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Figuras geométricas

persiana | 14 hours ago | 5 comments

pase de fotos Read Article

Useing image sequences in texture

Rorysee | 14 hours ago | 1 comment

is there a way to do this? i am using AVI as the texture but the layers are causing havoc. as I have... Read Article

War of worlds

Filip | 15 hours ago | 4 comments

Some models work relatively good with the Bix.cfx effect. This show is made with the use of Bixpack... Read Article


LostBoyz | 21 hours ago | 6 comments

GhostBoyz Read Article


Franco Aversa | a day ago | 9 comments

My real 3D stickman on the moon, moved with Bix animation, too bad the arms don't match. I don't... Read Article


vincent | a day ago | 13 comments

Drone + Remote Control Animation. Read Article

Request Bixelangelo with BluffTitler

Franco Aversa | 2 days ago | 12 comments

As Bixelangelo is increasingly important together with BluffTitler, it couldn't be done .... ...... Read Article

italian language

Franco Aversa | 3 days ago | 6 comments

I added new words to the Italian dictionary and fixed some old ones that I had entered not very precise. Read Article

EPS Glyph doesn't work

Filip | 4 days ago | 3 comments

Michiel I made an EPS file with Bixelangelo but when I try to load it as an Glyph it say BluffTitler... Read Article

Chaver immitation

Filip | 5 days ago | 8 comments

As I told I was Challenged bij Chaver so I tried to recreate the show. You can download the complete... Read Article

How to INSANELY FAST edit colours in BluffTitler!

Dani | 5 days ago | 6 comments

When the active property is a colour (like for example the COLOUR prop of the text layer) and you press... Read Article

Aliens skatepark

vincent | 5 days ago | 14 comments

Underground ambience video Read Article

BluffTitler Oasis in the Desert

Dick (FOV) | 6 days ago | 4 comments

BluffTitler Oasis in the Desert.......... Uses a colourmap layer to "project" a water and... Read Article


chaver | a week ago | 15 comments


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vincent: Merci Pat. 6 hours ago

LostBoyz: Cool show Filip:) 9 hours ago

Franco Aversa: de hecho puedes ver que después de la cortina... 10 hours ago

Franco Aversa: damn, we're mobilizing all beings in the universe 10 hours ago

Franco Aversa: yes, with that big head I made him ... 12 hours ago

PAT67: Belle animation 12 hours ago

PAT67: Rigolo les aliens qui moulinent des bras pour faire... 12 hours ago

PAT67: Confrontation sympathique entre 2 créatures... 12 hours ago

PAT67: Bravo Vincent tu nous en mets plein la vue avec ce... 13 hours ago

vincent: persiana, tratar con un fondo fijo de un solo color... 13 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli, gracias persiana. 13 hours ago

LostBoyz: Nice show persiana:) 13 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! :) 13 hours ago

persiana: Algo pasa en youtube, que al salir la figura, no se... 13 hours ago

persiana: Muy bueno, Filip 14 hours ago

persiana: Un buen Show, LostBoyz 14 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien,Franco 14 hours ago

persiana: Un show magnífico. Vicente 14 hours ago

michiel: I think this answers your question: 14 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks Ulli 17 hours ago

Filip: Ghostly, brrr! 18 hours ago

Ulli: Really wonderful, LB. I like the atmosphere. 19 hours ago

Ulli: Your Stickman looks beautiful, Franco. 19 hours ago

Ulli: Another fantastic show, Vincent! 19 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Yes Vincent, in fact, I did it with a colormap, but... 19 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Great 19 hours ago

vincent: Nice show LB! 19 hours ago

vincent: Gracias Jesus. Franco, great video! i like a lot the... 19 hours ago

Jesus: Fantástico!! y hermoso espectáculo. 20 hours ago

Franco Aversa: materials 22 hours ago

lightads: That's great. As an experiment, try put the Octopus.CFX... 23 hours ago

Franco Aversa: I can't wait for the Bixpack with the dinosaurs... 23 hours ago

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