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komies | a year ago | 6 comments | 10 likes | 520 views

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A Realtime rendered demo made in CryEngine that uses a AMD Vega56 Graphics card with DirectX12 or Vulcan API.

This is an implementation of Voxel-Based Global Illumination (SVOGI), not full raytracing of the complete scene. It is essentially a voxel-based method to calculate global illumination (incl. reflections), i.e. the ray-tracing is used only in the same way as the RTX's ray-tracing is used in Battlefield 5. The rest of the graphics is handled in traditional manner.

Given the compute power of AMD GPUs (and the fact that voxel-based ray-tracing is a lot cheaper than the ray-based approach from Nvidia), there is no reason to doubt that this is a V56.

Maybe in a not too distant future possible in BluffTitler?
May I Dream?

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Ouch! Fantastic video, water, lights broken mirrors reflections, glasses, rain effect, i can imagine my computer render a so complex landscape. A great source of inspiration for future BT versions. Thanks Alex.

vincent, a year ago

Superb atmosphere! We enter the 5th dimension! Breathtaking!

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Je comprends pas comment c'est fait mais c'est exceptionnel !

PAT67, a year ago

Wow what is real and what is artificial?? Who nows the difference? Great video lost me on the tecnical stuf...😀

Filip, a year ago

es un video genial Komies

persiana, a year ago

Soon dream come true....

Dani, a year ago

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