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BixPack 31 | Lower Thirds

Carlos Marques | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 7 comments

The lower third templates of BixPack 31 rendered on top of video footage. For more info click here:... Read Article


Filip | 4 hours ago | 3 comments

Sometimes I see a video on youtube and I try to re-create it in BluffTitler. It's not an exact... Read Article

Blufftitler is a Great program

chaver | 8 hours ago | 5 comments

I have had and will keep on having a lot of fun with this program.Thank you Michiel :) Read Article

Michiel can we start a dialog?

komies | 8 hours ago | 13 comments

Filip was the last to ask for a version of shattering of text. But there where others like me, LostBoyz... Read Article

Bix promoting website - more likes!

Dick (FOV) | 12 hours ago

Most of the time I try to combine something useful with experiments. I made this short video with Bix... Read Article

Put the blank part behind the photo

Jesus | 17 hours ago | 1 comment

Michiel my question, I tried to present photos with the effect plane2cylinder.cfx, but I want to put... Read Article


ARMABIT | 21 hours ago

new design ARMABIT Read Article

For Filip - Text1 to Text2

amiga | 22 hours ago | 1 comment

Hi Filip, Here is a file that tries to simulate changing text, using particles (even though your... Read Article

Text1 to text2

Filip | a day ago | 3 comments

@ Michiel: Is there a possibility to create a smooth transition from one text to another without the... Read Article

BluffTitler Title - Remake of Adam and Eve (Rembrandt)

Dick (FOV) | a day ago

BluffTitler (and a little Vegas Pro) Title for the "making of" video "Remake of Adam and... Read Article

Wedding Rings

Dani | a day ago | 1 comment

(: Read Article

Wedding Memories Rebecca and peter

Dani | 2 days ago | 10 comments

(; i love wedding shows... Read Article

Water simulation

Franco Aversa | 2 days ago | 10 comments

I tried to simulate a water jet in BluffTitler. What can be improved? Which material should I use? Read Article

Resolution dimensions not saved

lightads | 2 days ago | 1 comment

When I change the resolution setting then save my project then open it again the resolution is set back... Read Article

Creating A different better image in personalized logos 3D

DJ A Todo Dar | 2 days ago | 2 comments


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SMSgtRod: Pretty close...... 2 hours ago

komies: @Vincent Me too, There will be some heavy lifting... 3 hours ago

komies: @Filip Not all text was for you to understand,... 3 hours ago

komies: Not to bad at all, quite nice indeed Filip 3 hours ago

vincent: Nice, but maybe you could add depth of field, or Tiltshift... 3 hours ago

vincent: Michiel, i like the pic with you answer😃😃 3 hours ago

Filip: Komies did't understand a word you wrote 🤣.... 4 hours ago

Filip: I am a fan, a great programm! 4 hours ago

komies: Wonderful to hear, Michiel But could you elaborate... 4 hours ago

michiel: Thank you for your request. Yes, it's already... 5 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Chaver! 5 hours ago

chaver: Yes komies.Blufftitler is quite unique 5 hours ago

komies: As I had and still will have, BluffTitler is quite... 5 hours ago

komies: What are your thoughts, Michiel 1. What do you... 6 hours ago

komies: Can we start expecting Step One? NICE to have,... 6 hours ago

komies: The Forth Step: Physics or the appearance of it... 6 hours ago

komies: The Third Step: Now with Texture. How difficult... 7 hours ago

komies: The Second Step: The Translation from shape to... 7 hours ago

komies: The difficulty as far as I can see is in the translation... 7 hours ago

SMSgtRod: You bet!! 7 hours ago

komies: I don't think that we are asking from you to write... 8 hours ago

Filip: Michiel tried it but it doesn,t come near.....but I'll... 10 hours ago

Filip: Amiga, great show. I tried several options, but this... 10 hours ago

michiel: I would also go for a particle solution: break up your... 13 hours ago

michiel: I think I would use the CYLINDER style (1st dropdown)... 13 hours ago

amiga: Filip, Your example video is way nicer, but... 22 hours ago

persiana: Bonito show de boda Dani a day ago

Dani: Thank you Filip and PAT67... a day ago

PAT67: Le déroulé des photos est astucieux a day ago

PAT67: La 1ière simulation est pas mal du tout ,... a day ago

Filip: Great show, a real Dani show! a day ago

Dani: A big thank you dear friends..always loving... a day ago