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Alex-Raymond T. | a year ago | 8 comments | 7 likes | 599 views

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Is it possible to soften the perspective effects of an object in the periphery of a scene, except by working keyframes?
Another small flaw: at each lighting of the burner, controlled by the soundtrack, there is a slight burst of the background (skybox resulting from an equirectangular image); is a correction possible?
I arrive at the end of my study on balloons and the result is rather satisfactory. See the video of my first balloon of 1981.
Thank you for your help.

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Creative use of a 360° photo!

The perspective effect can be set with the FIELD OF VIEW property of the camera layer. What do you mean with "except by working keyframes"?

Why is the "slight burst of the background" problematic? Isn't it realistic that the burner lights up everything in its neighborhood?

michiel, a year ago

ART Je ne sais pas si c'est que tu cherches mais peut-être avec \Effects\Camera\CameraTiltShift.cfx (sur le layer camera) en règlant FX Radial=1 et en essayant plusieurs valeurs pour FX DOF tu obtiens un flou autour de la caméra

vincent, a year ago

Hi Michiel,
I agree and I used the depth of field, which I modify elsewhere in the tracking shot. But I did not find the right setting for the periphery and I worked on the 3 dimensions of the general container of the balloon to absorb the over-effects (which is the case of the video that you saw).
I guess I did not speak well (language problem), it's not a shine of light, but a little "shake" of the background. I could see that by keeping only the audio layer and the skybox layer, the phenomenon always occurs.
I have a cure, it is to have a scene with the ball on a transparent background with the audio, that next to the skybox in a second assembly.
As for the brilliance of which you spoke as welcome, it is voluntary and for that I used two envelopes with identical texture, one semi-transparent and the other with variable lighting according to the burner.
Sorry to disturb you, but I do not know the software yet perfectly enough to be certain of my actions.

Thank you Michiel.

Merci, je vais étudier ce que tu proposes et voir si ça me convient.

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

There's no special treatment of the periphery/borders, that's just how perspective projection works. I think setting the FIELD OF VIEW property of the camera layer to a lower value is what you are looking for. When doing this, you will have to place the camera a bit further away from the balloon to keep it fully visible and you will probable need a higher resolution 360° photo to keep it sharp.

A background photo that shakes to the beat can only be explained by a VJ rule. You must have accidentally connected a position property to an audio frequency:

michiel, a year ago

Hi Michiel, hi Vincent,
@ Michiel:
I checked the rules of the VJ and you were right! I had to file a VJ rule on the Skybox par by mistake 🤬. I will try to find the best compromise between the DOF format and the 360 ° photo resolution. Thank you for you precious help. This question must be considered resolved.

@ Vincent:
You made me discover a very interesting effect (there are so many) that I will keep the edge very light, which increases the attraction of the main object, in this case the balloon. Merci Vincent.

Have a good day.

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago


elvis66, a year ago

Bonsoir Raymond,
Super bien fait, j'imagine le boulot mais le résultat est là

lecoq, a year ago

Muy buen show Alex

persiana, a year ago

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