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vincent | a year ago | 20 comments | 9 likes | 933 views

Rorysee, MrGruntHunter, michiel and 6 others like this!

3D Font (sketchs+models+eps)

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Very techno, a masterpiece!

Filip, a year ago

Thank you Filip.

vincent, a year ago

Amazing - great idea, Vincent!

Ulli, a year ago

Thank you Ulli.

vincent, a year ago

Great 3D model font! Do you have a full ABC in this style? 😁

Thanks to emoji, bitmap fonts are finally starting to take off πŸπŸ”© βš™οΈπŸ›«

You are already one step ahead with 3D model fonts!

michiel, a year ago

L😊L Michiel, modestly I have only of what to write VINCENT (...for the moment)

vincent, a year ago

vincent, excellent your intelligence and a great teacher. Congratulations!!

Jesus, a year ago

Awesome vincent! :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Great...It seems like the intro of a television program.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Thank you very much Jesus, LB and Franco.

vincent, a year ago

Vincent dépose vite la marque pour ce moteur

PAT67, a year ago


IntroChamp, a year ago

Merci Patrick and thank you Joel.

vincent, a year ago

vincent are the name characters bitmap fonts or are they x files ?

Rorysee, a year ago

Rorysee, as indicated above in the short description name is built with models, sketches, and EPS.
You can't use bitmap fonts because there are only 2D and the name is 3D here.

vincent, a year ago

OK Thanks . the eps files i am struggling with. can we import normal eps files or path files into bluff.
i cant . so i am am wondering is there any specific workflow for creating eps files for import into bluff?

Rorysee, a year ago

Ah man this is brilliant. Great chrome metal look works nicely with your them, well done.

lightads, a year ago

Thank you lightads.

vincent, a year ago

yes it is nicely done, looks awesome. vincent do you have any software that you use to create your 3D X Files for bluff?

Rorysee, a year ago

Rorysee, i use all kind of models, for simple i create them, for complex i use free or pay models (if not too expensive).
And very often i merge simple models with EPS, sketch and fonts in a container to create a more complex element.

vincent, a year ago

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