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vincent | a year ago | 8 comments | 10 likes | 643 views

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Strange creatures appear at sunset

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Looks like someplace in Miami Beach :-)

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Sure that could Mike. This show is the same as previous with few different lightings and some adjustments and i also tried an other octopus. BluffTitler is fantastic!

vincent, a year ago

Well the BluffTitler species are on holliday top I see!

Filip, a year ago

J'aime bien la gerbe d'eau quand la pieuvre retombe dans la piscine

PAT67, a year ago

Filip, unfortunately i stay at home for holidays. Salut Patrick et merci, j'ai fait la gerbe d'eau avec le particle layer le tout dans un conteneur avec la pieuvre.

vincent, a year ago

Fantastic! and good surprise, congratulations.

Jesus, a year ago

I miss Michiel. 😃

Ulli, a year ago

Love the pool and reflections on water...Good job Vincent..

Dani, a year ago

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