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Un peu de douceur

cheyenne | 39 minutes ago

Un peu de douceur Read Article

Corona infos

vincent | an hour ago

Some informations about the Corona Virus prensented with a BT show. Quelques informations sur le Corona... Read Article

COVID 19 Intro

Dani | 8 hours ago | 7 comments

Whole world suffering a lot...uphold these countries in your prayer... United States North America... Read Article


elvis66 | 9 hours ago | 4 comments Read Article


elvis66 | 9 hours ago | 6 comments Read Article

Corona challenge

Filip | 13 hours ago | 9 comments

Sometimes I have an idea for a complete show and sometimes it's a part of an idea. This is something... Read Article

Nice Blufftitler Templates - Product Promo

agpvn | 14 hours ago | 2 comments

100% Blufftitler Read Article

Color disappears

Filip | a day ago | 4 comments

@Michiel when I use the particle layer to create fire from a rocket the color of the fire disapears when... Read Article

Évadez vous du confinement ! / Get away from containment!

Alex-Raymond T. | a day ago | 5 comments

En cette période de pénurie de liberté, évadez-vous, même de vos endroits... Read Article

New effect

TROY GT | a day ago | 1 comment

Michiel,is true that there are a new effect on blufftitler with name glowingfloor if that exists,where... Read Article


vincent | a day ago | 9 comments

Solution is here. Shops are closed and if it goes on, the banknotes won’t be worth anything. Read Article

VJ_VUMeter.CFX effect

lightads | 2 days ago | 1 comment

What BT example is there that uses the VJ_VUMETER effect? Read Article

Enough Toilet paper in stock

Filip | 2 days ago | 6 comments

Michiel thnx for sharing your Friendly message 2. I used your show to make this one. The floor... Read Article

The Big Toilet Paper Shortage Panic

michiel | 2 days ago | 12 comments

Today I was super happy to discover that my supermarket had toilet paper back in stock again! Only one... Read Article

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julio solano: peru matein social distance too, god job danni 2 hours ago

julio solano: thanks 2 hours ago

julio solano: excellent filip 2 hours ago

elvis66: Woww super 5 hours ago

elvis66: Cool Show Filip 5 hours ago

elvis66: Filip ;-) 5 hours ago

persiana: Buen show Dani 6 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien Elvis 6 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien Filip 6 hours ago

komies: Lovely intro, Dani Thankfully we have BluffTitler,... 6 hours ago

michiel: Language like this is normally not allowed in this... 6 hours ago

komies: Tight outfits, Filip. How do they wipe there ass?... 6 hours ago

Filip: Great show. And you are right: prayer is needed. Always... 7 hours ago

Filip: Nice hope you and all you loved ones stay healthy 7 hours ago

Filip: Elvis great show 7 hours ago

elvis66: Very good show Dani 👍🏻 8 hours ago

elvis66: Thanks Dani Hope you are well 8 hours ago

elvis66: Der Coronavirus ist alles verarschung PAT67 8 hours ago

michiel: Yes, we need help from outer space. Thank you Bix!... 8 hours ago

Dani: Thank you PAT67...take care of you too.. 8 hours ago

Dani: I like the bix nurse...well done... Filip 8 hours ago

PAT67: Court et percutant Bravo Dani et protégez-vous... 8 hours ago

Dani: Yes...very good intro... 8 hours ago

Dani: Thank you elvis66...great show .. 8 hours ago

PAT67: Vielleicht ein bisschen lang für diejenigen, die... 8 hours ago

PAT67: Belle idée Filip et merci pour les nouveaux... 9 hours ago

michiel: The text layer generates 3D models out of font files.... 9 hours ago

Filip: Great use of BT! 12 hours ago

vincent: Very good Filip. 13 hours ago

lightads: Great advertising show. Bluff is amazing 13 hours ago

Filip: Thnx for the help, but it isn't working. Tried... 13 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci à tous. 18 hours ago