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vincent | a year ago | 21 comments | 11 likes | 638 views

chaver, Ulli, Dani and 8 others like this!

A variation of previous show

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Muy logrado y muy bueno Vicente

persiana, a year ago

Great show Vincent, nice textures and beautiful landscape.

Filip, a year ago

Creative concept!

Which app have you used to create the textures?

michiel, a year ago

Very nice, Vincent

Great atmosphere, total picture with great textures.

komies, a year ago

Thank you all, michiel, i use Filter Forge to benefit from the option 'seamless tiling' which is very useful when we need to repeat a texture, i use my photo editor too to merge some FF png textures (moss+tiles) to create news and of course i use various textures i have dowloaded on different site along the years, there are so much (free) ressources on the net.

vincent, a year ago

Awesome work

lightads, a year ago

very nice, I wondered why there were rounded corners in the wall and before the camera got up I had guessed.
Very beautifull job Vincent !

how do you contain the sea, uses colormaps?

Franco Aversa, a year ago

super great and wonderful, you are a genius. Congratulations!!

Jesus, a year ago

Thank you all. Franco, i don't understand, what do you mean by 'How do you contain the sea'? For the sea i don't use colourmap, just the water layer default texture.

vincent, a year ago

it's a normal water layer?
you have a plan with defined edges and the water is well defined. If I put a water layer I get blurred edges. I can't reproduce what you did. I don't use the water layer and water much.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Just ...WOW!!! just want to visit this the text texture..

Dani, a year ago

Thank you Dani. Franco, it's absolutely a water layer, horizon is done by merging water borders with skybox ground.

vincent, a year ago

Awesome show vincent! :)

LostBoyz, a year ago

Super boulot Vincent cela me rappelle la citadelle de Bitche ou Neuf Brisach lorsque l 'on se promène
aux pieds des murailles

PAT67, a year ago

Thank you LB, merci Patrick on trouve un peu ça aussi pas loin de chez nous sur la Côte Basque, le vert qui tranche avec le bleu de l'océan.

vincent, 11 months ago

At first I thought it was a maze, but then I saw this wonderful landscape.
Fantastic show, Vincent!

Ulli, 11 months ago

Thank you Ulli, yes, a kind of maze was the desired effect before to discover it was a text.

vincent, 11 months ago

Wow Super Kammera Effekt Vincent

elvis66, 11 months ago

Thank you Elvis

vincent, 11 months ago

Video is gone?

lightads, 10 months ago

Video is back lightads.

vincent, 10 months ago

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