154Making 3 texts appear and disappearmichiel36603October 24th 2013
2155Making 3D models from simple charac...Tukkermando3812,148January 16th 2009
2156Making a little clock face for workmatty675,107October 24th 2009
2157Making A Movie IntroNuffRespeck4-692October 10th 2011
2158making a movie with audio in the ne...dgk6-591April 24th 2012
2159Making Background WhiteGil Ortega1-531June 19th 2011
2160Making SmokeBibleBible3-1,199September 9th 2010
2161Making Text Appear or DisappearIBMedia53550October 24th 2013
2162Making text gradually transparent.....ece3k9-1,083April 22nd 2010
2163Man that's hot!Per9-837August 10th 2010
2164Mandelbrot Fractal Effectmichiel0-1,253June 4th 2009
2165Mandoline en of gitaarJenny201,650November 28th 2006
2166MANOR IN THE STORMvincent581,410July 24th 2011
2167Mardou 1942 - 2013michiel3551,579May 2nd 2013
2168Mardou Bitmap Fontmichiel0-2,762January 12th 2009
2169Mardou Museum Filesmaxste81348June 24th 2013
2170Mardou Slideshowmichiel947,835June 13th 2008
2171Marquee Lightsmichiel0-4,383April 19th 2010
2172Marquee Lights FXsmichiel852,137May 17th 2010
2173MaskBragina12-991November 1st 2010
2174Mask Effectmichiel431,013December 20th 2010
2175Masked Photodvsprite0-1,244November 3rd 2010
2176Maskingmichiel1142,974October 22nd 2006
2177Masking with ControlIntroChamp18-931December 3rd 2010
2178MaskingColorDaDa102,163October 23rd 2006
2179MASTER STUDIOSCarlos Marques741,721March 17th 2011
2180Math changes in 8.5Per3-406July 31st 2012
2181Mathsketch 2 is availableYousef541,280May 18th 2012
2182Mathsketch 2 script in Blufftitler ...Yousef131,119May 26th 2012
2183Mathsketch previewYousef471,762May 6th 2010
2184Mathsketch V1.0 is available for do...Yousef1542,639May 16th 2010
2185Matrixmichiel579,120March 23rd 2007
2186Matrix Show S313.btbendaga1-255August 21st 2013
2187MATRIX TESTmichiel442,791November 26th 2007
2188Max resolution for Print-Outputfrankch13-950September 20th 2011
2189MaydayKingWilly2-341February 1st 2013
2190MBS - ASTROSCarlos Marques311924April 27th 2012
2191me and my love! :)Carlos Marques119619May 16th 2013
2192Mean Old Bix!!jmarkt472983 months ago
2193MEDIABLITZEDmichiel584,885March 6th 2006
2194Meltdown Effectmichiel2135,906October 16th 2008
2195memorial, mardou mr.liuyongcai45983May 4th 2013
2196Memories book Lampmaitegras13141,531December 26th 2011
2197menu dvdmaitegras0-471July 3rd 2012
2198Merge with Time OffsetIBMedia21654June 5th 2012
2199Mergingsnafu2-259September 13th 2013
2200Merging Seperate .bt filesDonna Stewart1-312April 26th 2013
2201Merry Christmasbylaw1136,301December 22nd 2010
2202Merry Christmasmichiel10134,452December 13th 2011
2203Merry ChristmasUlli351,265December 20th 2011
2204Merry Christmasmichiel36792December 20th 2012
2205Merry Christmasliuyongcai155524 months ago
2206Merry ChristmasCarlos Marques13104694 months ago
2207Merry Christmas - Intro =)Carlos Marques4103964 months ago
2208Merry Christmas :)Carlos Marques12136814 months ago
2209Merry Christmas ! Joyeux Noëlthethbac332215 months ago
2210Merry Christmas ....vincent9101,214November 22nd 2012
2211Merry Christmas and 2014Jesus384084 months ago
2212Merry Christmas and a great 2014!michiel10122,0844 months ago
2213Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!michiel27103,804December 7th 2012
2214MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARJesus42346December 21st 2012
2215Merry Christmas and Happy New Yearsinus3001054234 months ago
2216Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...Bragina2141,440December 19th 2011
2217Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...sinus3001374944 months ago
2218Merry Christmas Intro.Dani384315 months ago
2219Merry Christmas v.1sinus300872894 months ago
2220Merry Christmas v.2sinus300482894 months ago
2221Merry Christmas V.2 BT versionLostBoyz361,052December 1st 2012
2222Merry Christmas v.3sinus300763574 months ago
2223Merry Christmas!michiel303,164December 9th 2008
2224Merry Christmas!LostBoyz0-935December 22nd 2012
2225MERRY CHRISTMAS.Dani6106085 months ago
2226Merry X'mas & happy 2011bylaw134,108December 13th 2010
2227Merry-go-roundmichiel142,934December 18th 2006
2228Message for Donmichiel0-301April 8th 2013
2229MESSAGE RECEIVEDIntroChamp854303 months ago
2230Message'blufftitler could not rende...camille7-2524 months ago
2231METAL REFLECTIONSvincent581,215March 29th 2012
2232Metal Text with Rivetsdvsprite7-1,744September 10th 2010
2233Metalletterssinus3000-453January 27th 2012
2234Metalletterssinus3000-941January 27th 2012
2235Metallic Glowernst0-7,895May 12th 2006
2236Metallic Structurevincent7111,176October 6th 2012
2237METROPOLIS GAMER!IntroChamp1192971 month ago
2238Meu 1 video no blufftitlermichiel201,903July 2nd 2008
2239MH 370Dani282423 weeks ago
2240Mi propia escrituraXarquS0-1,534December 13th 2008
2241Mic introLostBoyz47931October 23rd 2012
2242Mic introLostBoyz0-911November 18th 2012
2243Mic introLostBoyz26698March 6th 2013
2244Mic music introLostBoyz0-1,092November 6th 2012
2245MICHIEL helpchespi6502-392May 25th 2012
2246Michiel:liuyongcai1-230October 22nd 2013
2247Michiel:liuyongcai1-661 week ago
2248Microphone Mayhem!IntroChamp27771May 18th 2013
2249MIDI remotehenryklein6-980April 27th 2010
2250MINECRAFT - AWAKENING (VIDEO INTRO)IntroChamp137792April 24th 2013
2251MINIMOOG VINTAGE SYNTHESIZERvincent2111,468April 9th 2012
2252Mirrored Charactersmichiel0-3,258August 21st 2008
2253Missing KF markers?terrypin1-499February 21st 2012
2254Mission Impossible 2schmidde78535,478June 24th 2009
2255Mist BorderJimH7153,846November 23rd 2006
2256Mist effectAlleyoop4-244October 22nd 2013
2257MIXERjulio solano84457September 10th 2013
2258mixing panel voxelkomies841,530June 12th 2012
2259MMA Fight Free Project BTTony Peppers 3D0-1,335February 14th 2012
2260MMC Logo Introagpvn0-896October 24th 2011
2261MMC VIRTUAL SET STUDIOagpvn251,784October 29th 2010
2262MMC VIRTUAL SET STUDIO 01agpvn322,104October 30th 2010
2263Mobielmichiel433,423September 14th 2010
2264Mobile Toymichiel113,752August 29th 2007
2265Mock TV Network IdentDaMoNZ467,612August 7th 2010
2266Model Doesn't Cast ShadowIntroChamp2-525January 21st 2012
2267Model LayerDimitris2-893February 25th 2010
2268Model Layer / Blendertaucher19457-1,995January 4th 2010
2269Model Layer Effectsernst222,588April 4th 2007
2270Model Light_disco freemaitegras571,851January 3rd 2012
2271model repeat - direction between z ...stbo1-395May 12th 2012
2272Model Texture Application QuestionsElect12-1,647July 11th 2009
2273modelsGurmeet6-938November 23rd 2010
2274ModelsDMMcc1-250August 12th 2013
2275ModelsDMMcc3-259September 3rd 2013
2276Models pagefootpaw2-699March 12th 2011
2277Modernskier14735July 4th 2012
2278Modern Abstract 2sinus30034578June 20th 2013
2279Modified Examplevoyager573,902February 6th 2006
2280Modifying this show?terrypin3-572March 3rd 2012
2281Mon Beau Moment !thethbac1-1595 months ago
2282Mondriaan Coloursmichiel423,164May 6th 2008
2283Money again...vincent323,967April 21st 2008
2284MONEY BOXvincent510954February 15th 2013
2285MONITOR ROOMvincent410962September 29th 2012
2286Monster Movie Productionsmichiel132,799September 19th 2006
2287More about Unicodemichiel0-1,783January 23rd 2007
2288more accessible timelinemaitegras13-983April 27th 2010
2289More Birthday Titles!DeanO1045,558October 30th 2007
2290More BT11 PNG SketchBillyJack783551 month ago
2291More FireworksDeanO493,706February 18th 2006
2292more shows blufftitlerprojectsmaitegras891,235July 15th 2012
2293more than friends (extended mix) in...julio solano26394September 25th 2013
2294More versitility of BluffTitlerBillyJack24782October 11th 2012
2295morph problemmrbernd2-709March 23rd 2011
2296Motion BackgroundsDeanO565,019April 12th 2006
2297Motion Blurmichiel0-2,456March 26th 2007
2298Motion blurmrbernd2-720October 22nd 2010
2299Motion Blur - 8.1stbo1-786August 4th 2010
2300motion graphicsmaitegras1031,287March 31st 2011
2301Motion Graphics - BT GraphicCarlos Marques9171,456November 1st 2012
2302motion path curvepapabear3-731April 18th 2011
2303Motion Tracking Toolmarvin812561November 22nd 2012
2304Motion Tracking.RRA6-918September 2nd 2011
2305Motionstudio 3dJackWhite1-670October 5th 2011
2306Mountain Bike Logoafricanjim610837June 10th 2013
2307Mountain film projection festival I...teo1111,000November 30th 2012
2308Mouse over effect and show selectio...henryklein8-774April 29th 2010
2309Move Active Layer forwardIBMedia5-877October 15th 2011
2310Move Layers Into ContainerIntrepid51811December 5th 2011
2311moved head light free only for bluf...chespi650332,251February 23rd 2012
2312Movie export only showing top half ...kenm4-1,160February 15th 2009
2313Movie Export Settings?user3900964-668October 31st 2011
2314Movie Introjeff243,002July 10th 2006
2315Movie intro...NMP2-1,135April 27th 2009
2316Movie Size Playback?rudemartini7-935October 18th 2011
2317MOVIE TIMEDani25636August 8th 2013
2318MOVIE TIMEDani0-2722 months ago
2319MOVIE TIME_INTRODani39457September 17th 2013
2320Movie too Largeranktone3-404September 19th 2012
2321MoviesCarlos Marques28660March 9th 2013
2322Moving Floormichiel876,901November 21st 2010
2323moving multiple keyframes at once?hamageddon2-1,054February 6th 2010
2324Moving Shows to a New Hard Drivejaymac424-719April 19th 2010
2325Moving SpotlightBob W.5-910February 23rd 2012
2326MP4 export doesn't work!John (ProComGer)512553 months ago
2327MP4 video exportmarvin5-1953 months ago
2328MPG2 or MPG4?DaveH31382January 3rd 2013
2329Mr OizoLostBoyz1273232 months ago
2330MTV1 signal v.2LostBoyz543144 months ago
2331MUCHO LOCO SHOW BT FREE GRATISchespi6501471,799December 31st 2012
2332Multi - view version of softwaremistyblueeyes21529December 13th 2011
2333Multi License questionBillyJack2-491August 1st 2012
2334Multicolored textPer1-551September 15th 2011
2335Multicore Cablemichiel112,646May 3rd 2007
2336Multiple Cameras and Renders Within...viddy1-355December 7th 2012
2337Multiple Flagslifechip0-637January 15th 2011
2338Multiple Physic/Tween Effects in 1 ...kdye437-1,047October 4th 2009
2339multirobo_image_tvmaitegras912692March 30th 2013
2340Mumbai Marathonbabdi514,619January 7th 2008
2341MUSICvincent4101,280March 23rd 2012
2342MusicLostBoyz8105705 months ago
2343MUSIC ANIMATIONvincent9111,164February 21st 2013
2344Music Notesmichiel356,050March 16th 2007
2345MUSIC PARTYDani374495 months ago
2346Music The VozCarlos Marques473012 months ago
2347Music VideoDick1-888February 3rd 2010
2348Musical NotesBald Runner2-224August 5th 2013
2349My 1st Effect ModificationBillyJack471,659April 6th 2012
2350My Car,my House,...My BTsinus300471,040April 19th 2012
2351My clip will not play is animation ...tomi3-976March 6th 2009
2352My favorite dialogmichiel8132,701October 4th 2012
2353My FireplaceUlli243,031September 18th 2006
2354My first Alphabix textXarquS513,312December 2nd 2008
2355My first BT11 share!BillyJack1174641 month ago
2356My first project.Jesus1-289April 30th 2013
2357My Headsub mixBragina471,730September 15th 2011
2358MY LOGO SHOW.Dani152812 months ago
2359My Microphonevincent1412796April 5th 2013
2360My name is written in 3D, therefore...michiel0-5,179November 28th 2006
2361MY SHOW.Dani273292 months ago
2362My Suggestion for next version. Lay...Tony Peppers 3D0-466February 19th 2012
2363NBC sportsCarlos Marques6101,762October 7th 2011
2364Nederlandse Handleiding Blufftitlerrolandds37560September 27th 2013
2365Need a Nuclear ReactorJimH10-867June 13th 2011
2366Need a price Quote idearudemartini1121,929October 5th 2011
2367Need Effect Help Or Ideajmarkt3-444June 12th 2012
2368Need help with fx,stayla12-4544 months ago
2369Need help, with a cube effecttayla26-664March 16th 2013
2370Need instructions for converting pi...ernietamminga21420October 15th 2012
2371Need Intro sequenceEric Sands0-473April 7th 2012
2372Neon framework constitutesliuyongcai164361 month ago
2373Neon LightCarlos Marques1096675 months ago
2374NEON SHOW.Dani254125 months ago
2375Neon_Light-TitlerCarlos Marques8126615 months ago
2376Never Mind The Bevelsmichiel203,436August 6th 2007
2377New 3D EffectsJust Pauley4-600July 10th 2012
2378New Bix Illustrationmichiel121,728May 14th 2009
2379New BixPack by IntroChamp - Out now...michiel683,541September 24th 2012
2380New BLENDER 7.0 DirectX exportBillyJack441723 weeks ago
2381new botton videomaitegras3-729May 1st 2011
2382New dialog is a huge time saver!michiel18131,314July 2nd 2012
2383new fxmaitegras2-726April 17th 2011
2384New Instruction Video from Mediabli...michiel843,382July 5th 2007
2385new laptop... lost my license :( pl...davetherave1-589April 19th 2011
2386New Line Cinemaschmidde78436,065June 23rd 2009
2387New look for GalleryIBMedia1-414January 26th 2012
2388New look of siteCAnn14436April 13th 2012
2389New major release of BTbob7333-724January 21st 2011
2390new pcrichard1-1,005May 22nd 2011
2391New Polish Tutorialmichiel2-1,866September 25th 2010
2392New Posting CategoryDaveH2-853June 16th 2009
2393New power buttons for HD GUImichiel1891,684January 16th 2013
2394New rating systemmichiel27530November 13th 2011
2395New retro TV INTRO DESIGN plus FREE...IntroChamp95876May 4th 2013
2396New Template Packs!michiel8141,366April 27th 2012
2397New TemplatesBackflipboy1-1032 months ago
2398New to Bluff Titlerlmpguy3-650December 22nd 2010
2399new tool windowmaitegras72867January 13th 2012
2400new versionmaitegras2-557May 28th 2011
2401New Video IntrosJimH0-1,853August 15th 2010
2402New YearBragina641,798February 25th 2010
2403new yearthethbac0-1263 months ago
2404NEW YEAR 2014Dani155984 months ago
2405New Year Clock - Fixed showDaveH361642 days ago
2406NEW YEAR SHOW.Dani0-2594 months ago
2407NEW YEAR SHOW.Dani0-4174 months ago
2408Newbie having trouble alreadyEYELENE4-355May 3rd 2013
2409NEWBIE HELP PLEASEdavetherave2-682August 22nd 2011
2410Newbie here again....love2bgigi2-824April 21st 2010
2411Newbie to know whi...ece3k1-783March 29th 2010
2412News Channelernst5258,128February 2nd 2006
2413News PackRTome232065 months ago
2414NEWS Readers_ DEMO SHOWDani573032 weeks ago
2415NEWS STUDIODani27407August 19th 2013
2416News TVsinus30028553June 14th 2013
2417News v.1sinus30064270October 15th 2013
2418News v.2sinus30097503October 15th 2013
2419NewSketchcarlo322,801March 28th 2007
2420Newspaper tumbling in the skymichiel345,536August 22nd 2007
2421Newton Fractal Effectmichiel0-1,321June 4th 2009
2422NEXT 24 h´s castCarlos Marques110943March 23rd 2012
2423NEXT 24- h´s 4CastCarlos Marques181,029April 20th 2012
2424Next update?BillyJack11-672March 14th 2012
2425Next versionmichiel1281,317August 5th 2011
2426NEXT VERSIONDani842542 months ago
2427nexusCarlos Marques9131,585October 4th 2011
2428Night MotionCarlos Marques221,255February 15th 2011
2429Night of the voodoo zombiesmichiel0-3,971October 15th 2006
2430Nihon Shotokan Karate Federation 23rd 2011
2431NLE, what software to use?Wowbagger11-882August 4th 2010
2432No Alpha chanel with Video compress...ramman5-1,040September 3rd 2009
2433NO Exportingmichelle7-868July 5th 2010
2434NO RETREAT!IntroChamp582551 month ago
2435No wingdings?Per1-893October 29th 2009
2436Noche de Brujaspersiana3101751 month ago
2437Noise around edges on uncompressed ...epontbriand8-691January 4th 2012
2438NoName v1 Abstractsinus30024562April 6th 2013
2439NoName v2 Abstractsinus3000-474April 6th 2013
2440NoName v3 Abstractsinus3000-431April 6th 2013
2441NoName v4 Abstractsinus30036647April 6th 2013
2442NoName v5 Abstractsinus3000-760April 6th 2013
2443noria de fotos blufftitlermichiel1032,574August 22nd 2009
2444Norton Internet Security Problemmichiel3-887March 21st 2009
2445Nostalgia Time...amiga4-3,065July 29th 2009
2446Nostalgiesinus300685205 months ago
2447Not an Ugly ducklingYousef924,254November 28th 2009
2448Not sure if this has been created o...CAnn11-1,289October 28th 2009
2449Notecrackermichiel778,256July 16th 2006
2450Notifications on a threadPer1-449November 7th 2011
2451Nouvelle commande "Coup de pinceau"adrien60211251 month ago
2452Novice: Some very basic queriesterrypin6-532January 14th 2012
2453NovosibirskBragina651,440June 26th 2011
2454NTD - CMCarlos Marques0-958December 30th 2011
2455Nuclear Disco BallPixelpanther0-3032 months ago
2456Nuevo foro sobre BluffTitlermichiel423,073August 24th 2008
2457Number of particlesmichiel1-401November 4th 2012
2458Numbered Sequence Texture?misterbrains1-681 month ago
2459NuvoCarlos Marques291,030January 4th 2012
2460Obesity Effectmichiel361,171January 20th 2012
2461Object Rotation Question??jmarkt7-2513 months ago
2462Odometermichiel8106924 months ago
2463ODOMETER SHOWDani253624 months ago
2464OK What am I doing wrong?BillyJack1-480April 14th 2012
2465Old CraneUlli22921January 7th 2012
2466Olympic Games 2008 EPS Logomichiel136,687July 6th 2008
2467ON THE ROOFS OF PARISvincent872,001March 27th 2010
2468On_FireCarlos Marques76605May 1st 2013
2469One last question for the day, I pr...2da4est2-1172 months ago
2470Online Photo Browsermichiel147,479February 2nd 2007
2471ONLY FOR YOU SHOW FREE.Dani14121,2293 months ago
2472ONYXLostBoyz55697January 12th 2013
2473Oops I'm back to DEMO MODEBillyJack4-847February 18th 2011
2474Opening downloaded filesLendic6-617January 13th 2011
2475Optimized Lightingmichiel0-2,687May 2nd 2006
2476Organic Framemichiel212,202August 6th 2007
2477ORIGAMIcrispin41559April 17th 2013
2478Original 3D splinesapown3-429March 1st 2013
2479Ornamental decorationsmichiel1693,140October 21st 2010
2480Orpheus in the Underworldsinus300571,307April 2nd 2012
2481Oscar awardsLostBoyz0-1,054August 15th 2012
2482Oscars Introbylaw522,130July 21st 2010
2483OstergrusUlli732,251April 8th 2007
2484OT: Your upgrade procedure is not w...terrypin6-1621 month ago
2485Our holiday on Dantooinemichiel443,254February 9th 2009
2486Out Of Bounds Text Wipe Effectmichiel115,085December 23rd 2007
2487Out Of Focus Effectmichiel534,634April 25th 2009
2488Outdoor_digitaisCarlos Marques5114325 months ago
2489Outerspace Residencebylaw123,451March 9th 2010
2490OUTERSPACE STATIONvincent6101,293September 21st 2011
2491OUTERSPACE_ STUDIO.Dani0-2372 months ago
2492Outlines Filter Effectmichiel0-1,867February 14th 2007
2493Output Field Setting Missing for Bl...Changa3-1051 month ago
2494Overhauser SplineTom K4-976June 14th 2009
2495Overhauser Splinejaymac422-539March 29th 2012
2496OverlayUlli132,411October 19th 2006
2497Page Curl Effectmichiel825,231September 25th 2008
2498Page Flipper Effectmichiel7111,583June 24th 2013
2499Page/ScenesAde1-618March 9th 2011
2500Paint Ball PartyDaveH36953July 26th 2012
2501PAINT_DROPS SHOW.Dani362362 months ago
2502Paintersmichiel372820,698May 15th 2007
2503PaintingUlli211,974February 14th 2007
2504PAL DVD Widescreen Not Widescreenjimgo1-918June 29th 2009
2505Paramount Pictures intromrbernd3-561October 16th 2012
2506Paramount-fanfares . parodymaitegras362,061December 11th 2011
2507ParanoiaLostBoyz149510September 29th 2013
2508Pardise Studios introDani23310August 20th 2013
2509Parlez-vous Français?michiel41570August 6th 2013
2510Partical shapedericktrotter3-385November 5th 2012
2511particleGurmeet3-642November 16th 2010
2512particle color2da4est2-931 month ago
2513Particle Colour effect.Yousef1044,028December 25th 2009
2514Particle Dissolve show.Dani431735 days ago
2515Particle Dissolve TestUlli383145 days ago
2516Particle efxpaskuale1-299 hours ago
2517particle ideas2ids2-672March 10th 2011
2518Particle Kaleidoscopemichiel253,913April 14th 2007
2519Particle Mosaicmichiel182,749December 2nd 2011
2520Particle movement methodsYousef414,039January 1st 2010
2521Particle Pipesmichiel263,799February 20th 2012
2522Particle Plasmamichiel0-3,537May 23rd 2009
2523Particle Question?jmarkt5-1271 month ago
2524Particle Sprayermichiel543,284May 7th 2006
2525Particle Starsmichiel486,290December 8th 2011
2526particle texternst476,245March 23rd 2006
2527Particle texture (sequence of image...bylaw2-995April 1st 2009
2528Particle TipsPixelpanther332042 months ago
2529Particle Trace SolutionBillyJack362791 month ago
2530Particle Tunnelmichiel375,693May 18th 2007
2531Particle_dissolve show.Dani14495 hours ago
2532ParticlesCarlos Marques1086292 months ago
2533Particles & HarmonographPixelpanther6-1622 months ago
2534Particles and PlasmasEYELENE1-282May 7th 2013
2535Particles are messed uphtdewitt1-372February 25th 2013
2536Particles won't openshani1-1,219March 8th 2009
2537PartyCarlos Marques77396October 2nd 2013
2538PartyCarlos Marques94375October 3rd 2013
2539Party Invitationbix382,606February 8th 2006
2540PARTY PRESENTSCarlos Marques14334October 4th 2013
2541Party silhouettesmichiel791,390September 18th 2013
2542Pase fotos-Feliz Navidadpersiana264265 months ago
2543Pase fotos-Plataforma orbitalpersiana79558September 3rd 2013
2544PATRIOT USAIntroChamp26855June 13th 2012
2545pedaso de estructura sola en xchespi6500-858May 23rd 2012
2546pegasus 3dmaitegras441,454September 15th 2010
2547Pendulummichiel552,945January 27th 2012
2548PERFORATED GRIDsebouze772,089September 2nd 2011
2549Peristaltic Pumpmichiel323,000February 8th 2007
2550person movement fx.maitegras30842June 7th 2011
2551pham anh tuanducbc1-1081 month ago
2552PHILIPS AmbilightCarlos Marques351,344December 30th 2011
2553Phong Shadermichiel0-3,266August 17th 2006
2554Photo albumFourfingers1-963 weeks ago
2555Photo exhibitmufasaxx4-614December 20th 2011
2556Photo Extrusionjaymac427-1,194October 2nd 2009
2557Photo Frame Showliuyongcai2122972 months ago
2558Photo GalleryCarlos Marques5131,700December 22nd 2011
2559photo gallery 3dmaitegras241,765February 25th 2010
2560photo presentationmaitegras811967February 11th 2013
2561photo SlideCarlos Marques472,342December 30th 2011
2562Photodex ProShow Producermichiel733,044October 25th 2008
2563PhotoGallery 02agpvn583071 month ago
2564Photos on the wallBragina462,019October 24th 2010
2565PhuthanhLED Introagpvn341,421October 24th 2011
2566Picture Backgroundmaxste501,487December 30th 2008
2567picture effect cube 1 with 6 pict.Eddy211,091May 29th 2009
2568Picture layer croppingPer3-955August 23rd 2009
2569Picture Layer Effectsernst242,854April 4th 2007
2570picture or video layersdgk2-1,278December 18th 2008
2571Picture with depthmichiel613,592November 26th 2007
2572Pie Chart for IBMediamarvin781,041July 3rd 2012
2573Pinballvincent654,088April 7th 2008
2574PinboardUlli945,270August 4th 2007
2575Pinnacle studio usersTyl6-1,094July 28th 2011
2576PIRAMIDE CREADA CON BLUFFTITLERchespi650241,093April 16th 2012
2577PIRATAS DE BLUFF TITLERJOSE LUIS243,872September 23rd 2009
2578Pivot Point of an X objectbylaw1-793March 3rd 2010
2579Pixar Intro ClipLeeia4-1,024November 19th 2009
2580Pixel Beamsmichiel853,182January 9th 2007
2581Pixel Coordinatesmichiel4-1,075February 25th 2010
2582Pixel Linesmichiel0-1,491August 21st 2008
2583Plain Titlemichiel232,538April 3rd 2006
2584Plane TransitionDeanO11236,845February 2nd 2006
2585Plane2CubeReflectiveFloor.fx Possib...Dani5-2895 months ago
2586plane2roll in model (x.)maitegras13-589August 14th 2012
2587Plane2Roll.fx ProblemLostBoyz2-620November 15th 2010
2588Plane2Roll.fx with 2 texturesmaitegras71783December 28th 2011
2589Planet Bixmichiel0-4,372April 22nd 2009
2590Planet Of The Dead Spoofmichiel112,138January 27th 2009
2591Planet size comparisonPeteK531,389February 18th 2011
2592Planet size comparisonPeteK0-432September 15th 2012
2593planisphère to sphèreguycor3-595March 13th 2012
2594Plasma circlesVirtual DarKness4-615August 21st 2011
2595Plasma Cubemichiel856,809September 19th 2010
2596Plasma transparencyramman14-1,150September 29th 2009
2597plastic textureDDSsebouze271,338September 15th 2011
2598Plataformas giratoriaspersiana46328September 8th 2013
2599Platonic Starsmichiel183,253November 11th 2006
2600Play Listjoseburgos5-915April 4th 2010
2601Play or Download "Show"etvonhome12-1,020November 2nd 2010
2602Play several BluffTitler shows in s...michiel154,549February 3rd 2008
2603play show, browse show, etcDick311,087March 26th 2009
2604PLAY VIDEO AT A SPECIFIED TIME?agpvn223263 months ago
2605Playing around with the Traced Pict...IntroChamp473012 months ago
2606Playing with Fire!IntroChamp1291,012April 28th 2013
2607playing with fontsrichard1253,408December 3rd 2006
2608PLAYING WITH FONTS_SHOW21Dani36434September 30th 2013
2609Playing with the SOSA fontTjeb312910October 14th 2012
2610Playlist needs unbelievable time to...henryklein1-738April 29th 2010
2611Playlist Windowmichiel1262,391September 2nd 2009
2612Please add manual mouse drawing to ...SamSaam5-1451 month ago
2613Please add some tips for history pa...SamSaam0-544April 14th 2012
2614Please add these features to Bixela...SamSaam3-1142 months ago
2615Please Add Transparent PNG as stenc...SamSaam3-1431 month ago
2616Please Add two propertiesSamSaam0-562February 14th 2011
2617please helptomi3-903March 23rd 2009
2618please help me michielSamSaam1-654November 14th 2010
2619please make a new fx for this effec...SamSaam2-887June 19th 2011
2620please make a roadmap linkSamSaam4-745August 22nd 2010
2621Please make some new fx effects for...SamSaam21652August 16th 2011
2622Please Say why don't you add Play/S...SamSaam43350May 18th 2013
2623Plug-in to Sony Vegasbylaw811,941July 13th 2011
2624Plugin 3D Radadrien60403,411November 23rd 2010
2625PNG Files don't appear right in Blu...J.Lyric1-260June 20th 2013
2626PNG no transparent informationJohn (ProComGer)6-1951 month ago
2627PNG picturehdijksterhuis1-340December 18th 2012
2628PNG transparency support?Per5-795January 16th 2012
2629Poetry in Musicjaymac423-870September 4th 2009
2630Point LightAlleyoop6-299July 7th 2013
2631Point Light and Models...RRA8-722January 10th 2011
2632Pointillismmichiel0-3,016April 15th 2008
2633Pointillism-Particle-EffectUlli235,503April 17th 2008
2634Pokerjoseburgos213,484June 29th 2009
2635POLITICAL_NEWSDani773163 months ago
2636pool 3dmaitegras431,556October 3rd 2010
2637Popup Cardmichiel224,021April 25th 2008
2638Popup Card with ObjectsUlli0-3,360May 10th 2008
2639Positioningmarvin31380December 4th 2012
2640potrace error in windows xpjoshuadjs2-1,026February 23rd 2010
2641Powerdirector 9 use?wellnow11010-638January 18th 2011
2642Pre-to visualize the fx effectsjeablu7-700November 20th 2010
2643Predefined Movementsrafyperez1-188September 2nd 2013
2644PRESENTACION DE AUDIO Y VIDEO DE SO...chespi6500-424September 28th 2013
2645PRESENTACION DE AUDIO Y VIDEO DE SO...chespi6500-475September 19th 2013
2646PRESENTACION EN VIDEO DE SONIDO PAC...chespi65034465September 10th 2013
2647presentation photomaitegras181,055January 29th 2012
2648Presetsfreezone4-1,603December 18th 2009
2649Presets, Macros, Examples and Demosmichiel422,881July 6th 2008
2650Pretty Cylindersmichiel233,590August 19th 2008
2651Preview different to exported moviestbo7-420April 28th 2013
2652Preview screenSonnetje693-934September 10th 2009
2653Price Tagmichiel622,948March 18th 2009
2654Prickly Pear symmetryYousef1422,995January 24th 2009
2655Primer planopersiana7102242 months ago
2656Problem QuestionLostBoyz5-488July 31st 2012
2657PROBLEM SOLVED, and one quick quest...dgk3-599April 28th 2011
2658problem with blufftitler 8.1virgith3-822September 3rd 2010
2659problem with C shortcut ?vincent2-448July 4th 2012
2660problem with format wmvmartin19754-392July 23rd 2013
2661Probleme de policesgleduc405-410December 10th 2012
2662Problems exporting audiofrankch3-511September 25th 2011
2663Problems Importing With Alpha Chann...jmarkt8-413June 25th 2013
2664Problems with BTAndrewC2-919July 22nd 2009
2665problems with license keyssonidoyarisboys2-1471 month ago
2666Problems with particlesPer0-995March 27th 2009
2667PROCESSORvincent646,526February 3rd 2009
2668Producciones Azchamichiel522,517January 21st 2008
2669Product presentationstor1045,801February 25th 2010
2670Profidancemichiel0-2,843September 28th 2006
2671Program Transferoldman12-926August 12th 2009
2672Prometheus Title IntroPixelpanther765852 months ago
2673PROMO PARA TV SAN JUAN 19 (PERU)julio solano105457October 9th 2013
2674Promo RedeTV! 2010Tony Peppers 3D0-880February 13th 2012
2675PROMO SANJUAN 19 Ijulio solano46223October 5th 2013
2676promotermaitegras3131,290April 29th 2012
2677Promotional Video made with Bluffmarvin36460January 30th 2013
2678Prop Demo for snafuBillyJack72818July 30th 2012
2679Proper Folder Heirarchy??jmarkt4-498March 30th 2012
2680PROSHOWdiver one4-1,018July 21st 2009
2681ProShowJosephG4-502September 8th 2012
2682PSW ASIAN POCKER TOUR 2012agpvn0-564January 24th 2013
2683Psychomichiel845,425November 24th 2007
2684Psycho.fxLostBoyz5-751October 7th 2011
2685Ptoblem with Graphics and imagesmaddis3-390May 31st 2012
2686PumpUlli332,130May 4th 2007
2687Pumpstaco1-2,867February 22nd 2009
2688Purple_text.Dani0-7810 hours ago
2689Pushing the LimitsPixelpanther1064261 month ago
2690Pushing the limits...again :)Pixelpanther583181 month ago
2691PuzzleUlli212,783November 18th 2006
2692Puzzled by default text valuesterrypin2-265May 8th 2013
2693PUZZLED!IntroChamp471431 day ago
2694Q & Qmichiel824,364March 16th 2007
2695Qingdao Night Sceneliuyongcai461,024December 24th 2012
2696QualitySkrenkovic1-384November 7th 2012
2697Quartz Crystal EPSjaymac424-597October 11th 2012
2698Quastion: Post render eventChanga2-1161 month ago
2699questionLostBoyz1-726August 21st 2010
2700Questionrichardf6-789June 5th 2011
2701QuestionCarlos Marques5-696September 11th 2011
2702QuestionLostBoyz21473November 27th 2011
2703QuestionLostBoyz6-472July 29th 2012
2704QuestionLostBoyz4-591July 30th 2012
2705QuestionLostBoyz2-422August 23rd 2012
2706QuestionLostBoyz7-462August 29th 2012
2707QuestionLostBoyz13338 hours ago
2708Question about text layervincent4-352March 24th 2013
2709question about viewportBram41-470October 18th 2011
2710Question concerning turbulent parti...John (ProComGer)8-2072 months ago
2711Question For Billy Jackjmarkt4-761 week ago
2712Question for cool effectJohn (ProComGer)2-1585 months ago
2713Question for Michielsnafu4-1622 months ago
2714Question re: 3D objectsPixelpanther2-1401 month ago
2715Question?LostBoyz3-564May 28th 2011
2716Question?LostBoyz5-564November 28th 2012
2717Question?LostBoyz21338April 17th 2013
2718QUICK DRAWIntroChamp34898June 10th 2012
2719Quicker way for answersdericktrotter21517March 19th 2012
2720QuickTime VR in BluffTitlermichiel201311,666July 21st 2006
2721Radial Meltdown Effectmichiel522,775October 17th 2008
2722Railroad Museummichiel132,635June 9th 2007
2723Rain - Regen - Pluiesinus30059688June 19th 2013
2724Rainbow Plasmamichiel156,600July 13th 2006
2725Rainbow Text Effectmichiel525,053April 15th 2008
2726RainbowText.fxjsoolee8-690February 24th 2012
2727Rainy DayUlli211,919April 25th 2007
2728Raising Sea Levelmichiel332,498May 18th 2007
2729Random anagramsterrypin73550January 14th 2012
2730Randomly playing from a folder of s...terrypin4-567February 29th 2012
2731Ransom Letter Fontmichiel137,254December 1st 2008
2732Re-order layersIBMedia4-578September 10th 2012
2733RE: Request ;) - for westho04amiga415,262July 20th 2009
2734RE: Request?amiga226,747August 20th 2009
2735Ready2go Inspired Show.Dani253603 months ago
2736Realismmarvin37540May 27th 2012
2737Rearrange layer position?Per5-638January 13th 2012
2738rearrange layersjnossin1-601February 26th 2011
2739Reason For The Season.Dani233664 months ago
2740Recording details of current config...terrypin7-511February 25th 2012
2741recording projectsmaitegras3-1,020May 9th 2010
2742Red Barmichiel422,823January 23rd 2009
2743Red Boxmichiel0-5,233March 23rd 2007
2744Red Carpet Roll-OutRyTom21222,093November 1st 2006
2745RED CARPET SHOW.Dani763661 month ago
2746RED GLOBE_NEWS SHOWDani492271 month ago
2747Red Glowmichiel3-4,300October 2nd 2010
2748Red Horse (Miro) Abstractsinus30045825March 24th 2012
2749RED LOGO SHOWDani773032 months ago
2750Red Mayliuyongcai191881 week ago
2751Red RoomUlli712,231April 15th 2007
2752Redesign Websitemichiel89805June 4th 2013
2753REDETV NEWSCarlos Marques0-1,544February 17th 2011
2754Reel 2 ReelBillyJack361,475April 4th 2012
2755Reel of Filmmichiel201519,993December 29th 2006
2756ReelOfFilm.fx and Plane2Roll.fxDani1-3021 month ago
2757Refining EPS files using potraceBillyJack4-608September 14th 2012
2758Reflection Mapping Effect produces ...NFAToys2-1,021June 24th 2009
2759Reflection Property to "Volume_Extr...IntroChamp2-819March 16th 2012
2760Reflection RotatingSlices.fxLostBoyz4-720January 25th 2011
2761Reflectionmapping with video textur...michiel4-2,144May 28th 2009
2762Reflective_Floor_Bender.fx?frankch3-609September 14th 2011
2763ReflectiveFloor_BumpMap.fxmichiel1564,372September 1st 2012
2764ReflectiveFloor_BumpMap.fx!!!IntroChamp941,006September 7th 2012
2765ReflectiveFloor_ReflectionMap Addit...LostBoyz61554January 6th 2013
2766Regen - Rain 2sinus3000-592June 21st 2013
2767REINFORCEMENTSIntroChamp34710March 1st 2013
2768ReligionLostBoyz0-878October 25th 2012
2769Reload Dynamic Contentschmidde783-423January 11th 2013
2770RELOADED SHOWSvincent921,036February 2nd 2010
2771Remove all keysmarvin51405November 26th 2012
2772Render bug with new version?Per2-482October 18th 2011
2773Render single layerIBMedia6-488May 21st 2012
2774Render your lunch with the voxel la...michiel581,701June 11th 2012
2775Rendering times in Blufftitlerdgk5-997June 25th 2011
2776Rendering Visible Layersjaymac423-982January 11th 2010
2777RENDERONCarlos Marques472,186June 24th 2011
2778Repeat last action with CTL-YDaveH4-879July 20th 2009
2779Request :)westho040-891July 18th 2009
2780Request Samba soul reflection fxLostBoyz4-480March 4th 2012
2781Request: BlufftitlerPer7-1,065March 18th 2009
2782Request: Command line renderingPer5-1,060April 16th 2009
2783Request: Particle Deflector Assign ...Changa7-2343 months ago
2784Request?westho040-849August 18th 2009
2785Requests for future version of Bluf...Per6-605September 22nd 2011
2786Resolution in BixelangeloJeep356-973 weeks ago
2787Resolution vs. rendering CODEC.ramman2-1,094October 6th 2009
2788ReverseSibelius1-1071 month ago
2789Revolved Fontsmichiel943,263March 12th 2006
2790RIBBONJesus22387August 20th 2013
2791Ringsmichiel1179563 months ago
2792Rippling Reflective Watermichiel1024,445May 15th 2006
2793Robopicturemaitegras0-1,021April 29th 2012
2794robot-image 2maitegras710796January 10th 2013
2795Rock from USApugsly17627February 2nd 2012
2796Roll2Plane_WavingFlagBillyJack1-822 weeks ago
2797Rollercoaster mal anders - differen...sinus30055499July 3rd 2013
2798Room 3DBragina12142,388February 15th 2010
2799Room GlowCarlos Marques47378September 6th 2013
2800Room LogoCarlos Marques392382 months ago
2801room+columnmaitegras24990December 22nd 2011
2802Roquenublo's Cachejaymac420-1,531October 6th 2009
2803rotate slider (dir: & xml)maitegras3121,079August 26th 2012
2804Rotate with Container feature reque...Pixelpanther4-1201 month ago
2805Rotating Discs Filter Effectmichiel112,036April 10th 2008
2806Rotating glintstbo6-693March 8th 2011
2807Rotating Phonemichiel1254,384March 26th 2009
2808Rotating Spiralsmichiel0-2,327October 22nd 2006
2809Rotating Text Around GlobeEddie4-942May 11th 2011
2810rotationsnafu2-413July 30th 2012
2811ROTATION CENTRE in CONTAINER ?agpvn431683 months ago
2812Rotation of a Container???jmarkt3-1282 months ago
2813Rotation pbsaby3-914August 5th 2009
2814Rotation Questionjmarkt4-691December 2nd 2010
2815Rotation Wipemichiel143,551November 20th 2009
2816ROTATIVE REFLECTION TEXTURESvincent442,241October 10th 2010
2817Round Railsmichiel344,549October 30th 2010
2818Round RoomUlli222,209February 1st 2007
2819rows and rows and rowstaco322,844February 16th 2009
2820Royalty Free MusicIBMedia6-743October 21st 2011
2821RSS CUBEmichiel2-4,806December 20th 2009
2822RSS feed readermichiel234,876October 4th 2010
2823RSS News Feed Reader NU.nlmichiel136,572September 12th 2007
2824RSS News Feed Reader NYTimes.commichiel0-7,098September 12th 2007
2825Russianmichiel0-2,565April 3rd 2006
2826Russian User Guide PDFmichiel0-4,308September 7th 2007
2827S.A PRODUCTION - FREECarlos Marques0-1,185October 18th 2011
2828Safe TravelsBillyJack392221 week ago
2829SailingUlli263,150March 5th 2006
2830Sailing experienceorlando604,545February 23rd 2009
2831SALA COM TV 3DCarlos Marques0-1,424February 17th 2011
2832Sala de controlpersiana16313September 18th 2013
2833Sale?arturost0-360January 6th 2013
2834Salsea con Erkupersiana24288October 22nd 2013
2835Saludoslinea_abierta2-253June 21st 2013
2836Samba Soulmichiel336,134April 15th 2008
2837San Valentín 2014persiana341712 months ago
2838Sand Drawingmichiel263183 weeks ago
2839Santa ClausUlli162,466December 3rd 2006
2840Santa Claus dancesinus30018736December 21st 2012
2841Santa Claus is singing jingle bellssinus3000-1,299November 17th 2011
2842Sao Paulo Football Club.Carlos Marques0-1,104December 7th 2011
2843satellite tracking in roadmaitegras0-626June 13th 2011
2844Satellitesmichiel293,993February 10th 2006
2845Satellitesjmarkt0-3,894November 29th 2006
2846saveing show and sharesami2-541August 19th 2011
2847SAVING A CONTAINERfootpaw1-833July 25th 2010
2848Saving display settings?...viddy2-691February 24th 2011
2849SAVIOR IS BORNDani1478844 months ago
2850SC INTRODani45322August 19th 2013
2851SCANLINE FXvincent5111,020May 18th 2012
2852Scanlines Effectmichiel142,307March 13th 2011
2853Schindler's List Effectmichiel412,111April 20th 2007
2854Sci Fi Openermaitegras192,491March 24th 2013
2855Science Titlejoseburgos0-3,533June 29th 2009
2856SCIENTIFIC SATELLITE.NETjulio solano96596October 16th 2013
2857SCIENTIFIC SATELLITE.NET 2julio solano64435October 16th 2013
2858Score Flipper Effectmichiel1066,057August 10th 2009
2859Scoreflipper.fx effectjeablu4-924April 6th 2010
2860Scrabblemichiel1832,865April 3rd 2012
2861Scrabble Tilesernst0-2,526April 4th 2007
2862Scroller layerstbo3-661December 4th 2010
2863scroller no restart?Itzamna1-618January 23rd 2011
2864Scroller Staircasemichiel342,974August 10th 2009
2865Scrolling Silhouette BannerJimH505,933December 15th 2008
2866scrolling textgeorgo1-259August 13th 2013
2867Sea of cloudsvincent775,524March 24th 2008
2868Searching for questionsstbo2-233June 24th 2013
2869Secound AskLostBoyz2-633April 30th 2011
2870Select DirectShow Encoder FilterDolly3-1,130November 18th 2010
2871Selecting 1280x720 / 1920x1080 alwa...Rikki1-911March 27th 2009
2872Sensory images Hallliuyongcai393471 month ago
2873SERIAC Festival 2008 Promomichiel282,653October 1st 2007
2874Set Default FontIBMedia61505June 17th 2012
2875Set Show Duration - Menu Buttons Gr...Bob W.4-661January 31st 2011
2876Set Text AngleIBMedia6-660October 16th 2011
2877Set the stage for their own fontsliuyongcai7105311 month ago
2878Setting a key FrameBillyJack5-800December 20th 2010
2879Setting KEY times manaullyIBMedia2-508October 18th 2011
2880setting keysmrbernd1-2155 months ago
2881Setting the 'depth' of text?terrypin2-574February 27th 2012
2882Settings > Low, Normal and High Qua...Per8-923February 26th 2010
2883Sevensheaven animated bitmap fontmichiel635,100February 22nd 2009
2884Shadow Mapmichiel0-3,183March 29th 2009
2885Shadow Writingmichiel0-2,292June 22nd 2009
2886SHADOW_DOWLOAD FREE.Dani996511 month ago
2887Shadows and typeball fxfrankch1-538July 23rd 2012
2888Shaker Effectmichiel361,273April 19th 2012
2889Shanghai boothliuyongcai56609June 4th 2013
2890Sharing my SPOTLIGHT ModelIntroChamp11101,631May 15th 2012
2891Sharing My SUNGLASSES ModelIntroChamp77921May 17th 2012
2892Sharing ShowsBillyJack1-1291 month ago
2893Shield - BTCarlos Marques0-1,007September 28th 2012
2894Shimmering Sun EffectBob W.3-703February 5th 2012
2895Shine StarCarlos Marques17551March 21st 2013
2896Shine_Red2Carlos Marques88795March 20th 2013
2897SHINES IN THE WORLDJesus810410August 5th 2013
2898Shiney Metallic Gold TextureBob W.4-718January 29th 2012
2899Shiny Decorationsmichiel183,708May 29th 2006
2900ShowCarlos Marques99522October 19th 2013
2901SHOW CM1Carlos Marques0-3754 months ago
2902SHOW DE LOGOS CON NENAS DEL SR roqu...chespi650191,012February 17th 2013
2903Show demo CAMARO SSTony Peppers 3D471,030March 9th 2012
2904Show files for 8-miunte demo reelstbo1-654May 29th 2011
2905Show Files for the ExamplesIBMedia4-584October 13th 2011
2906show in showmaitegras701,693January 26th 2010
2907Show IntroBillyJack641,775August 12th 2010
2908Show Merge - Merged content is dupl...IBMedia5-502July 3rd 2012
2909Show offs in the Gallerysnafu5-330September 12th 2013
2910Show OpenerDani0-3314 months ago
2911Show TitlerCarlos Marques311453October 17th 2013
2912Show View PercentageIBMedia3-379May 24th 2013
2913Show View PercentagesIBMedia21469May 30th 2012
2914Show_C3Carlos Marques352312 months ago
2915Showermichiel145,029July 22nd 2009
2916shows afspelen op tabletEDW1-383January 8th 2013
2917Signpostmichiel312,244May 18th 2007
2918Silent audio layer after encoding ?Apolinaire8-1611 month ago
2919Siluetaspersiana46238September 6th 2013
2920Simple Ad Proof for a Digital Signa...EverettM231743 months ago
2921Simple Ad Proof for another Digital...EverettM231983 months ago
2922Simple and Subtlejmarkt242,503October 24th 2006
2923Simple glinting text?terrypin2-489March 9th 2012
2924Simplest way to do this?terrypin6-519March 26th 2012
2925Simulate Police Lights on a Backgro...schmidde784-1,165June 25th 2009
2926Simulated Materials shows/light set...Elect12-838August 27th 2010
2927Simulation of two_camera_system in ...RRA11-1,165March 16th 2010
2928Single light beam and flashpapabear3-889September 2nd 2010
2929single or theme download?erikger0-1,482March 22nd 2007
2930SinnenInvasion -SpiderInvasionsinus30017564February 8th 2013
2931SINUS300 SHOW.Dani75357October 24th 2013
2932Size of Reflected ImageBob W.1-597February 20th 2012
2933SketchDonP3-354March 6th 2013
2934Sketch Bookmichiel0-2,904September 28th 2006
2935Sketch Demoasterix0-1,941January 9th 2011
2936Sketch Effectsultra4-1,083November 13th 2010
2937Sketch Flames Effectmichiel554,985June 20th 2011
2938SKETCH MECHANISMvincent362,022September 28th 2010
2939Sketch Textlifechip1-685November 23rd 2010
2940Sketch_Text.fxwalgu0-1,050October 9th 2011
2941Sketch--attached layers "point up" ...TheChad1-503October 19th 2011
2942Sketch, Scratch and Hatchmichiel533,810September 22nd 2006
2943Sketcher Experimentsmichiel1584,678August 29th 2006
2944Sketchmap particle edge effectsPer11483February 15th 2012
2945sketchmap_bendermaitegras111,702May 16th 2010
2946Sketchup3d Model - Mixer 2rudemartini541,610October 5th 2011
2947SKKHongVan Introagpvn0-718October 24th 2011
2948Skull Model x calaca en xchespi65045730February 17th 2013
2949SKY FALLIntroChamp592983 weeks ago
2950SkyBox Samplesinus300131,543April 3rd 2012
2951Slice and WipeIBMedia131676August 13th 2012
2952Slice and WipeIBMedia1351,202September 29th 2012
2953Slicesmichiel732,005February 18th 2010
2954Slidewalgu0-650November 16th 2012
2955Slide Citymichiel133,796September 14th 2010
2956slide exitmaitegras231,173May 1st 2011
2957Slide showwalgu14585May 3rd 2013
2958Slide show ideaDaveH28955September 2nd 2012
2959Slideshowwalgu361,035October 3rd 2011
2960SLideshow stops when inserting a ne...henryklein2-703April 29th 2010
2961Slideshow Toolmichiel2562,908October 22nd 2012
2962Slingshotmichiel1953,843February 8th 2012
2963Slow and choppymichiel1-394November 5th 2012
2964SLOWCLOUDS (for mufasaxx)vincent162,020June 24th 2010
2965Smart Normal normalmapperlesdodds6-735September 7th 2012
2966Smileylampion152,528April 9th 2006
2967SmileyUlli511,954February 11th 2007
2968Smoke and Firemichiel132,681November 30th 2006
2969Smoke Effect??jmarkt6-528July 9th 2012
2970Smokin' Textjaymac425-977April 1st 2010
2971Smooth "fade away" effect as object...rustyjames1-929August 25th 2010
2972Smooth looking in Bluff but jerky m...Rikki7-1,173March 27th 2009
2973snafu Text RequestBillyJack422423 weeks ago
2974SNAFU_ SHOW by DANIDani65483September 12th 2013
2975Snow EffectDeanO6134,719April 4th 2006
2976Snow frames?Per21612December 8th 2011
2977Snow FXjmarkt2-800December 1st 2010
2978Snow particles that glowDanoo1-2135 months ago
2979SnowglobeUlli455,138December 9th 2007
2980Snowy-Tree-Bitmap-FontUlli542,000December 6th 2008
2981So what's the best way to do bar ch...Per10-1,201August 5th 2009
2982Soccer Ball Texturemichiel131017,246June 7th 2006
2983SodaXarquS1074,606November 28th 2008
2984Soft Shadows - Wow.JimH221,511February 12th 2010
2985SOFTNESS SHADOWagpvn431723 months ago
2986solar systemmaitegras251,635October 12th 2010
2987SOLICITUD DE AYUDAJOSE LUIS1-1,454September 8th 2009
2988SOLICITUD DE AYUDAJOSE LUIS5-1,014September 19th 2009
2989Some IdeasSamSaam1-335February 21st 2013
2990Some Like It HotBillyJack361702 days ago
2991Some text properties dont worktaucher19452-1,056February 26th 2009
2992Someone talentedwestho040-875June 13th 2009
2993Something Simple...IntroChamp38610March 20th 2013
2994Sometimes the simplest ones create ...matty324,630December 8th 2009
2995Sony Vegas Pro 10 - How to buy at a...Wowbagger7-1,202February 21st 2011
2996sound (wav)maitegras10-664September 5th 2012
2997Sound layerLittlebit0-466June 24th 2012
2998Sound..boothferrylegend1-985May 14th 2009
2999Space Fantasysinus30087753May 30th 2013
3000Space Fantasy 2sinus30024696June 1st 2013
3001Space Invadersvincent604,168March 1st 2009
3002Space satelliteliuyongcai182223 weeks ago
3003Spanish translations V11maitegras363661 month ago
3004Sparkle Texture Generatormichiel0-6,136June 29th 2009
3005sparkles only shine when hit by lig...mrbernd5-2935 months ago
3006Sparkling Photomichiel332,822April 20th 2007
3007Spawning Pipe EffectsPixelpanther453622 months ago
3008SPEAKER MODEL INTROCHAMP TANKSchespi65025466April 15th 2013
3009Speaking SunflowerUlli0-3,547May 12th 2008
3010SPECIAL MUSIC INSTRUMENTSvincent1562,550February 17th 2010
3011Specularity Propertymichiel612,496June 25th 2010
3012SpeedCam modelTjeb0-600June 4th 2013
3013sphare animationmaitegras25681January 18th 2013
3014Spheres Filter Effectmichiel0-1,916February 14th 2007
3015SpiegelUlli643,360August 6th 2006
3016Spinning a 3D modeldckbnfld2-516March 18th 2012
3017Spinny StuffPixelpanther663482 months ago
3018Spiral Sphere 3D Sketchmichiel3105,001February 19th 2012
3019Splattersmichiel223,734September 25th 2010
3020SplinesJackWhite1-929October 19th 2009
3021SplinesBald Runner1-291June 3rd 2013
3022Split Effectmichiel512,124April 4th 2008
3023Splitting texts horizontallymarvin173802 weeks ago
3024Spongymichiel143,258May 19th 2011
3025SPORT NEWS intro.Dani14439August 21st 2013
3026Sport Pack.Wowbagger231,131December 26th 2009
3027SPORT TVmaitegras0-1,219October 22nd 2011
3028Sportlight - Limelight ShowCarlos Marques27888August 29th 2012
3029Sports and Sporty Students (video)Oleg Loshchagin571,457November 13th 2012
3030SPORTS NEWS.Dani33353October 6th 2013
3031Sportstadt Düsseldorfsinus3000-759March 24th 2012
3032Spot Light Effectmichaeljennings1-2105 months ago
3033Spotlight effectsTom K1-844November 22nd 2011
3034Spraycanmichiel241,944May 1st 2007
3035SprayerUlli442,585May 6th 2006
3036Spring greetingsorlando131,684April 21st 2010
3037Springtime Frühling de Printemps ...sinus300772661 month ago
3038Squashed textJackWhite5-858May 19th 2011
3039Stack of Lettersmichiel0-4,115March 17th 2008
3040Stack of Photosmichiel1253,971May 10th 2007
3041Standard Installation Effectsdckbnfld3-486March 17th 2012
3042StarUlli312,634September 20th 2006
3043starCarlos Marques0-1,446March 13th 2011
3044STAR 3D 8 POINTS EPSjulio solano432921 month ago
3045Star Effectmichiel771,053September 20th 2013
3046Star Kaleidoscopedvsprite221,537January 17th 2011
3047STAR LIVECarlos Marques3113112 months ago
3048STAR STUDDEDIntroChamp494163 months ago
3049STAR STUDDED - MOONLIGHTIntroChamp451952 weeks ago
3050Star thematic studioliuyongcai393252 months ago
3051Star v1sinus300117857July 29th 2013
3052Star v2sinus30069715July 29th 2013
3053Star Wars Effectbix141621,765February 1st 2006
3054Star Wars scroller with twinkling s...michiel566,290May 22nd 2008
3055STAR with SUPER SOFTWARE BT.Dani783172 months ago
3056Star.fx_show.Dani153665 months ago
3057STARDOMIntroChamp0-856July 1st 2012
3058StardustUlli522,818April 22nd 2007
3059STARLUX VIDEO INTROIntroChamp591,251August 23rd 2013
3060Stars - animated Bitmap FontUlli123,764May 26th 2009
3061Stars in mathsketchYousef431,821June 6th 2010
3062Stereo logo example animationmichiel10618,228November 6th 2006
3063Stereoscopic Titlesangelocer6-936October 1st 2011
3064Sticky Notesjmarkt242,909November 28th 2006
3065Still having probs with audio expor...frankch8-723April 12th 2012
3066Still just a period (.)BillyJack22905October 12th 2012
3067Still Title's Backgroundpkay1-356October 21st 2012
3068Stopping a VideoEverettM131594August 3rd 2012
3069Storing filesPer5-867June 6th 2009
3070Strange border when exporting with ...michiel0-867April 13th 2012
3071STRATOCASTER FENDER GUITARvincent1142,148August 16th 2010
3072Strawberry Bumpmapmichiel112,317July 7th 2008
3073Stretchingmichiel123,177July 2nd 2008
3074Stripestaco0-2,584February 12th 2009
3075Stripes 02taco2-2,366February 14th 2009 to BTRonO3-294June 13th 2013
3077Studio Productionstudiolike225872 months ago
3078Stuff that disappearsPer5-668November 29th 2011
3079STYLE STARIntroChamp141,058January 26th 2012
3080sub-containermaitegras3-650January 25th 2011
3081Sublayersstbo3-729October 12th 2010
3082Submodel propertymichiel831,488March 9th 2010
3083Subtitle with its audio in syncjsoolee3-413October 18th 2012
3084Subtle Materialsmichiel0-2,512August 6th 2007
3085Suggestion???jmarkt2-598April 18th 2012
3086Suggestions for Creating 3D Logos f...Lancer711,882June 12th 2009
3087Suggestions for next upgrade versio...ramman5-928September 2nd 2009
3088Sunflower MirrorsYousef0-3,810February 3rd 2009
3089Super bright!!!michiel136,354July 2nd 2008
3090Super Gradient Effectmichiel131,144January 27th 2012
3091Super Neonmichiel594,925March 12th 2006
3092Super Novamichiel575,259January 25th 2012
3093Super shiny cubemapmichiel1435,005October 13th 2010
3094Super Smoke Streammichiel583,552July 10th 2012
3095Super smooth scrollers with bitmap ...michiel754,150February 9th 2009
3096SUPER STARCarlos Marques282302 months ago
3097SUPER STAR SHOW.Dani453092 months ago
3098Superbixmichiel487,328June 17th 2009
3099Support For Farsi And Arabic Fontsdr_bernie3-1,221April 11th 2009
3100surface windows8 animation testmaitegras17868August 16th 2012
3101Surfin' Bixjmarkt373,840December 20th 2006
3102Sweet Decorationmichiel591,377August 5th 2013
3103Swimwear Expoliuyongcai2102891 month ago
3104Swirl Effectmichiel312,572August 25th 2009
3105Swiss Cheesebix0-3,294March 15th 2006
3106Switching between video and picture...Sibelius5-648May 14th 2011
3107Swivel imagemaitegras1377,463February 16th 2010
3108Symmetrical PuzzleBillyJack0-1,165October 24th 2011
3109sympathetic wheelmaitegras171,306May 20th 2011
3110syncing start of video layerfrankch7-786July 12th 2011
3111T2S Mobile supports BluffTitlermichiel7-1,753December 2nd 2010
3112Tabsmarvin1-941 month ago
3113Tags for articles and questionsIBMedia3-439July 6th 2012
3114Talking Crocksmichiel132,835March 7th 2006
3115Tangent Lines Extendeddvsprite213,120October 22nd 2010
3116Tạo chất liệu kim loại trong Blufft...michiel211,605July 6th 2011
3117TARDISmichiel234,722June 11th 2009
3118TARDIS Modeltardis591-1,427June 8th 2009
3119Target Omichiel273,835February 2nd 2006
3120Target O- text flying through an O ...Dolly5-738November 27th 2010
3121TD-1liuyongcai172492 weeks ago
3122TD-2liuyongcai282641 week ago
3123TD-3liuyongcai0-1416 days ago
3124TDRmichiel0-194August 29th 2013
3125Tea Timejmarkt162,274November 13th 2006
3126Technical Advice Needed - Please!jmarkt14-1961 month ago
3127technology in the imaginationmaitegras1081,262October 20th 2011
3128Techo Fotográficopersiana442513 months ago
3129Teletype effect with cursormichiel14938November 18th 2011
3130TelevisaCarlos Marques161,054September 27th 2011
3131televisionCarlos Marques0-1,069January 31st 2012
3132television monitordckbnfld0-444April 4th 2012
3133Telugu Movies NowDani47554August 8th 2013
3134template I need helppourmoi14-1522 months ago
3135Template No19 from BixPack Ornament...RRA3-1,498June 9th 2011
3136Terminator 5ernst176,531February 24th 2006
3137Terminator-Style Starfield DVD Intr...agentorange626,772October 27th 2008
3138Terry Effectmichiel65968June 29th 2013
3139Testing BluffTitler on Windows 8michiel451,532June 7th 2012
3140Testing DepthBuffer.fx - Blufftitle...agpvn0-509September 4th 2013
3141TESTING NEW TEXTURES BIX PACK11 ON ...chespi6500-510September 24th 2013
3142Textsnafu4-892September 19th 2010
3143Textkcjune3-426March 21st 2012
3144text ?Lawrie1-907October 10th 2009
3145Text abilities on websitePer1-454October 16th 2011
3146Text aliasingstbo2-1351 month ago
3147text and particlessnafu31374January 23rd 2013
3148Text Around an Oval?user3900963-713November 24th 2010
3149Text Balloonsmichiel442,328May 8th 2007
3150Text decorated with Textsmichiel0-2,750July 28th 2008
3151Text Effectsnafu10-1593 weeks ago
3152Text Effect in Bluff DemoDigitalDave3-651June 18th 2011
3153Text electric particlesmaitegras492,435September 20th 2010
3154Text explosionsaby3-1,087December 28th 2009
3155Text Fading left and rightpfadale2-563July 6th 2011
3156Text following a Pathmichiel11173,796September 6th 2006
3157TEXT GLINT/GLOSS EFFECT TINY PROBLE...John (ProComGer)6-1203 days ago
3158text grenademaitegras121,753September 5th 2010
3159Text in Textmichiel103,350August 3rd 2007
3160text layer - type appears blocky - ...Bansaw7-577November 18th 2011
3161Text Layer BoundsIBMedia121822June 17th 2012
3162Text Layer to maskmarvin2-455August 5th 2012
3163Text layersboothferrylegend2-938May 13th 2009
3164TEXT LAYERSselsacs1-788August 21st 2010
3165Text magicCarlos Marques17742May 16th 2013
3166text modelCarlos Marques5-811August 30th 2011
3167Text on imported photoTyl3-662July 11th 2011
3168text on wormsYousef0-1,114August 8th 2010
3169Text Particle Dissolvemichiel644,448September 30th 2008
3170Text Pivot PointsDeanO542,896April 19th 2006
3171TEXT ROTATION SHOW.Dani372982 months ago
3172Text Styles Mega Picturemichiel512867July 1st 2013
3173Text tabulationPer6-981October 27th 2009
3174Text to video transitionmichiel564,012October 15th 2006
3175Text Tornadomichiel686,400August 23rd 2007
3176TEXT TRANSFORMENmaitegras271,559January 13th 2013
3177Text Transitionbix342,635February 1st 2006
3178text transparencysongweaver3-893December 7th 2009
3179Texto efecto neon o reflejo espejomichiel131,743June 27th 2011
3180Texto en coloresJesus3-343January 19th 2013
3181Texto en LlamasXarquS0-3,369February 26th 2009
3182Textur-Rotation1Ulli742,458October 19th 2006
3183Textur-Rotation2Ulli362,244October 19th 2006
3184TEXTURA Y TAMAÑO EN 3Dcrispin2-420November 10th 2012
3185texture -freeCarlos Marques0-1,065February 15th 2012
3186Texture ?BBB4-625January 13th 2011
3187texture errormaitegras2-563May 15th 2011
3188texture metalCarlos Marques351,509January 2nd 2012
3189TEXTURE PROBLEMJohn (ProComGer)10-1701 week ago
3190texture reflectionCarlos Marques0-928December 1st 2011
3191Texture Speedmichiel945,294August 28th 2010
3192Texture to the whole text...sebouze51655August 19th 2011
3193textures - freeCarlos Marques391,315December 30th 2011
3194textures 01 FreeCarlos Marques0-1,388February 2nd 2012
3195Textures and effects for containerfrankch5-520August 15th 2011
3196Textures Crossfader Effectmichiel0-1,034October 23rd 2011
3197Thai and Khmer supportmichiel0-1,873February 26th 2007
3198Thank you for your presents!michiel12101,783August 7th 2013
3199THANK YOU JESUS_SHOWDani54357October 12th 2013
3200Thank's Allthethbac32552July 11th 2013
3201THANKS TO YOUSEF EFFECTvincent245,148January 31st 2009
3202The amazing alien cannonball!!!michiel335,343June 17th 2007
3203The Ant and the Aardvarkmichiel225,119November 7th 2006
3204the B-teammichiel232,756March 22nd 2007
3205the best robot on the worldmaitegras77465September 7th 2013
3206THE BRIGHT SIDEIntroChamp69593February 8th 2013
3207The BT formatPer7-1,012March 18th 2009
3208The case of the disappearing keysmichiel0-1572 months ago
3209The Christmas CardDaveH0-925November 22nd 2012
3210The Codemichiel157,217November 7th 2006
3211The Cube RevistedBillyJack241,525December 14th 2010
3212The Decade from Hellmichiel736,756January 14th 2010
3213The difference between FREE and ROY...michiel161812 months ago
3214The field rendering option has been...erikger4-1,021June 6th 2009
3215The globe stopped spinningbob7332-647January 22nd 2011
3216The History of Aspect Ratiomichiel45582June 28th 2013
3217The Island Of Dr. Bixmichiel633,202March 23rd 2007
3218The Last of Us gameLostBoyz157772June 6th 2013
3219The Love Boat Part 1michiel404,872May 2nd 2008
3220The Love Boat Part 2michiel124,932May 2nd 2008
3221The new LAYER / BRING ACTIVE LAYER ...michiel401,725November 26th 2007
3222The number of particlesmichiel0-539June 28th 2013
3223The PageCurl BookUlli715,519October 1st 2008
3224The power of FXsmichiel10131,493August 5th 2013
3225The Sun Testrudemartini211,165October 6th 2011
3226The Team Building Camp in LembolovoOleg Loshchagin25532September 22nd 2013
3227The VaultBillyJack571,216February 4th 2012
3228The video CMSmichiel76810June 7th 2013
3229The video layer is dead, long live ...michiel45589January 18th 2012
3230The Wedding Projects 2012. Blufftit...agpvn11113,350June 18th 2012
3231The world of Mardoumichiel221,667April 29th 2009
3232Theatre Curtain Openingbylaw652,408April 9th 2011
3233there is any effect to rotate the w...jlmilan21228August 20th 2013
3234This gallery is open!michiel0-23,130February 1st 2006
3235This one is called "REBIRTH"IntroChamp29854May 17th 2012
3236This Program is a Special Effects C...michiel842,023May 25th 2010
3237This Video Intro is called "YOUR TU...IntroChamp15414April 11th 2013
3238This VIDEO INTRO is for the GamersIntroChamp27726October 19th 2012
3239This website has been redesigned!michiel311876April 3rd 2012
3240Three Linesmichiel3-4,384August 18th 2008
3241Thumbnails for BT filesterrypin31491March 5th 2012
3242Thumbnails of shows. Feature reque...brido322,256February 2nd 2006
3243Tile-Text-EffectUlli213,071July 29th 2008
3244Timesinus30016628February 13th 2013
3245Time Abstractsinus30010104683 months ago
3246TIME CONTINUUM (MIC)IntroChamp35590March 24th 2013
3247Time flies when you are having funmichiel681,971August 5th 2013
3248Time function on text lineChanga7-2274 months ago
3249Time Lapse Button for exporting mov...enniocol241-724March 13th 2011
3250TIME TO SHINE ver.1IntroChamp481,083May 3rd 2012
3251TIME TO SHINE ver.2IntroChamp0-902May 3rd 2012
3252Time?Haggi14-1,151May 23rd 2009
3253Times Square, New Year Countdown.tayla132003 months ago
3254tip for new versionCarlos Marques3-612April 27th 2011
3255TIP: Cheap WACOM alternativemarvin11454December 28th 2012
3256Titanicmichiel522,195March 15th 2007
3257Titlewalgu0-975January 31st 2012
3258Titlewalgu351,630February 8th 2012
3259Title animation Bix's Photo Bookmichiel0-3,494June 20th 2006
3260Title does not play to endHare Tanan2-317March 7th 2013
3261Title shows from the 11.1 promo vid...michiel1053495 days ago
3262Title-Graphic treatment with Raysmikeatglobal5134,158April 26th 2006
3263Titles shade.Jesus1-455August 2nd 2012
3264To make light rays on titles.Jesus2-603January 16th 2012
3265Too many keyframes for one layertaucher19453-897October 13th 2009
3266Tool windows F11jeablu1-613March 7th 2011
3267Tooth sparkleBig Al201,835December 25th 2008
3268Top 10 silly support questionsmichiel45701June 21st 2012
3269TOP HALF OF VIDEO DOES NOT SHOWdgk2-259August 1st 2013
3270Torino 2006michiel862,610February 14th 2006
3271Torus created using mathsketch 2Yousef331,052September 30th 2012
3272Totem transparent elementliuyongcai0-2912 months ago
3273Tower of Lettersmichiel212,996April 10th 2008
3274TR-1Carlos Marques26606May 16th 2013
3275Track camera to target layerlakeeffect4-788December 25th 2010
3276Tracking Demo 2marvin26480November 24th 2012
3277Tracking Demo 2bmarvin0-454November 24th 2012
3278Traduction Françaiseadrien601-326August 7th 2013
3279Traduction francaiseadrien601-554December 6th 2011
3280Trail Mapping Globe IntroJimH653,426August 25th 2008
3281Trailer - Charityagpvn0-869October 24th 2011
3282Trailer VAC Fictie.mp4Roald17845May 10th 2012
3283Trailer VAC Gala.mp4Roald411900May 10th 2012
3284Transarencyagdezee2-418August 24th 2012
3285transformersmaitegras331,523December 11th 2010
3286Transformers Intro Movie 2007Tukkermando664,462May 11th 2007
3287Translation of Bixelangelo, Bixoram...John (ProComGer)2-1252 weeks ago
3288Translators wantedmichiel2-2341 month ago
3289Translators wanted!michiel1531,736January 14th 2010
3290Transparancybcorden1-846June 2nd 2010
3291transparence sur pnggerard humblot1-2265 months ago
3292Transparencyamiga4-857September 12th 2009
3293transparencydckbnfld2-470March 13th 2012
3294Transparencytayla3-229October 25th 2013
3295Transparency and Vegas Movie StudioPer4-602October 19th 2011
3296Transparency help neededfdolansky2-666 days ago
3297Transparency in the Voxel Layerjaymac424-808August 23rd 2010
3298Transparency Issue???jmarkt3-748November 26th 2011
3299Transparency SwitchIBMedia3-434September 9th 2012
3300Transparency with Particle and Plas...ramman236,349October 8th 2009
3301transparent backgroundvirgith3-1,185September 13th 2010
3302transparent background ?bobt3-1,573December 11th 2009
3303Transparent backgroundsjona13-1,075May 25th 2012
3304transparent text onlinesongweaver1-1,126March 10th 2010
3305Transparent text with video in back...taucher19458-1,360July 20th 2010
3306Traverse/Trusssinus30045627May 28th 2013
3307Trefoilmichiel1586,366July 22nd 2009
3308Tri-PropBillyJack74824July 31st 2012
3309tribute century-foxmaitegras4169,939February 4th 2010
3310tributo pixar in blufftitlermaitegras1485,430February 3rd 2010
3311tributo to show universalmaitegras0-3,709February 4th 2010
3312Trick I've not seen with SpotlightC...BillyJack321441 month ago
3313Trigger video layer to play at a ke...viddy2-997August 27th 2009
3314Triptych-EffectUlli13-1,119October 25th 2011
3315Trophyjoseburgos0-3,599June 28th 2009
3316Trouble Downloading Gallery EntriesBoofus4-695September 3rd 2011
3317Trouble with Template Please Help!EYELENE1-224May 26th 2013
3318TRUCK WITH LOGOS ON THE SIDESchespi65027388October 10th 2013
3319TRUSS FREE BY MY FOR BLUFF TITLER C...chespi650462,009February 23rd 2012
3320Truss/Traversensinus300755965 months ago
3321TRY_BIXPACKS_23Dani0-358October 2nd 2013
3322TUDO É POSSIVELCarlos Marques251,236August 25th 2011
3323TUNELIZED TEXTURESvincent99940September 27th 2012
3324Tunnel HelpLouis12-689November 20th 2010
3325Tunnel Vision TVIntroChamp87416October 3rd 2013
3326TURN IT UPIntroChamp66780March 5th 2013
3327Turning cubeGodfreyD1-556November 5th 2011
3328Tutorial - Convert BMP to ESPagpvn451,354December 22nd 2011
3329Tutorial - Play photos from a folde...IBMedia131,053May 24th 2012
3330Tutorial blufftitler // Texto Baila...KarmenQ151,354December 13th 2011
3331Tutorial blufftitler // Texto Baila...KarmenQ131,220January 12th 2012
3332Tutorial Blufftitler texto animado ...michiel332,878August 30th 2011
3333Tutorial Blufftitler: Texto tipo cr...KarmenQ0-464September 5th 2012
3334tutorial export modelsmaitegras0-1,665February 9th 2011
3335tutorial green screen o pantalla ve...chespi650351,045April 2nd 2012
3336TUTORIAL: Freely use the show avail...Declic Video0-1,603October 10th 2010
3337Tutorial: how to add a glow to your...michiel1291,163October 28th 2013
3338Tutorial: how to make silvermichiel252,223November 14th 2011
3339TUTORIAL: Using Blender to convert ...BillyJack863421 month ago
3340tutoriales en español de chespi650chespi650351,369February 21st 2012
3341TVvincent0-6,634March 24th 2008
3342TV 24_SHOWDani78399October 3rd 2013
3343TV DRFACarlos Marques3-1,429March 17th 2011
3344TV FAEXCarlos Marques211,323March 13th 2011
3345TV LIBERTASCarlos Marques131,005May 15th 2012
3346Tv newsLostBoyz0-1,018November 4th 2012
3347TV RoomCarlos Marques36404September 6th 2013
3348TV show logoTjeb14918November 16th 2012
3349TV show logo additionTjeb12808November 22nd 2012
3350TV Total Abstractsinus3000-536May 10th 2013
3351TV VALETony Peppers 3D0-1,103June 27th 2012
3352TV_15Dani45421October 14th 2013
3353TV4Dani106359October 4th 2013
3354TV5LostBoyz107501October 3rd 2013
3355Tweaking FXjmarkt4-906December 8th 2009
3356Twinkling Starsmichiel954,130March 3rd 2006
3357Twinkling Starsjaymac424-946October 16th 2009
3358Twist on- fly offmikeatglobal273,266April 25th 2006
3359Two 3D introductionsPFozz531,547December 4th 2010
3360Two layer effects without merging t...John (ProComGer)13-2231 month ago
3361Two_Heartscwl0-6,498October 2nd 2007
3362Typeball ExampleIBMedia351,068August 24th 2012
3363Types of templatesElect10-894February 16th 2010
3364TYPEWRITERvincent10102,358July 31st 2010
3365Typewriter effect?terrypin5-504February 26th 2013
3366Typing wordsPer501,061March 24th 2009
3367U CHANNEL SHOW.Dani0-2392 months ago
3368U.k digital tv logosDani0-308August 21st 2013
3369uaivideoCarlos Marques0-729May 21st 2012
3370UFO flightmichiel234,435January 25th 2009
3371UFO in Amsterdammichiel655,245January 7th 2008
3372Ufo loose controlorlando675,926February 21st 2009
3373UFO Text Wipemichiel0-2,617February 11th 2009
3374UFOsmichiel233,943June 27th 2006
3375Ultimate Bling Bling Effectmichiel258,043December 20th 2009
3376Ultra HDmarvin3-2333 months ago
3377un trabajito en blufftitler escenar...chespi65034661August 26th 2012
3378Unable to import the BluffTitler so...hantang2-194October 12th 2013
3379uncompressed AVI with transparencyJean Pierre1-490February 13th 2012
3380Uncompressed AVI with Transparency ...tinalind3-1,112May 1st 2009
3381UNDERCONSTRUCTIONDani542483 weeks ago
3382Understanding Particle2.btterrypin4-835 days ago
3383Uni logoCarlos Marques0-670June 2nd 2013
3384Unicode Supportmichiel713,088January 19th 2007
3385universal pictures test 2maitegras1022,353October 3rd 2010
3386Universal Studios Logomichiel10617,630April 22nd 2009
3387Unrolling waving flagmichiel673922 weeks ago
3388Unsolved Mysteriesmichiel296,129December 1st 2010
3389UnterschriftUlli423,574August 19th 2006
3390Upcoming feature: built-in bitmap t...michiel16197473 months ago
3391Upcoming feature: built-in bitmap t...Dani193672 months ago
3392Upcoming feature: multiple viewport...michiel14151,883September 30th 2011
3393Upcoming feature: new pixel stylesmichiel9145213 months ago
3394Upcoming feature: stereo renderingmichiel1087094 months ago
3395Upcoming feature: STROKEDmichiel15147813 months ago
3396Upcoming featuresmichiel1252,098August 2nd 2009
3397update de blufftitler4093666051-1211 month ago
3398Updated Heartbeat Effectmichiel342,385October 13th 2012
3399Updated slideshow toolmichiel4062,479September 14th 2012
3400Updated Translations!michiel13326October 29th 2013
3401Updated Videowall Toolmichiel2472,391September 6th 2012
3402Updating RSS when playing a playlis...Elmedia AS14-982March 5th 2010
3403URGENT! batch processinghenryklein3-672May 10th 2011
3404use difernetes contenedores con vin...chespi6501871,598May 2nd 2012
3405Use Of Direct X Modelsjmarkt14-4654 months ago
3406Use of Plasmajmarkt2-447May 2nd 2012
3407Use WebcamSten112,868May 14th 2006
3408USER GUIDEjeablu2-778March 3rd 2011
3409User Guide in other languagesjeablu3-312August 25th 2013
3410User Guide PDFBackflipboy1221321 month ago
3411USER INTERFACE #1John (ProComGer)711666 days ago
3412Using a image or icon fontIBMedia14788September 30th 2012
3413Using an offset picture to create a...matty743,532July 25th 2006
3414Using Bluff as a 2D production tooljeffo110590November 13th 2012
3415Using Bluff in a Video Podcastben1000173,613May 15th 2006
3416Using Blufftitler as an advertising...matty415,679October 28th 2008
3417using graphic container to set plas...ramman235,050October 5th 2009
3418Using normal photos as reflection m...michiel534,200March 15th 2011
3419Using Page Curljmarkt1-1,079January 31st 2009
3420using the Language capibilitybob7336-592January 31st 2011
3421Utube and Blufftitler gallerysnafu9-429August 24th 2013
3422UV Mappermichiel141,679March 9th 2010
3423uvmappermaitegras4-540April 20th 2012
3424UVModifier FXmichiel371,103April 23rd 2012
3425UVModifier_ReflectiveFloor_CubeMapD...maitegras152939December 31st 2012
3426Vacuum Effect?SoCal Chris9-1,102November 19th 2009
3427ValentineLostBoyz88798February 13th 2013
3428Valentine Text Heartmichiel424,952February 13th 2009
3429Valentine`s Daywalgu17788February 11th 2012
3430Valentine´s Daysinus300321,287February 3rd 2012
3431VALENTINES DAYDani243912 months ago
3432VALENTINES DAYJesus552162 months ago
3433Valentinstagsinus3000-615January 28th 2013
3434Vallenato Logotipo de dj pegajosso ...chespi65045524June 24th 2013
3435Vanishing Keys on Particle Layerjaymac422-878December 18th 2009
3436Variationmichiel29636August 20th 2013
3437Vector Halftonemarvin1-994July 12th 2012
3438Vegas Signmichiel313,874October 26th 2010
3439Versatility of BluffTitlerBillyJack781,182October 1st 2012
3440Version 11 is launched today!!!michiel43131,3101 month ago
3441Version 11 Templatesmarvin311611 month ago
3442Version 11.1michiel24159516 days ago
3443VERSION 11.1 IS AWESOME!!!IntroChamp682426 days ago
3444Version 6.1 is ready for download!michiel0-2,055March 27th 2007
3445Version 7.6 is ready for download!michiel1-1,315March 16th 2009
3446Version,220July 1st 2010
3447Version 8.3 introduces audio export...michiel1191,624August 25th 2011
3448Version 8.3.1 introduces multiple v...michiel24134,327October 17th 2011
3449Version,004January 3rd 2012
3450Version 8.4michiel20162,246May 29th 2012
3451Version 8.5 breaks the letter barri...michiel18152,795July 19th 2012
3452Version 8.6.1 always shows the late...michiel541,099October 25th 2012
3453Version 8.7 is ready for download!michiel282,252November 15th 2012
3454Version française 22nd 2012
3455Version Française V 11.0adrien60111401 month ago
3456Vertical disintegrationYousef777,092November 12th 2009
3457Vertical Toolbarmisterbrains5-1711 month ago
3458Vertically Revolvedmichiel462,217May 17th 2010
3459VERTIGOIntroChamp76560May 26th 2013
3460VERY STRANGEdgk7-642April 15th 2011
3461VIAJE EN GLOBO CON BLUFF TITLERJOSE LUIS251,495September 25th 2009
3462Video as a backgroundColin Morton2-687May 30th 2011
3463video backgroundmrbernd3-923October 2nd 2009
3464VIDEO DE SONIDO LESBOSS CON NUEVA C...chespi65054317September 8th 2013
3465Video editor loses last frame of BT...terrypin7-908February 22nd 2012
3466video facebookmaitegras462742 months ago
3467Video Intern BluffTitler Workshopmichiel0-1,783February 5th 2009
3468Video Intro Using The "Sketch Effec...IntroChamp791,564February 16th 2012
3469Video Intro.Dani485223 months ago
3470video layer2da4est2-1172 months ago
3471Video Layer TimelineIBMedia81661October 29th 2011
3472Video LayersBill24690January 18th 2011
3473video loopCarlos Marques0-993February 15th 2012
3474Video memory problemsBald Runner1-192August 19th 2013
3475Video on Cube Facesuser3900963-525December 1st 2011
3476Video postcardsBragina151,167February 13th 2011
3477Video run in adifferent windoworlando1-495November 16th 2011
3478Video Sales Page using Armored.btNico611,347August 11th 2009
3479Video Screen Made From Textdvsprite5-2,011October 25th 2010
3480Video section repeat?jsoolee2-298July 16th 2013
3481Video Tutorialsdericktrotter8-1,389February 12th 2011
3482Video Wallmichiel1623,590September 19th 2010
3483video-texturamaitegras2-397September 9th 2012
3484Video-Weltcarlo20186,232February 10th 2006
3485VideoCubesinus30013656December 2nd 2011
3486Videolayer How toControl the clip.2ids1-1202 months ago
3487videos y preguntas Repetidaspersiana3-185September 8th 2013
3488VideoShowpersiana362312 months ago
3489Videowall sphereEddy1-499September 16th 2012
3490VideowallSphereIBMedia721,161September 14th 2012
3491Viewing new posts in old threads?terrypin2-459February 27th 2012
3492Vignette Effectmichiel0-1,850December 19th 2008
3493VINTAGE RECEIVERvincent4101,634July 19th 2011
3494Vinyl Turntablevincent15121,190March 2nd 2013
3495VIRTUAL BOWLINGvincent371,406March 9th 2011
3496Virtual Gallery Tourmaxste794053 months ago
3497Virtual Set Show-TemplateElect1445,027February 15th 2010
3498virtual star specialCarlos Marques161,662December 30th 2011
3499virtual studioCarlos Marques121,792February 15th 2011
3500Virtual Studio Glasssinus30025800June 1st 2013
3501Virtual Studio Isinus3000-553May 26th 2013
3502Virtual Studio IIsinus30026433May 26th 2013
3503Virtual Studio IIIsinus3000-426May 26th 2013
3504Virtual Studio IVsinus30025699May 26th 2013
3505Virtual Studio Vsinus3000-471May 26th 2013
3506Virtual Studio VIsinus30026564May 26th 2013
3507Vista Simulatormichiel636,012April 29th 2007
3508Visual SET with Blufftitleragpvn662,967November 11th 2009
3509Visualize BluffTitler's alpha chann...michiel352,127November 10th 2011
3510VJ Loop - BluffTitler: Happy Hour!JeepNL0-3,222November 13th 2010
3511VJ/DJ Backdrop ExamplePixelpanther643692 months ago
3512volume controlDani4-227September 9th 2013
3513VorfreudeUlli322,739June 3rd 2006
3514Voxel Croissantmichiel541,127June 12th 2012
3515Voxel layerLostBoyz3-473April 11th 2012
3516Voxel LayerIntroChamp4-518June 7th 2012
3517Voxel Layer Feature requestBillyJack511,281March 18th 2012
3518Voxel Layer FX requestBillyJack3-604January 10th 2013
3519Voxel Puddingbroodjemichiel8111,672June 16th 2012
3520VWsinus300892911 month ago
3521VW golf intro v.2LostBoyz49918November 26th 2012
3522VW Kaefer Abstractsinus300852601 month ago
3523Walking BearUlli324,945April 21st 2008
3524Walking Bixmichiel1527,865September 26th 2007
3525walking iphonemaitegras55862May 10th 2012
3526war HELICOPmaitegras1082,118February 18th 2010
3527WARNER BROS - CMCarlos Marques152,288March 13th 2011
3528Warner Bros Logomichiel1769,058June 11th 2009
3529Warner Brothers (again)DaveH1184,305June 21st 2011
3530Warner Brothers logoEddy111,225June 26th 2009
3531WARNING MAY CONTAIN BIX PARTICLES!Pixelpanther263301 month ago
3532WARNING: Windows update kills fontsmichiel4-692December 14th 2012
3533Wassertropfen-Waterdropssinus30024653January 27th 2012
3534Water Effectmichiel1053,317May 30th 2008
3535Water Reflectionmap Effectmichiel1291,101May 28th 2013
3536Waterdrops - Wassertropfen 2sinus3000-1,206January 28th 2012
3537Waterfall Scollinglifechip6-1422 months ago
3538Waterfall Scrollermichiel533,490May 15th 2007
3539Wave Border Effectmichiel0-1,581January 24th 2009
3540wave effectmaitegras251,958August 14th 2011
3541Wave Morphermichiel366,842June 8th 2006
3542Waving AMERICAN Flag?Eric Sands1-1,128March 11th 2009
3543Waving Flaglifechip2-748January 9th 2011
3544Waving Flag Effectmichiel12814,760May 30th 2006
3545WB vs. LBLostBoyz1610754July 13th 2013
3546WB vs. LB vol II.LostBoyz149827July 16th 2013
3547WB vs. LB vol II. v.2LostBoyz711831July 24th 2013
3548We are flexible!michiel17807July 23rd 2013
3549WEATHER NEWSDani43517August 9th 2013
3550web browser layerSamSaam2-445March 25th 2012
3551Webcam Resolutionmichiel4-1,178April 20th 2011
3552Webcam2Sten0-2,892May 14th 2006
3553Wedding - Wine glass with Blufftitl...agpvn561,336October 21st 2012
3554wedding intromaranatha1-1,013July 9th 2010
3555Wedding Photo 08agpvn192501 month ago
3556Wedding Project with Blufftitler 11...agpvn13107531 month ago
3557Wedding Red Boxagpvn27943October 19th 2012
3558Wedding RingsDaveH0-1,825January 10th 2012
3559wedding ShowsDjdave51970November 17th 2010
3560Wedding slideshowBragina271,489October 25th 2011
3561Wedding Spring Photoagpvn552631 month ago
3562Wedding Style - Albumagpvn25564June 26th 2013
3563Wedding Style - Photo Slideshow 01agpvn27495June 26th 2013
3564Wedding Style - Photo Slideshow 02agpvn0-443June 26th 2013
3565Wedding Style - Photo Slideshow 03agpvn12553June 26th 2013
3566Wedding Style - Photo Slideshow 04agpvn24724June 26th 2013
3567Wedding Style - Silver Heartagpvn0-436June 26th 2013
3568Wedding Style - Silver Heart 02agpvn0-383June 26th 2013
3569Wedding Style - Silver Heart 03agpvn0-417June 26th 2013
3570Wedding Style - Slideshowagpvn24441June 26th 2013
3571WEDDING STYLE 1maitegras181,613January 29th 2012
3572Wedding Style 2013 - Style 01agpvn17531May 1st 2013
3573Wedding Style 2013 - Style 02agpvn16531May 1st 2013
3574Wedding Style 2013 - Style 03agpvn15777May 1st 2013
3575Wedding Style 2013 - Style 04agpvn12511May 1st 2013
3576Wedding Style 2013 - Style 05agpvn0-689May 10th 2013
3577Wedding Style 2013 - Style 06agpvn0-549May 10th 2013
3578Wedding Style 2013 - Style 07agpvn13746May 10th 2013
3579Wedding Template 06agpvn0-2471 month ago
3580Wedding Template 08agpvn383282 months ago
3581WeddingPhoto 05agpvn254075 months ago
3582Weddings and Intro'sAndretti20-656June 1st 2013
3583Weird behaviour of some exportsterrypin3-355February 26th 2013
3584Welcome TO 2014 New Year Show.Dani685514 months ago
3585Welcome to the desert of the realmichiel957,227November 6th 2006
3586Welcome to the renewed gallery!michiel451,927June 13th 2011
3587What 3D app was that? Maya? After ...JimH383,106March 13th 2008
3588What about a "How to" BixPack?BillyJack0-493August 13th 2012
3589what about megaupload downloadsmufasaxx12-789January 23rd 2012
3590What are camera layers for?Per2-523November 4th 2011
3591what are the fields of Bixelangelo ...SamSaam2-356March 13th 2013
3592What do you think about a new Layer...SamSaam2-488March 4th 2012
3593What happened to the EA Sports show...Elect12-962November 27th 2009
3594what is error exporting frame timeo...julio solano4-2174 months ago
3595What is the difference between a te...TheChad8-577October 19th 2011
3596What is the plus sign besides the a...bob7334-681January 15th 2011
3597what is your plan for next version?SamSaam10-746December 10th 2011
3598What level is my version?Dick2-669October 21st 2010
3599What other programs would you compa...rudemartini5-1,078September 21st 2011
3600What would you like to find?michiel861,069June 19th 2012
3601What's new?PiPPi3-423September 27th 2012
3602Wheels of a slot machinemichiel1874,110August 4th 2006
3603When a new version of BluffTitler r...MarkWaldo1-346February 26th 2013
3604When and How can I build an app lik...SamSaam3-1,007February 9th 2010
3605Where Are The Fontsdkgodfrey1-876March 27th 2010
3606Where can I buy anaglyph glasses?michiel853382 months ago
3607Where can I see and then use the te...tchentchen1-519September 4th 2011
3608Where do I find ?oldles1-952January 28th 2011
3609where's my text scalemtnmiller4-1,403December 22nd 2008
3610Where's the stuff?habed1-816June 30th 2010
3611Which layer does what?michiel871,211May 30th 2012
3612Which picture?bbailey2-880September 30th 2009
3613Which text editor will work??TechnoMage2-494February 21st 2012
3614WHITE BACKDROP INTROPixelpanther362241 month ago
3615White Cat coffe:))))LostBoyz46567August 31st 2013
3616White Cubemichiel232,224April 15th 2007
3617White Noisemichiel303,735July 13th 2006
3618White Sark - Weißer Haisinus3000-1,043April 3rd 2012
3619White Square...roneray110626April 8th 2011
3620Who agree? we will create Bixpack o...agpvn0-1,421June 21st 2012
3621Who's first and last to celebrate N...komies622013 months ago
3622Why are "Add Picture Layer" picture...Derg21579April 2nd 2012
3623Why are the AVI movies so large?Dick9-1,146March 23rd 2009
3624why bt has problem with arabic?SamSaam1-712July 20th 2010
3625why don't you allow multi cameras?SamSaam3-658December 22nd 2010
3626Why is my textbox disabled?michiel251,069April 7th 2012
3627Widescreen Confusionmichiel1135,834June 26th 2006
3628WIDESCREEN PROBLEMS WITH PINNACLE S...GJE3-1,050November 23rd 2009
3629Widescreenstandards not working in ...monika072-923 weeks ago
3630Wiewitzig-Productions Intromichiel112,047July 2nd 2008
3631WIN $1,000,000vincent941,495July 18th 2010
3632Win 7 icon for BT?Dick2-840June 22nd 2010
3633WindmillUlli0-2,113July 4th 2007
3634WindowUlli692,888January 1st 2007
3635Windows 7michiel3-2,931October 23rd 2009
3636windows 8maitegras0-1,011October 25th 2011
3637Windows 8michiel141,031October 31st 2012
3638Windows 8 mpg codecDaveH2-616January 2nd 2013
3639WingDingsACNJ0-2,559April 11th 2006
3640wings butterflyemaitegras1181,444September 29th 2011
3641wings heartmaitegras68656August 6th 2013
3642WINGS IMAGEmaitegras251,478May 24th 2011
3643wings light 3Carlos Marques293894 months ago
3644WINGS SHOW.Dani755335 months ago
3645Winter v.1sinus3001164474 months ago
3646Winter v.2sinus3001284374 months ago
3647Wireframe effect filemichiel143,479August 16th 2006
3648Wishes for upcomig BluffTitler vers...John (ProComGer)6-1712 months ago
3649Wishing you a warm Christmasbylaw191,117December 22nd 2011
3650With BluffTitlerthethbac0-230August 2nd 2013
3651Wonderlandliuyongcai561,740October 6th 2012
3652Wooden Board_iNTRO.Dani485165 months ago
3653WORCK FOR DJ PEGAJOSSO SAN FRANCISC...chespi65046426October 7th 2013
3654Word Cloudmichiel734,369July 16th 2008
3655Word reference file for BT showsbrido222,327February 2nd 2006
3656Word-wrap on specific widthIBMedia8-599August 26th 2012
3657Wordplaybylaw7103,932November 2nd 2010
3658Work Smart...IntroChamp37747January 16th 2013
3659Working with template Gridsinus30053693May 28th 2013
3660WORLD NEWSDani0-274August 21st 2013
3661WORLD NEWSDani494173 months ago
3662World of Wildlife CubeIBMedia0-947July 14th 2012
3663World TemplateEYELENE3-371May 12th 2013
3664WORLD_NEWSDani0-2781 month ago
3665Wormholemichiel7119,756November 10th 2006
3666Wormhole todayPer2-520December 14th 2011
3667Wrapping video around a globejriley5-1,058February 24th 2010
3668WRECKAGEPixelpanther452321 month ago
3669Writer style effect for images?BillyJack6-615January 11th 2012
3670Writer TimingIBMedia2-528June 17th 2012
3671Writing Handmichiel2510,138April 16th 2008
3672Writing in the Skymichiel384,289October 4th 2006
3673Written Tutorials?JonnyMac1811,607August 6th 2010
3674Wu Tang ClanLostBoyz610856January 5th 2013
3675XCarlos Marques18915March 23rd 2012
3676X-Colmeia SnackTony Peppers 3D0-847February 15th 2012
3677X'MAS SHOW.Dani0-4185 months ago
3678xmas graphicsmatty334,581October 27th 2009
3679XMAS INTRODani273395 months ago
3680XMAS LIGHTSDani0-3914 months ago
3681XMASS AND RELIGIOUS CELEBRATIONS.snafu852845 months ago
3682XML Filesjagrob4-384August 14th 2012
3683XML queryBald Runner1-263June 3rd 2013
3684xml.videomaitegras2-391September 8th 2012
3685Yan TV Logoagpvn541,476November 10th 2011
3686yearcounterorlando334,150March 11th 2009
3687Yin Yangmichiel124,623April 16th 2007
3688Yinn PvP Titleernst833,505August 22nd 2007
3689your BrandCarlos Marques35796June 4th 2013
3690Your LogoCarlos Marques172682 months ago
3691Your MomentCarlos Marques29730June 4th 2013
3692Your PartyCarlos Marques98704June 11th 2013
3693Your Party RoomCarlos Marques56327October 2nd 2013
3694Your Party ShowCarlos Marques34311October 3rd 2013
3695your party ShowCarlos Marques37377October 4th 2013
3696YOUR SLOGANCarlos Marques25557April 5th 2013
3697Your tutorial called My First TitleDolly2-660December 1st 2010
3698YOUR_BRANDCarlos Marques2131,079July 3rd 2013
3699Youth Alliance Program!Carlos Marques27580May 16th 2013
3700youtubefootpaw2-582March 3rd 2011
3701YouTubechard1-1553 months ago
3702YOUTUBE.COMDani0-2981 month ago
3703Z-Biasmichiel0-3,058May 2nd 2006
3704zoom cameramaitegras131,440October 21st 2011
3705Zoom in on Time Linejaymac428-1,199November 24th 2009
3706Zooming and Rotating picturemaciroch3-988March 23rd 2010