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Fresh new templates on a hot summer day

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 12 comments

Launched today: BIXPACK 23 - DJ Markruz: 30 templates for all your DJ/VJ performances & party videos... Read Article


Selina | 10 hours ago | 1 comment

Further to : and in gratitude for the many... Read Article

Movie Blockbuster...

Dani | 16 hours ago | 4 comments

Camera made with eps.... Movie series start.... Read Article

Try a TriTunel Sketch

Selina | a day ago

..for fun! Read Article

DOLLY ZOOM (Hollywood Style)

Selina | a day ago | 1 comment

..Dolly in and adjust FOV to match. Want more info? Read Article

Camera trick/possible??????

emef | a day ago | 2 comments

Hello, I have a little question. Is it possible to do a dolly camera effect (dolly zoom) in Blu... Read Article


Selina | a day ago | 6 comments

..A powerful effect for your artistic tool kit... In gratitude for the many, many inspiring shows... Read Article

Tools Window - Feature Request

Selina | a day ago | 3 comments

..More buttons appear the wider the tools window... Could you add < and > to each set of buttons ... Read Article

Visibility - Feature Request

Selina | a day ago | 4 comments

Michiel Could you add SHIFT+Visibility to toggle all layers off, all layers on... When working... Read Article


Selina | 2 days ago

.. Read Article

Sketch Layer difficulty

Selina | 2 days ago | 2 comments

  .. Try it yourself:     1. Add sketch layer and mirror     2. Attach picture layer to sketch  ... Read Article

Bouncing BALL

Selina | 2 days ago | 13 comments

..Sketch steps and ball path... Read Article

What's new in ?

Jeep35 | 2 days ago | 1 comment

Just released today but no information ! Jean-Pierre Read Article

zero setup x,y,z

lightads | 2 days ago | 4 comments

is bluff setting objects and containers at 0. in 3d space? if thats the case when i rotate the conta... Read Article

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Jesus: Selina, I'm grateful for these plasma files, they'... 2 hours ago

liuyongcai: Lovely Danny 4 hours ago

komies: Wonderful, Dani Very pro, and great 35mm camera... 9 hours ago

Selina: @Vincent :)   10 hours ago

vincent: Merci Selina, je reconnais bien l'intuition fémini... 13 hours ago

persiana: te quedo muy bien Dani 16 hours ago

persiana: muy bien Selina 16 hours ago

Selina: ¡Gracias por tu comentario persiana, me humillo! ... 16 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien selina, es un jesto que te honrra. Mucha... 16 hours ago

Selina: Gracias persiana :)) 16 hours ago

Selina: Lovely Dani, great eps camera :) 16 hours ago

Selina: Thanks Filip and Dani :)   16 hours ago

Dani: Love the timing... 16 hours ago

Filip: Thnx great 20 hours ago

Filip: Nice, great idea! 20 hours ago

SMSgtRod: One nice looking pack...good job! 21 hours ago

Selina: Thanks but a pretty button is more engaging than d... 23 hours ago

Selina: ONLY layers of similar type... not all layers or d... 23 hours ago

Selina: @Vincent Bien sûr que vous méritez ce petit tri... 23 hours ago

Jesus: Very good job and great. Congratulations Michiel. a day ago

michiel: Note that all power buttons on the tool window hav... a day ago

michiel: No need for the SHIFT key. When you mark the ALL L... a day ago

michiel: More dolly effects can be created with the ARM LEN... a day ago

vincent: Thank you Selina for your attention but i don't de... a day ago