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BluffTitler 16.1 release notes

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 21 comments

Version 16.1 improves support for GLB models: glow maps, ambient occlusion maps, metallic maps, animated... Read Article

Interactions with Strangers

Decentralized | 2 hours ago | 1 comment

After a million elevator changes and ideas, I think I got it. Most all the models that are sitting were... Read Article

Small night ride

vincent | 17 hours ago | 6 comments

The mirrors are looking to the future ☺️... because they are done with prevframe Read Article

Animation Blending Test

Ulli | a day ago | 7 comments

Hello my dear Friends, I have made a test with the Animation Blending. This is the result with three... Read Article

Animation blending

michiel | 2 days ago | 14 comments

Version, launched today, introduces animation blending! Some GLB models feature multiple animations.... Read Article

Follow Me

LostBoyz | 3 days ago | 8 comments

Follow Me Read Article


LostBoyz | 5 days ago | 13 comments

Bear Read Article

Muting a Layer?

bhp2000 | 5 days ago | 3 comments

Hi- Just wondering if there's a QUICK way to mute/hide a layer's visibility or if that may... Read Article

Metallic map/metalness: The Model Inspector at Sketchfab

PiPPi | 5 days ago | 2 comments

Like Michiel posted recently, the ability to use the embedded metalmap in GLB models is great. At Read Article

Who's gonna stop me?

Filip | 6 days ago | 7 comments

And again. This time almost all the parts are created by myself. Read Article

Crop effect

michiel | 6 days ago | 4 comments

Version 16.1 introduced the Crop effect. A simple effect that's useful in all kinds of situations.... Read Article


Dani | 6 days ago | 11 comments

(: Read Article

👻Ghost 👻

LostBoyz | a week ago | 14 comments

👻Ghost 👻 Read Article

Metallic map

michiel | a week ago | 14 comments

The metallic map tells the renderer which parts of the model are metallic. In this example the bow and... Read Article

M3GAN Intro

vincent | a week ago | 16 comments

I tried to make the intro (title) of MEGAN movie. Works fine using sketchs. Read Article

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LostBoyz: Very GOOD show, the dog in it is very cute 🐕 3 minutes ago

LostBoyz: WoW! Fantastic show as always vincent! 6 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Nice show Ulli! 7 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli and chaver! 8 minutes ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Effets de lumière incroyables. D'un réalisme... 10 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Sma and Decentralized, merci LBJ. Même... 11 hours ago

le beau jojo: Super génial. Tout est vraiment d'un réalisme.... 11 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, absolutely amazing. Good job, Vincent. Very impressed. 15 hours ago

Sma: عمل متقن 17 hours ago

le beau jojo: Le personnage passe d'une animation à une... 19 hours ago

Franco Aversa: I find this new feature to be very useful and I certainly... 19 hours ago

chaver: well done Ulli 22 hours ago

Decentralized: Looks great. I've already gone back and fixed... a day ago

vincent: Very good results, congrats Ulli and michiel! a day ago

PAT67: Formidable merci a day ago

PAT67: Mille merci Michiel a day ago

michiel: Successful test: it's impossible to see when the... a day ago

chaver: great visuals Lostboyz a day ago

Ulli: Wonderful! Big thanks to you, Michiel! 2 days ago

Ulli: This is awesome, LB! 2 days ago

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