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Per | 11 years ago | 3 comments | 2,118 views

Hm, is this a bug - I thought it worked differently before:

If I go to "Change font" (F6)
I see the characters of the font, and the font name is in the upper right corner (usually "Arial Black")

If I then click anywhere in the dialog, all the letters of the font disappear and are replaced with a question mark.

Say I click just above the "Ok" button - not on the button, just over it, all the characters change.

If i go up to "Font Family" and chose a new font, all the question marks are then rendered in the new font - but it doesn't display the actual characters in the font??

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I just noticed, if I load the show "startup\" this behavior DOES NOT happen. All the letters just display.

But if I then select File/New Show - and F6 then it happens.

Per, 11 years ago

This has to do with the unicode character set. More info about unicode can be found on this page:

michiel, 11 years ago

Hm.. but I don't remember changing it to unicode. Odd.

But that did fix it yes :)

Per, 11 years ago

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