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komies | a year ago | 15 comments | 2 likes | 845 views

Dani and LostBoyz like this!

Michiel can we start a dialog?
Filip was the last to ask for a version of shattering of text.

But there where others like me, LostBoyz and Dani who have asked similar type of effect.

Most other 3d software packs like C4d, Blender, and after effects with 3D Element have this kind of effects so one could conclude that there is a market for it.

Now we al know that BluffTitler is a more game based app in terms of effects since it's based on Directx (11).

So here some examples from Unreal game engine:

And here some examples from Unity game engine:

Now that where some examples and therefore there is a demand for this! The question that remains to open this dialog is:

What would it take to have similar effects in BluffTitler?

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I don't think that we are asking from you to write a complex standalone program to facilitate this, like based on this paper:
A Cracking Algorithm for Destructible 3D Objects
By Steven Workman

Or this one by T.U Delft:

I think we must start with what we already have in BluffTitler:

1. The Dust, Dirt and Destruction Bixpack was/is a populair one:
In these we already saw that a text could be shattered based on a pattern with the Cracks.fx which now can be found in the V11 effect folder so that this Bixpack still will work. But this effect was limited by the pattern and left the text mesh open so you could look inside the letters.

2. The Dissolve and Morph particle effects:
Here we saw how text dissolved and morphed but not really because it was based on a wipe effect and the number of particles had no relation to the text, because this where particles it could be controlled by the particle properties like floorlevel and gravity and target layer.

So could we mix them together without the mayor drawbacks?

komies, a year ago

The difficulty as far as I can see is in the translation FROM a cracked, shattered, broken, destructed mesh INTO particles.

In Filip's example there is no need for this but it would make a great step into a great effect if it could.

First Step:
The suggestion that I already gave was to use a voronoi pattern that with property setting could be set to size and number of pieces so it could be controlled by the explosion effect like we already do with the Floating Styles.

Is this First Step difficult to do?

As you can see in these many examples from C4d Voronoi Fracture there is the overwhelming use of physics involved because it is a natural step but not needed for the First Step.

komies, a year ago

The Second Step:

The Translation from shape to Particle.

What would it take to first do this without texture mapping and without physics but with the existing particle properties?

Like this video?

It does not require Physics like weight and collision.

komies, a year ago

The Third Step:

Now with Texture.

How difficult would it be to use the new UVMapper to these now voronoi based particles?

In version, the Special\UVMapper effect has been extended with 3 new props:
FX Planar mapping
FX World space
FX Texture clamp

komies, a year ago

The Forth Step:

Physics or the appearance of it by giving the particle's weight and collision detection.

What would it take to make what is done in this video and the examples from unreal destructible mesh.

Maybe this script may guide into this direction:

komies, a year ago

Can we start expecting Step One?

NICE to have, Step One:
Effect or style setting to break text into seemly random pieces that can be used with explosion effect.

GREAT to have, Step Two:
Effect to make pieces that behave like particles to text morph and dissolve and have particle floor level and gravity property settings. (Maybe particle pieces made in container to wipe from text to particles)

WONDERFUL to have, Step Three:
Effect in combination with UVModifier to add textures like concrete and additive like glass.

ULTIMATE to have, Step Four:
Effect or in Setting mark/toggle for Physics or the appearance of it.

komies, a year ago

What are your thoughts, Michiel

1. What do you see realized in the near future in BluffTitler?
2. What are for you the obstacles to overcome to make these steps happen?
3. What do you need from this community in order to help?

Would a survey help?

How many would like each step so you can determine the market.
How much are we willing to pay for each step, so you can make cost analysis.
How many would pay for a additional Ultimate Particle version.
How many would help in making videos to promote these new features.

Or is it all a pipe dream and are we asking to much?

komies, a year ago

Thank you for your request.

Yes, it's already on the 2do list!

michiel, a year ago

Wonderful to hear, Michiel

But could you elaborate which part of the 4 steps and how you see it being used in BluffTitler and what timeline of development we can expect?

I know some members would be flattered to beta test these effects and have a off community talk about improvements where possible.

komies, a year ago

Komies did't understand a word you wrote 🤣. But the video's and pictures are awesome.
Love the software, love the community! Thnx for your support on this item.

Filip, a year ago

Michiel, i like the pic with you answer😃😃

vincent, a year ago


Not all text was for you to understand, for us mortals it just have to work.
For Michiel is was hopefully inspirational and I tried to break down the effect in more bite size steps starting with what we already have in BluffTitler and build on that.

Step one would already be a Nice step to have, and not to difficult to develop.

komies, a year ago


Me too, There will be some heavy lifting to do.

But can we agree that Step one is not to difficult to develop.

komies, a year ago

Big thank you Komies yes this is one of my favorite effects...Nice article ...great thoughts...May be Michiel thinking about this's already on to do list...we hope soon we will get this...


Dani, a year ago


Rorysee, a year ago

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