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michiel | a year ago | 33 comments | 15 likes | 4,197 views

LostBoyz, hongfeng, vincent and 12 others like this!

Version, launched today, introduces the INFLATED text style.

Turning your letters into balloons is now as easy as selecting the INFLATED style with the 3rd dropdown below the textbox.

It's big fun trying this effect with different fonts. Here are a few that look spectacular:

This screenshot uses the Cubemap effect and the texture that comes with the installer.

Other new features of version

Bevel size protection

The bevel size, as set with the BEVEL property when using the ROUND BEVEL style, is now automatically limited to prevent intersections and distortions.

So you can now play around with this property without having to worry about distorting the result.

The bevel size is also no longer fixed for the whole font: a single small detail no longer limits the bevel size for the rest of the font.

Super high quality

Choose SETTINGS > Super high quality for super high quality antialiasing.

If your are lucky to have a powerful GPU with lots of memory, render your shows in super high quality!

On an average machine:
-edit in normal quality
-export as video in high quality
-export as picture in super high quality

Normalize numerals

When this checkbox in the MEDIA > Change font... dialog is marked, the numerals (0123456789) all have the exact same width. This way your text and scroller layers no longer jump when using the time and counter tags:

Inflate effect

Next to the inflate text style, version also introduces the Inflate effect. This blows up your layer in a less advanced way, but can be applied to all layer types, including the model layer. Try it with Bix!

The new inflate effect can be found in the Effects/Special folder.

Free upgrade

Version is a free upgrade from version 11 and later:

If you want to thank us for yet another free upgrade, how about creating a Wikipedia page about BluffTitler, in your own language?

Thank you very much!

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This is how the new INFLATED text style looks with other fonts.

Notice that small details are no problem!

michiel, a year ago

The inflated style works great it gets better results than a very high bevel setting. Is this why the bevel property is absent with inflated?

The inflated style works great as Car name, Engine type badge on the booth/trunk.

Also the Super High Quality is very welcome.

And the Normalize numerals checkbox is a elegant solution, without it the V12 would look like V 1 2.

komies, a year ago

Again thank you michiel, a great work on BT.

vincent, a year ago

Komies, the INFLATED style does not feature a BEVEL property because it does not use bevels. This style defines a 3D model as a collection of spheres with different radiuses.

The ROUND BEVEL style adds bevels to fixed size extruded 2D shape.

Those are 2 very different things.

michiel, a year ago

Inflat effect applied on bix with variable FX Sphere Position and morphe to sphere=1 is very funny 😄😄😄

vincent, a year ago

All right ... now I know what to talk about in the next my video !! Thanks Michiel.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Playing on the trunk badge idea.

I wanted to try the Ferrari horse logo, and got a 3d model for the same effort.

komies, a year ago

is there an example for the Wikipedia BluffTitler page in any language? I gladly do it in Italian.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

The Inflated effect is very powerful, I think we'll spend many days inventing new things ... thank you Michiel!!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Thank you all!

Franco, no there is no Wikipedia page about BluffTitler. That's why I asked for it to be created.

michiel, a year ago

Liuyongcai 字体.在14.1.0.7 版本.中红色标记.几个字符.位置全部为0.轴心点全部为0.显示字符的轴心点不正确 .
Liuyongcai font. In the version. Red mark. Several characters. The position is all 0. The pivot point is all 0. The axis point of the display character is incorrect.

liuyongcai, a year ago

Liuyongcai, unmark the NORMALIZE NUMERALS checkbox of version

michiel, a year ago

Michiel thank you very much!

liuyongcai, a year ago

Muchas gracias Michiel

persiana, a year ago

Jahoo, totally exited. Thnx Michiel love the new possibilities. Already doing try outs!

Filip, a year ago

Michiel, no puedo instalar esta versión, porque el antivirus no me deja y después Windows dice, que no tiene acceso al dispositivo.

persiana, a year ago

I're engineered my experiment with the Play text and used the inflated text style combined with the inflate.cfx effect. Is this cool or is the cool. Love it!

Filip, a year ago

Try out this fonts with the new Inflated text style:
In order of appearance:
Gretoon ( )
Sniglet ( )
Balloonish ( )
Baby Cakes ( )

Filip, a year ago

El antivirus me dice que no es un archivo recomendable y que lo están investigando.

persiana, a year ago

Thank you Michiel for the new update...

Dani, a year ago

Great! Thank you Michiel!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thank you all!

Persiana, AVAST has analyzed the latest installer and found no problems. You can now download the latest version!

Thank you for reporting the false positive!

michiel, a year ago

Michiel, I found that the Shows folder in the new version is totally different to the ones in the old versions, why ?

snafu, a year ago

Snafu, nothing dramatic has changed.

Maybe you are looking at the wrong folder. Click on the APP button in the upper right of the file dialog to quickly jump to the shows that came with the installer:

michiel, a year ago

OK, Thank you Michiel, I've got it

snafu, a year ago


Dani, a year ago


Dani, a year ago

Merci Michiel

PAT67, a year ago

Muy buen efecto Michiel, felicidades!

Markruz, a year ago

Thank you for the new update!! And the information

Kanon, a year ago

Thank you for this great update, Michiel! It´s very funny to play around with this.

Ulli, a year ago

Wonderful Michiel.... thank you....

SMSgtRod, a year ago


Kenny Q, a year ago

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