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How to use the news

Filip | 26 minutes ago

There's a wolf detected in our neighborhood, the same place where we have our 24 hour MTB marathon n... Read Article

News Set 1

Dani | 5 hours ago | 4 comments

(:: Read Article

Question FX Morphing stage*

Mr.Choi | 11 hours ago | 3 comments

Where does FX Morphing stage* Can I download it and use it? Read Article

About this Community

chaver | 12 hours ago | 3 comments

I just want to say that this Community is great Community to be on with many friendly Nice people.T... Read Article


Sma | a day ago | 8 comments

suggestion Read Article

Clonar capa activa

persiana | 2 days ago | 12 comments

Quiero saber como se puede hacer, clonar una capa activa pero empezando los keys en el tiempo que yo... Read Article

avi files

whiz | 2 days ago | 3 comments

How do you reopen an AVI file saved to desktop? sorry i did not give enough specifics. I want to sa... Read Article

The 70th Show...

Dani | 3 days ago | 7 comments

Inspired show.. Read Article

Accident in Space

Ulli | 4 days ago | 9 comments

Hi my dear BT-Friends, here my newest show - made with BT, BixPack 20 and 3D objects. Thank you ... Read Article

3D Red show..

Dani | 4 days ago | 9 comments

Just a small show... Read Article

XML file

pkay | 4 days ago | 3 comments

Hello, I'm a proud owner of BluffTitler 13 Ultimate. I'd like to try out the Dynamic Content feature... Read Article

Having fun with flying letters :)

chaver | 5 days ago | 17 comments

Having fun with flying letters :) Read Article

BluffTitler now speaks 20 languages!

michiel | 6 days ago | 10 comments

Version, launched today, introduces the Polish translation which brings the total number of... Read Article


vincent | 6 days ago | 27 comments

A different point of vue. Voyage between buildings. A Jeep35 (good) idea Read Article

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Franco Aversa: WOW !! 44 minutes ago

Sma: More than amazing... an hour ago

komies: Big like, Dani 4 hours ago

vincent: Very pro!!!! As all Dani's intros 4 hours ago

vincent: Agree with you too! 4 hours ago

michiel: To fix this: 1) choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... ... 5 hours ago

Dani: Thank you dear friends. 5 hours ago

Dani: Agree with you I love Bt family community ...lovel... 5 hours ago

Mr.Choi: Thank you for your reply. As you can see in the a... 6 hours ago

michiel: Many effects feature an FX Morphing stage property... 11 hours ago

michiel: ๐Ÿ‘ 11 hours ago

persiana: Many thanks Michiel for the explanation of the "di... 20 hours ago

Ulli: Thank you so much, Sma! 23 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thank you Michiel, I never saw the commands "I... 23 hours ago

SMSgtRod: I give up! 23 hours ago

Sma: dirt mind cause many problems.... komies a day ago

Sma: ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†lol a day ago

komies: No point, Sma Just my dirty mind, sorry. Now l... a day ago

Sma: Komies:::But I did not understand what you meant a... a day ago

Sma: Thanks I searched earlierโ˜บโ˜บ a day ago

komies: @Sma Where you afraid to search this on your co... a day ago

Sma: ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š a day ago

michiel: Thank you for your suggestions! Maybe we also n... a day ago

michiel: A fast and easy way to create a photo show with lo... a day ago

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