We design, develop and launch software for video, digital signage & TV

About us

Outerspace Software is an international partnership practicing software development and design for video, digital signage & TV.

Next to our flagship BluffTitler, our BixPack label and a few graphic tools, we are busy creating tailor-made apps and content for the digital signage and broadcast industry.

Our solutions are used by customers in 148 countries ranging from video hobbyists to major broadcast television networks.

The company is led by Michiel den Outer and sustains an international practice with partners in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Brazil, India, Mexico and North Macedonia.

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BluffTitler is a Windows app for making intro videos.

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BixPack is the BluffTitler template store.

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Bixelangelo is a tool for making vector drawings.

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Bixorama is a tool for making 360° photos.

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Alphabix is a tool for making colour fonts.

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BixPack offers royalty free BluffTitler templates for all your projects.

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