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A new small experience with UVMapper

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Nice show, and what was the outcome of your analysis dr. Vincent?

Filip, 7 months ago

Thank you Filip.

Analysis 12/7/2018
Danielle Koppers : Not an alien.

Dr vincent

vincent, 7 months ago

That's the coolest thing. How did you do it? I'm still puzzled what you can achieve with the UVMapper and how.

Thor5ten, 7 months ago

good, a very imaginative animation!!

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

Es genial vicente

persiana, 7 months ago

Thank you Thor5ten, Franco, persiana. Download show here to undersand UVMapper usage in this show. The most important is the property FX World space set to 1 for layer 17 and layer 18 .

vincent, 7 months ago

Merci Professeur Vincent.

PAT67, 7 months ago

Thanks! I will look into it. I love experiments.

Thor5ten, 7 months ago

Awesome vincent, thank you! :)

LostBoyz, 7 months ago

Merci Patrick, Thanks for feedback Thor5ten and LostBoyz. Now cleaned my FTP.

vincent, 7 months ago

The X-ray image looks great in the show!
But the download don´t work.

Ulli, 7 months ago

Hi Ulli and thank you, i sent you the show by email (ulli17...@...).

vincent, 7 months ago

Thank you for sending that, my dear friend!

Ulli, 7 months ago

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