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Version 16.6 can export as model

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 21 comments

In version 16.6, choose FILE > EXPORT AS MODEL... and your BluffTitler show is exported as an animated... Read Article

Info "transparency"

Franco Aversa | 3 hours ago | 1 comment

I created a Mov file with transparency, the format is Quicktime and the codec is GoPro CineForm - RGB... Read Article

Sketchfab thumbnails

michiel | 16 hours ago | 3 comments

When you create a new article, link to a Sketchfab model and do not provide a thumbnail, this community... Read Article

Weird twist fixed

michiel | 21 hours ago | 2 comments

Version fixes a twist that can happen when you export a sketch layer that animates the WRITER... Read Article

Dancing on the beach

chaver | a day ago | 8 comments

Self composed music Read Article

Mug BT file and questions

Filip | a day ago | 5 comments

As asked by Pioneer the show file added. My questions: 1 What are the measurements for a good texture... Read Article

Bix Mug

Filip | a day ago | 6 comments

Vincent gave the Idea: A mug is perfect to place a slogan on. So this seemed to be a perfect message. Read Article

LB abstract logo

LostBoyz | a day ago | 9 comments

LB abstract logo Read Article

Animated Kamala Harris Models

Decentralized | 2 days ago | 3 comments

Please no arguing politics. I'm just having some fun is all. Mainly I wanted to let you all know... Read Article


Filip | 2 days ago | 6 comments

I created this mug as a part of a graduation video for my daughter. There is a lot to explore and learn... Read Article

GLB VuMeter

vincent | 3 days ago | 8 comments

In a show - insert model - set animation speed values to 0 0 for all keys - insert audio layer - adjust... Read Article

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