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Test to download. Inflated.cfx very useful to create new shapes but why internal face of an object is transparent ?

Download media files (56.4 KB)

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All from a straight line, great test Vincent

komies, 10 months ago

Vincent, the faces of the sketch layer are single sided.

To render the inside, make a copy of the layer and place a minus sign (-) before the 2 values of the
PEN SIZE property.

michiel, 10 months ago

Thank you alex and thank you michiel for response but is double sided texture a problem for the sketchs ?

vincent, 10 months ago

Double sided means 2 times as many triangles to render. To protect the render speed, sketch layers are single sided.

michiel, 10 months ago

ok thanks for explanations.

vincent, 10 months ago

Great! Thank you vincent !

LostBoyz, 10 months ago

Nice test Vincent...

Dani, 10 months ago

Vincent merci pour le partage

PAT67, 10 months ago

Wow, a powerfull feature inflate.cfx effect. Thnx for this lesson and for the sharing

Filip, 10 months ago

Muy bien Vicente y gracias

persiana, 10 months ago

the same technique of blown glass ....GREAT!

Franco Aversa, 10 months ago

Thank you all, Franco you are right, it is absolutely the same technique as blown glass, i had not thought of that !

vincent, 10 months ago

ah ah, I live near Venice and Murano where glass is made.

Franco Aversa, 10 months ago

Franco, we know all the riches of art in Italy and especially in your area but there is also a glass blower near my home

vincent, 10 months ago

I said joking, now the art of glass is spread all over the world, and seeing Bix maybe even on some other planet !!

Franco Aversa, 10 months ago

The inflated effect is very versatile. Thanks a lot for sharing, Vincent!

Ulli, 10 months ago

Yes inflat.cfx is very interesting filter for our shows.

vincent, 10 months ago

Thanks Vincent 👍

gato@mo, 10 months ago

Thanks for the feedback gato@mo.

vincent, 10 months ago

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