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gato@mo | a year ago | 2 comments | 425 views

Es posible que un .EPS sea (desagrupado) como si fuera un modelo .X
Se podrá
❓ Are you sure you would like to unpack all 23 submodels of ,EPS into a separate layers...
Espero respuesta equipo Blufftitler
Thanks, @Gabriel

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Thank you for your request!

The concept of submodels is built into 3D model files, but font and EPS files do not contain hierarchy and are nothing more than a list of outlines. This means we have to analyse the result to split it into submodels. For example the letter B contains 3 outlines that produces 1 filled shape. And the i (lower case I) has 2 outlines that produces 2 separate shapes (the dot and the vertical line). Those shapes could be called "submodels".

Realize that this would create a submodel out of every separate shape. In your example you would end up with 23 submodels, which is not very practical. 3 or 4 would be better. I think I would create those 3 or 4 shapes as separate EPS files and attach those EPS layers to the same container layer.

michiel, a year ago

Thanks, Michiel

gato@mo, a year ago

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