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Artist: michiel | Added: June 28th 2006 | Comments: 17 | Likes: 22 | Views: 34,093

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Here's an attempt to recreate the famous 20th Century Fox logo in BluffTitler. It's big fun replacing the text with your own name and using it in your home videos!

Thanks to Mel for the idea, I hope this is what you're looking for.

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Great effect!

by Ulli, June 28th 2006

That is awesome! Great job!

by mary, June 28th 2006


by JimH, June 28th 2006

Ein toller Spass!

by carlo, June 29th 2006

Thanks Michiel and Mel, great idea and fun to play with. I always love taking movie effects and stuff and using them in my own home movies.

This will make for a great intro!

Thanks again, and the link is my example with some audio.


by dibbkd, July 2nd 2006

Thanks dibbkd! Maybe you deliberately made the text DIBB stick out, but if you want to make your own text as wide as the other texts you can do this with the first slider of the TEXT SCALE property. (you can select the TEXT SCALE property with the dropdown listbox above the 3 sliders)

by michiel, July 3rd 2006

I think it should be 21st Century and not 21th

by bix, July 16th 2006

Hmmm... a spelling mistake in shiny golden 3D. Does this make it less or more wrong?

by michiel, July 19th 2006

Hi,,,,,, many thanks for the effect

by knight, May 22nd 2007

Niesamowite naprawde dobra robota very great job.

by tesso, September 6th 2007

Thanks, great intro for my home movies...

by denny1945, October 2nd 2007

how can i download this please

by totor, March 3rd 2008



by michiel, March 3rd 2008

thanks michiel for the response

that's ok

hello from belgium

by totor, March 4th 2008

Much closer than the real thing, but it's cute *g*

by Per, October 11th 2008


by Longerjohn, December 6th 2008

Wauww, still great!!!

by henrikoelund, August 16th 2013

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