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NextPreviousHomeEndless tunnels and landscapes ?

Bansaw | a year ago | 7 comments | 571 views

I have an old version of Blufftitler but thinking of upgrading to latest version.
I would like to see examples of "endless" video loops , like tunnels and landscapes.

Has anyone got any examples of this. or does anyone know if I can download already-created 3d models of landscapes and these things that I can import?

Here are some examples of the thing I am looking for:

or this:

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The latest installer has a tunnel demo:

The path of the tunnel in your YouTube example is a bit dull. With Bixelangelo you can design more exiting paths and render them with the sketch layer:

michiel, a year ago

Vincent has created a few excellent tunnel shows:

michiel, a year ago

Bansaw, here an example to download, you can replace with your own texture to create various environments (BT version >=13 needed)

vincent, a year ago

This is the kind of thing I am looking for actually. This is really good.
Is this one big 3d model, or is it a smaller model repeated ?

Bansaw, a year ago

Bansaw, this show is done with models, sketchs, text and EPS in a subcontainer then indeed subcontainer is repeated and placed in a container.

vincent, a year ago

Super Intro

elvis66, a year ago

Intéressant ce tunnel ,je pense que vous l'avez associé à un calque VJ

PAT67, a year ago

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