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A Bluff user on the Cyberlink PowerDirector forum was frustrated that the NLE will import the AVI created with Bluff, but it loses the transparency. I also know another NLE, Davinci Resolve, won't import AVI files. Both will import MOV files with the transparent alpha channel intact. I would imagine there could be other video editors that can have similar import issues.

Some of the other 'help' offered to the Bluff user were to continue using the transparent png image sequence, but he wasn't happy with the work flow or results. Chroma key also isn't a good choice. ffmpeg command line conversion was also suggested, but he wasn't comfortable with that. One said that they had tried many online and downloaded conversion software, but none could convert the AVI and include the alpha. This person suggested using another vendor's program that 'works' for bottom thirds and titles, which I found disturbing. I hate to see a current user, or anyone else who may read that post, driven away from using BluffTitler because of this issue with the NLE.

A while ago, in a post in here in the Bluff community I did include a link to a solution I found for this issue. A freeware program called XMedia Recode, a shell using ffmpg, that can easily and quickly convert individual or batch files. It likely is buried, as my post wasn't directed at that exact topic.

While the Bluff user was very satisfied with the results, I only used some screen shots to explain the work flow. So I thought I would quickly create a tutorial with a couple short examples produced in Powerdirector.

Of course there's no argument that Bluff's AVI files are the best quality, but if they're unusable, it's a problem that deserves a solution.
Site in Deutsch or English
Program downloads available for various versions of Windows, including a portable version. When installed, several languages can be selected.

Hope this helps anyone with this issue. BluffTitler is to good of a program to stop using or not purchase, because there is a solution.

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Here was the Bluff user's response after trying the conversion. I believe he's a Bluff happy camper!

SparkyVegas, 4 years ago

Thank you for these tips.
For information Magix works perfectly with the transparent background AVI created with BluffTitler.

Alex-Raymond T., 4 years ago

I work with Magix Video Pro X which has no problems with AVI files with transparency.
But I thank you for sharing this information, very useful for example in DaVinci Resolve.

I find 50,000 an exaggerated setting for the bitrate, the maximum value is given at 36000 with a full HD at 30fps

Thank you.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Very valuable informations and beautiful illustration of the result. Thanks R.
PS: i like the man attached to sketch with water particles at the end of the video too. ???

vincent, 4 years ago

Thank you for the info. The user guide has been updated:

michiel, 4 years ago

Useful info..Thank you..

Dani, 4 years ago

Alex-Raymond, yes, Magic is among some that I know will work, and others can't or may not. During my search for conversion software I noticed mentions of Corel having issues with 'some' AVI files and Hitfilm also having posts of conversion needed for file types that will not import. I can't say if either applied to Bluff, but if person is happy with the features, workflow, and encoding speed of their NLE I doubt they would make a switch for just one issue. That could make them pass by Bluff and look at other software. Even if the editor works with the AVIs this also creates an option for those with limited drive space for reusing the video files, perhaps for a repeated talent intro or segments. I know of some that do all their work, including video, on a laptop, which will have storage limitations. Plus this can convert a variety of other file types, if needed.

Franco, you're very welcome. The 50000 setting may be extreme, but seems to have no affect on encoding time and will only produce the highest bitrate needed for best quality based on the composition of an individual file. For example, the original lower third AVI in the first example was 4.63GB, the second was 1 second longer and more complex only at 5.09GB, so fairly close in size. I also have a third Bluff AVI that is exactly the same size at 4.63GB, and length as the first, but even more complex. The second MOV encoded at over 3 times the bitrate of the first. That third ,identical to the first in size and length, encoded at 11 times higher. The output file size of the MOVs also reflect this, with the first 140MB, the second, 478MB, the third at 1.55GB. For my own videos I normally use 60fps to reduce stutter for the motion involved in the rest of the video, which will create a higher bitrate. So with the number I used it should more than cover anything you could throw at it, but of course you can reduce it if you feel it would offer you some benefit.

Vincent ,thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed that, but honestly, this is nothing compared to all that you have shared here. Although I will admit you often bend my brain trying to figure out the answer to the question... "How did he do that?" I was hoping Michiel could create a WOW_THAT_IS_AWESOME!.cfx to fix that. LOL

Michiel, quite happy to share this easy work around. Even though I'm not a big contributor and more of a lurker here, I really appreciate all that you do for us, as well as from the others posting here. I know the realty client compliments wouldn't happen without your software playing a part in the videos I produce.

SparkyVegas, 4 years ago

SparkyVegas ,
Thank you for the answer,
doing some tests actually if you use 60fps and the resolution is bigger it is better to use the 50,000 as you say.
I thank you very much because I didn't know this program and I saw that it is very complete.
This program also allows you to add filters and process the video.
I took advantage of it to create a tutorial on my YouTube channel.
So thank you again for sharing with us.
Many users had also asked me how to reduce the file size, this can be a great method.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Dani, glad to share, and my apologies. I was interrupted after starting my last comment and didn't see your comment until now.

Franco, after a lengthy search for ANY converter that would work with Bluff AVIs, not only did this one work very well, it had so many other video and audio conversion options. Plus it's much easier than using ffmpeg command line syntax. Glad it helped you and your users.

SparkyVegas, 4 years ago

I am the PD user that you mention in this post. I was very pleased with your solution and your time taken to respond to my issue. I have used it a number of times since that post.

And yes... I am a Bluff happy camper

Safari, 4 years ago


So glad that helped you... AND you're among all of us Bluff happy campers!

SparkyVegas, 4 years ago

Thank you very much for this info

chaver, 4 years ago


Glad it helped you! I appreciate all the contributions from the Bluff community members, so happy to be able to add something.

SparkyVegas, 4 years ago

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