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Let it sink

michiel | 15 hours ago | 6 comments

Here's an interesting technique that I discovered today: using the blob style of the particle layer... Read Article

Finaly finished

bambamD | 4 days ago

Here you can see what Bluff can make !!!! Read Article

Surprise for Bix Cosmonaute!

Alex-Raymond T. | 4 days ago | 5 comments

Bonjour à tous, J’ai réussi à obtenir le modèle 3D de Perseverance... Read Article

Hello dear friends i made an show with Bluff ultimate 64 arc

bambamD | 5 days ago | 2 comments

i bouth bix pack 20 I am from Croatia well i am very honored to work with bluf in combination with DaVinci... Read Article


bojepe | 5 days ago | 1 comment

I want all show resolutions to be 350 x 350. How can I resize templates to look right Read Article


LostBoyz | 6 days ago | 9 comments

LostSpace Read Article

Bixpack templates spiced up

Filip | 6 days ago | 5 comments

Sometimes I'm scrolling through the old Bixpacks. They are sometimes very usable. This is a template... Read Article

Une St Valentin ratée... / A failed Valentine's Day ...

Alex-Raymond T. | 6 days ago | 8 comments

L'Avatar BT a rendez-vous avec une jolie jeune fille... Les paroles de la chanson de Juliette GRECO... Read Article

Text deformation/ Transformation

Filip | a week ago | 2 comments

This comes closest to what I suggested : And as always BT provides more... Read Article

Testing new network/big data effects

michiel | a week ago | 15 comments

A short demo of the new network/big data effects we're working on. The UTP cables, plugs and sockets... Read Article

Text deformations

Filip | a week ago | 5 comments

I want to deform te text in different ways. with the following characteristics: 1. Possibility to keep... Read Article


LostBoyz | a week ago | 5 comments

Hi Michiel! where is this effect Fragments.cfx? Thank you! Read Article

missing textures

oldman1 | a week ago | 2 comments

Just downloaded 15 on a new PC. Old one crashed. Some of the shows are showing missing textures. Any... Read Article

Camera angels and camera movement

Filip | a week ago | 1 comment

Are there tips to create good camera angels and movemenents. Maybe a new bixpack that is focussing on... Read Article

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chaver: Thank you for sharing Michiel 14 hours ago

vincent: Good but let's hope our oceans don't become... 15 hours ago

michiel: And no, we're not turning this theme into a BixPack.... 15 hours ago

michiel: And this classic with an idiotic amount of views: 15 hours ago

michiel: This one: 15 hours ago

michiel: And this one: 15 hours ago

michiel: This is another show in the friendly messages with... 15 hours ago

Joanna fk: Wspaniałe! Dzięki :) a day ago

Ulli: Very nice show. 2 days ago

Ulli: Wow, wonderful! I like the running astronaut. 2 days ago

Ulli: Great and the singing balloons are a beautiful idea! 2 days ago

Ulli: A beautiful story and well implemented. 2 days ago

Ulli: This looks so cool and I like it. I hope Bix doesn't... 2 days ago

Ulli: Beautifully! 2 days ago

Ulli: I like the turn around plate in the middle. 2 days ago

Ulli: As always great music and show. 2 days ago

michiel: Nice! Looking forward to see the wheels, arm and camera... 2 days ago

PAT67: Belle balade martienne .Géniale ton idée... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thank you all for your comments. 3 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci pour ta remarque, j'ai remis le fichier... 3 days ago

michiel: And another test render. 3 days ago

michiel: Without tyraps, the network can become quite hellish... 3 days ago

vincent: Belle animation, merci pour le modèle (j'ai... 3 days ago

komies: Neat and tidy 4 days ago

michiel: And here's a tyraps version! 4 days ago

ID Production: Izvrsno, LP od MK 4 days ago

michiel: Great music... with great visuals! Thank you for sharing... 5 days ago

elvis66: Respekt geile Show LostBoyz 5 days ago

michiel: The left picture is the 16:9 original: 5 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! Filip ,astronaut the video :) 6 days ago

komies: Very nice composition, LostBoyz Great use of the Running... 6 days ago

vincent: Fantastic 🤩🤩🤩 6 days ago

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