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Dani | a year ago | 7 comments | 1 like | 562 views

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Can it is possible works with "Round Bevel".. text looks a 3D sketch...
when we use a border or particles to Textwriter.cfx.. it's not coordinating the text and (border or particles) when we use text writer property

Still TEXTWRITER.CFX is powerful feature..

Thank you...

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Dani, a year ago

So you want to render the capital I as 1 stroke instead of 4 strokes?

And a capital I with serifs with 3 strokes?

michiel, a year ago

is a great idea and feature for effect.

Carlos Marques, a year ago

Thank you Michiel and Carlos...

My point is the current .cfx how it's working with LIGHT DISCS, LIGHT BULBS, COMB, TUBULAR ROUND, TUBULAR SQUARE and WIREFRAME the same with Solid and Round Bevel..etc...

When we use writer property of Textwriter.cfx on Round Bevel it will reveal each letter as a 3D...sketch type...
We reveal this with the help of CLIP.CFX... but not look like a writer property does...

Dani, a year ago

The ROUND BEVEL text layer style is not a line drawing, but a solid shape.

The Text\TextWriter effect needs a line drawing. That's why it only works with the styles you mention.

Thank you for your request!

michiel, a year ago

Ah I get it.
Michiel is it possible to make a layer style that consists of a single line presentation of the solid text. If thats the case the TextWriter.cfx works on that style and you can have a more realistic writing experience.

Filip, a year ago

Automatically filling a solid in a realistic, human way would be a huge research project. We would LOVE to do that. That would be a dream project. Thank you for your feature request!!!

michiel, a year ago

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