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Sketchs application (suite)

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Wow the master strikes again!

Filip, a year ago

***** (5stars)

gato@mo, a year ago

Bobine 35 mm avec la piste son , superbe bientôt un César en vue

PAT67, a year ago

Beau travail!

I wonder if the FILE > EXPORT AS VIDEO... dialog should feature FILMSTRIP as export type. It already features NUMBERED FRAMES so the only thing left to do is to place those frames into a single picture file. This will generate mega resolution pictures so maybe it's not such a good idea 🙄🤔

michiel, a year ago

Thank you all, yes michiel it's would be great but indeed such a type of pic (single picture file) would quickly grow unless jumping x images each y, i don't if it would be possible to have the possibility to read video with a step parameter to read for example only one frame each 10 or one frame each 20 simulate animation, but i don't know what could be the consequences on the BluffTitler performances.
Here i placed different pics of bix in a colourmap layer.

vincent, a year ago

Vincent, constantly reading multiple frames of the same video file will probably kill performance. So this will require preprocessing.

michiel, a year ago

Very Cool vincent :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Michiel is a great idea, maybe the resolution can be reduced.

Vincent a Great work, I like that you have been attentive also to the details of the reflections.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Es extraordinario Vicente, me encanta

persiana, a year ago

Thank you LB, Franco and persiana.

vincent, a year ago

Another great show of yours, Vincent!

Ulli, a year ago

Thank you again Ulli for your always kind comments.

vincent, a year ago

Wonderful. ... show... i Love the filmstrip...

Dani, a year ago

Thank you Dani.

vincent, a year ago

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