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vincent | a year ago | 20 comments | 13 likes | 714 views

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Space traffic.

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Es precioso y fenomenal vicente.

persiana, a year ago

Very good, Vincent

I see Helicarrier from Marvel Avengers.
A UFO from Close Encounter of the third kind.
And a BSG Viper.

Thorsten wil miss a Star Trek spaceship.

Well done.

komies, a year ago

Alex you are the Encyclopedic Man not only for BT but for SciFi too😊! Gracias tambien persiana!

vincent, a year ago

Wow indeed a complete scifi saga. Is that a sort of Babylon 5 ish thingy?

Filip, a year ago

This looks like a tremendous amount of work was put into it. I really love it - and no, I don't miss a thing! ;-)

Thor5ten, a year ago

Grand spectacle et fantastiques vaisseaux .

PAT67, a year ago

Fantastic vincent!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thank you all

vincent, a year ago

Amazing, ready for movie release! Can I however advise you to use a bit more splines on all movements, especially the camera? It gives it a more cinematic effect if it is less 'hard'.

OldFart68, a year ago

OldFart68 thank you for the comment, and you are absolutely right, the movements of camera are a little bit abrupt. Splines are not always easy to use because postions of camera when you play show are not the same that the position when you place cursor on a key during show conception.

vincent, a year ago

That is why for me the go to Spline for the camera layer is Hulshoff smooth for moving in an 3d environment from key to key.
If you look at the diagram in the link you'll see that it is the best of both worlds.

komies, a year ago

Komies thanks to remember that, i'll try show with Hulshoff.

vincent, a year ago

Just to clarify,

Your the artist and it's your show and you make it as you want it and for me you don't need to do it any other way.

My comment was in general, when you have a key to key camera animation in a 3d eniviroment I find that Hulshoff smooth works really well.

But don't take a suggestion as gospel try out other things, it's up to you.

komies, a year ago

We follow them or not but all the suggestions/ideas are good to hear. Thanks Alex.

vincent, a year ago

Great update! Still like those light flares everywhere and this huge blue beam is absolutely mesmerizing.

Thor5ten, a year ago

Super WOW !!

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Thanks again Thor5ten, grazie Franco.

vincent, a year ago

Wow..great atmosphere

Dani, a year ago

I think, you are the "outer space master", Vincent!

Ulli, a year ago

😄😄😄 thank you Ulli

vincent, a year ago

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