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Movie Time

Dani | 18 hours ago | 7 comments

(: Read Article


kongshanbiehe | 22 hours ago | 1 comment

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0 %%Creator: Outerspace Software Bixelangelo %%LanguageLevel: 2 %%BoundingB... Read Article


vincent | a day ago | 7 comments

4WD MOTOR HOME Read Article

eps import with x file import.

Rorysee | 2 days ago | 9 comments

playing around with Bluff . just a few questions. importing x files do i texture all the element... Read Article


kongshanbiehe | 3 days ago

图片分割再组合,制作魔方效果 Read Article


kongshanbiehe | 3 days ago | 2 comments

Happy Birthday To You! Read Article

Little animation !

Franco Aversa | 3 days ago | 9 comments

I did a test to move the character's mouth with the audio file using the VJ command. I also moved ... Read Article

BT Character Basics Application

liuyongcai | 3 days ago | 9 comments

:) Read Article

Energy Logo

Dani | 3 days ago | 6 comments

(: Read Article

Hi just joined the Bluff forum

Rorysee | 3 days ago | 10 comments

I am a Digital content producer and just joined to twerk mean tweak my bluff skills. so look... Read Article


kongshanbiehe | 3 days ago | 1 comment

利用凹凸贴图制作雕刻的效果 Read Article


Franco Aversa | 5 days ago | 5 comments

tomorrow is the world emoji day. I have prepared a small video that I will insert in YouTube tomorr... Read Article

Playing with Textures

Thor5ten | a week ago | 9 comments

Just experimented with some textures containing colormaps, normalmaps and reflectionmaps. Read Article


elvis66 | a week ago | 7 comments Read Article

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Latest comments

shoji M: Happy birthday to you! 11 hours ago

shoji M: So GoodgreatTerrificGood bar 11 hours ago

maxste: Another good one Dani! 14 hours ago

PAT67: Wouawe Vincent ! ça c'est un 4x4 haut de gamme ,... 14 hours ago

PAT67: Belle ambiance de plateau de tournage 14 hours ago

Ulli: Great presentation and welcome to our community. 15 hours ago

Ulli: Great job, Dani! 15 hours ago

Ulli: Very nice. Thank you, liuyongcai. 15 hours ago

Ulli: What a great idea to use the VJ command, Franco! 15 hours ago

Ulli: Looks very good. 15 hours ago

Ulli: Wonderful Hollywood-like intro, Dani! 15 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic show Dani :) 15 hours ago

Ulli: Cool car and cool presentation, Vincent! 15 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Directors Cut!! Very good Dani 16 hours ago

snafu: ?????????????????????? 17 hours ago

vincent: Thank you LB and Dani .❤. 17 hours ago

vincent: Great! i really like the perfect timing in the imp... 17 hours ago

Dani: A real Vincent world... 18 hours ago

Dani: Pipes,valve,wheel, looks great ...Very well done 18 hours ago

Dani: Looks great nice animation Franco... 18 hours ago

Dani: Big thank you dear friends... 18 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very COOL vincent! :) 20 hours ago

vincent: Il ne manque plus que les dinosaures. 20 hours ago

Jeep35: C'est Jurassic Park !! a day ago

PAT67: Belle cuve de brassage a day ago

lightads: Great job Rory a day ago

PAT67: C'est très réaliste a day ago

PAT67: Bel effet du plateau tournant et merci pour le par... a day ago

PAT67: Belle exploitation du calque vj , bravo Dani a day ago

PAT67: Belle création a day ago

Filip: Good show and welkome! a day ago

Filip: Great idea, nice show! a day ago


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