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Rorysee | 2 years ago | 3 comments | 2 likes | 631 views

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this is just a re-post of an older question. is there a way of adding a blur like a linear blur or a motion blur to text only . not to the camera which would add a blur to the scene entirety . in other words like normal editing you can put a fx up-stream or down-stream
to set fx on an event or piece of composited media on the TL or the entire work area. The fx must be applied to the text only not the entire scene

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one solution would be to ADD FX TO CONTAINER . so any elements within that container would have the fx applied to them anything outside would be excluded

Rorysee, 2 years ago

Is this the solution?
1. Create a Colourmap layer (set the resolution to the right values for your project)
2. Make the Colourmap transparent (Text stays visible)
3. Create a Picture layer as background (Fullscreen in background)
4. Create a Picture layer with the Colourmap as texture (put it Fullscreen in the Foreground)
5. Use the blurr effect on the Camera layer in the Colourmap layer and play with the settings

I hope this is the solution.

Filip, 2 years ago

thanks Filip can you create a bt project file for me to upload and check. i am still not getting it. probably because i am used to compositing in layers and adding fx to the comp or layer so your method escapes me right now. much appreciated Filip

Rorysee, 2 years ago

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