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NextPreviousHomeMorphing stage only rolls one side V11_Plane2Roll.cfx

lightads | 10 months ago | 12 comments | 353 views

I'm using V11_Plane2Roll.cfx which is a great CFX. I doubled the image of the film strip to make it longer and it works great. Is there a way to roll the other side as well to make it look like it's rolling from one reel to another? Morphing stage only rolls up to one side of the film strip.

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You mean like this:

komies, 10 months ago

OK Komies, I give up. I'm never going to get that good. Those are excellent examples of what can be done with Bluff

lightads, 10 months ago

Don't give up,

There are clear instructions on how to make this, thanks to Vincent.

And you can always ask.

But the joy of figuring things out is its own reward.

And when you need something fast then the search option is a great tool.

Hang in there, Lightads
Maybe this link will help you, it is based on the same principle.

komies, 10 months ago

To roll the other side, I would set the FX ROTATION prop to (180,0,0).

Animate it with the FX MORPHING STAGE prop.

Oh, and please try to avoid the old V11 effects. Use the new Picture\Plane2Roll effect instead.

michiel, 10 months ago

Michiel, as per your suggestion I replaced the V11_Plane2Roll.cfx with the new version Picture\Plane2Roll.cfx effect but my film strip is square. It doesn't behave like the V11 version.

lightads, 10 months ago

I managed to fiddle with the RADIUS parameter to make it rounder. The older version still seems to work better.

lightads, 10 months ago

What happens when you switch to high quality by choosing the menu item SETTINGS > HIGH QUALITY?

michiel, 10 months ago

That was HQ. When I revert back to V11 version its ok. Only difference is that I made the film reel double the size. Maybe that affected it

lightads, 10 months ago

The old version renders the picture, incorrectly, slightly bigger. Apart from that they use the same system.

Maybe a prop can be added to control the roundness of the roll. We'll experiment with that, thanks!

michiel, 10 months ago

First experiments look promising!

michiel, 10 months ago

That's looks great, can't wait. It's what i'm looking for.

Some feedback. Both CFX behave the same. It becomes square when I change texture to a longer film length. When I make RADIUS larger it become rounder.

lightads, 10 months ago

The Picture/Plane2Roll effect in version, launched today, is 8 times rounder:

michiel, 9 months ago

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