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Following sketch

Filip | 20 hours ago | 5 comments

I can't get the picture layer and the model layer follow the sketch layer when I use the first slider... Read Article


Miguel Ramirez M | a day ago | 2 comments


When you don't want to use a glyph

Filip | 3 days ago | 3 comments

I tried to make this show with a glyph, but I couldn't get every part of the glyph a different color.... Read Article


sven | 4 days ago | 7 comments

Hello, I have a question. For what is the menu bar the presets section. What can I store there and how... Read Article


LostBoyz | 4 days ago | 9 comments

Chucky :) Read Article

Rounded Cube

michiel | 4 days ago | 9 comments

When trying to create a shining diamond, I accidentally discovered a much greater looking and original... Read Article

example diamond with additive cubemap

Franco Aversa | 5 days ago | 2 comments

example diamond with additive cubemap Read Article


Miguel Ramirez M | 6 days ago | 6 comments


Release notes version

michiel | a week ago | 16 comments

A few small changes in BluffTitler version, launched today: Translations The following translations... Read Article

Diamond reflections

DanaM | a week ago | 8 comments

Hello everyone! I must confess, i'm not very skilled with Blufftitler and i hope someone can point... Read Article

Space highway

vincent | a week ago | 13 comments

Space landscape Read Article


vincent | a week ago | 15 comments

Some robot activity here. Training with Robotic arms forward/reverse kinetics, targets....not easy to... Read Article


seande | a week ago | 4 comments

Hi I made this video but instead of having it loop 3 times I would like it just to extend out at the... Read Article

3D model explosion?

Filip | a week ago | 10 comments

Is it possible to explode a 3D model? Read Article

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nonnogio: Non conosco l' inhglese e traduco con goole spero... an hour ago

michiel: When changing the POSITION prop, picture and model... 3 hours ago

Filip: It works better with 3d particles. It comes close. 16 hours ago

Filip: Michiel that works for one model but I want to add... 16 hours ago

michiel: Animate the WRITER prop of the sketch layer to make... 19 hours ago

Jeep35: I love !!!! 21 hours ago

michiel: Great show, I Love it! Lloraras! One minor remark:... a day ago

lightads: Great studio show. Good music as well. a day ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel for the particle idea. Thnx LostBoyz 2 days ago

Pioneer: thank you Michiel 2 days ago

michiel: Pioneer, when you watch the video on YouTube (click... 2 days ago

LostBoyz: Nice show! 2 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Filip and PAT67. 2 days ago

Pioneer: Is anybody aware of what this audio is please? 3 days ago

michiel: Nice trick to use another font for the decorations!... 3 days ago

michiel: When you want to copy a container layer including all... 3 days ago

lightads: Each PRESET-save is only a save for the same TYPE of... 3 days ago

sven: I have now tried it to save a container from a bixpack... 3 days ago

PAT67: Captivant parcours et surprise robotique 4 days ago

PAT67: Merci pour ce partage 4 days ago

Filip: Superb and scary. 4 days ago

michiel: Yes 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you vincent! 4 days ago

sven: Works it also with Container? 4 days ago

michiel: I think this answers your question: 4 days ago

sven: File Control Edit Layer Media ??? „Preset“... 4 days ago

vincent: Awesome intro LB! 4 days ago

Eddy: Merci Michiel, très beau cube et plus que brillant.... 4 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you liuyongcai and Michiel! 4 days ago

michiel: Very nice shadows! ...and a very ugly doll 😉 4 days ago

liuyongcai: Thank you Michiel for sharing!! 4 days ago

liuyongcai: Great show LostBoyz ! 4 days ago

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