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NextPreviousHomeSuperman is back and he still can't do an ESP...

Teacherman | a year ago | 18 comments | 428 views

Hi... someone there was kind enough to post a Superman title credits template (original movie from the 70s) for me some time ago. I'm using it again, but I still can't manage the ESP file that is the "S" logo in the credits. I replace it with my school logo, but nothing shows up.

I'm really lost.


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here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about

Teacherman, a year ago

some articles about superman :

vincent, a year ago

I don't understand the question or the problem. But maybe this is a solution?

The file:

Filip, a year ago


I downloaded your new School Logo from Facebook and made the white background transparent.

Go to Layer 7 and stand on the Third key at 31:10
Go to Menu/ Media/ Change EPS OR function key F7 and select the transparant logo.
Go to Properties dropdown and select Colour mark the All Keys and set it to 255, 255, 255
Go to Styles Drop Down and Select Solid

And you are done.

To spice the logo a bit up:
Go to Styles and select XY Slices
Go to Properties and set Slices Position to 20, 1, 0 for All Keys.
And set Colour to 150, 150, 150

Good luck again this year, see you next year?

This was the Original Article:

komies, a year ago

Thank you so much... and I'm remembering now that this will work... but, pictured here is my current layer 7. I'm not sure how it became text, but it is. Plus, the keys are no longer the same.

Should I just delete my current layer 7 and rebuild?

I tried that last night, but it didn't work.

I tried using the preset function to bring keys over from the original template you sent me, but I couldn't get it to work.

I would like to use the template pictured...the one I created from your original two years ago, because it has all the picture layers still set perfectly... except for layer 7...

Thank you for your patience. Sorry I haven't gotten any better at this. :-(

Teacherman, a year ago

1st: How many names?
Because adding names is more time consuming than changing them.

2nd: No other copy with Eps like the 2017 version not original.
Because adding the Eps on the right time is also prone to errors.

3rd: Is there no EPS layer on one of the other layers? Open the Layer dropdown.
Because adding a new traced picture layer (new feature) is not that difficult but making keys with the right time is.

If you are unsure about doing this yourself with support here.

Then send me an emaildres to I than sent the show with the number of names and logo.

komies, a year ago

Thank you!

My email is

I managed to figure it out last year, but I've left myself under an even bigger time crunch this year...

Thank you again

Teacherman, a year ago

Hi there!

I needed to create another text layer and I was able to do that, but I can't get it to do 3D whooshing effect pictured here... what text effect is this?

Thanks again for all your help!

Teacherman, a year ago

So you need 31 names?

Open the 30 names version
Go to the name 30 text layer.
Go to Menu / Layer / Clone active Layer
You're now on the cloned Text layer Name 30 thus change text too Name 31
Hold Shift and ALT key and click 8 times steadily on the insert time button |⬅ ➡| (This will add 8 second to only this layer).
Play last part to check, save it and export movie.

This is the fastest way.

komies, a year ago


One more question... what's the fastest way to insert a picture layer where a text layer is currently?

For example:

layer 10 is text
I need layer 11 to be a picture
layer 12 text
layer 13 picture

I'm starting to feel like I owe you money...

And Seth Rogan...? LOL... No, but I was really overweight in that picture!

Teacherman, a year ago

Ok... one more...

How do I get the text or pic to disappear on the last key in the layer?

Teacherman, a year ago

Nevermind on the transparency... got it!

Teacherman, a year ago

Cloning didn't work (I'm probably doing it wrong). I got no effect like the one pictured.

I just got two layers exactly the same sitting far away from each other.

Pictured is what I'm trying to get.

If the other text layers are cloned, why can't I see them in the drop down?


Teacherman, a year ago

Before you clone: open in the Layers dropdown the latest layer with a text layer (Name 30) so this layer is activated.
Then go to Menu / Layer / Clone layer and this will now be the active layer.
Change the text in this layer Name 31
Stand a few second before the keys in this time line.
Hold SHIFT and ALT key together while pressing with the mouse on the insert time button and do this 8 times.
This will add 8 seconds to this layers timeline only.

You probably stood on a other layer than the last say layer 15 then this layer is going to be put behind layer 30 and therefore the animation keys are 15 x 8 seconds off because it is a clone of layer 15 instead of layer 30.
So with cloning a layer always the last one must be activated.

komies, a year ago

Hmmm... I'm still not getting it. But I'm sure I'm still doing something wrong. What if I want to move a cloned layer to another part of the show so that it comes BEFORE the final layer? Is there any way to do that? In other words, I've got extra text layers at the end... can I just move one to where I need it in the show?

I guess I still don't get why I can't see the cloned layers in the dropdown. I'm guessing you used cloned layers to make the 3D effect for all the text layers?

Also, can I create a layer that's invisible (like a frame around a picture), but still have the particles I attach to it NOT be invisible?

Finally, How do I manipulate the starfield background? Make the stars more visible, or move faster or slower, etc.?

I've just about got it finished... this is truly the last round of questions... again, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!

Teacherman, a year ago

The whole extrusion of the text is animated in 7 keys.
You cannot copy keys to another layer, but you can copy (clone) a whole layer.

From layer 21 Name 13, in the 30 names show, the animation is the same they extrude and start and ends in the middle.

When you clone a active layer (say this layer 21 you will see that it jumps to layer 39, the last of the text layers)
The whole animation of text is 8 seconds per layer, so if layer 21 starts at 2:18 and ends 2:26 this is where the next layer starts at 2:26 and ends at 2:34 BECAUSE it is a clone with a ADD TIME of 8 Seconds with the Name changed.

That is why I said Clone the last layer because it is closest on the time line to where the next Text layer (Name will be displayed) Clone + 8 seconds.

So when you clone Layer 21 Name 13 Then you will stand on the active Layer 39 but the keys that make the animation are still on Layer 21 time to display this would entail that you need to add 18 X 8 seconds to this layer to get the animation keys to follow the layer 38 in the timeline when this animation should be displayed.
Therefore is the closest in time the latest layer would be preferred because this only requires 1 X 8 seconds to be placed after the previous layer.

So if you want A layer before then you will have some mathematics to do.
You can Clone the nearest layer in time and add 8 second to this time line, but this does NOT change the times of the layer that come before them, then you will have to add 8 seconds per layer that comes behind that layer.
The same goes when you clone a layer after in the time line where you want it, you can Remove time the same way as Add Time but the layer that come after this in the timeline will NOT change and you will have to add 8 seconds to the layer that come after that new positioned layer. As you can see this will fast become a wack a mole.

I would clone the last layer each time and add 8 seconds and use this layer too clone and do this to the amount you need and then just change the SAME NAME numbered text into what is needs to be at that time.

komies, a year ago

To add particles to an invisible frame around a picture:

When you add a picture layer you can give this a border (Menu / Layer / Attach Layer / Attach border layer, this will create a child layer under the Picture layer.

Then you add a particle layer to this child border layer (Menu / Layer /Attach Layer / Attach Particles) and this creates a child layer of the border layer.

Go to the border layer press F9 OR Menu / Media / Change Effect and use \Media\Effects\Invisible.cfx when you press on the Select effect button.

And your done.

komies, a year ago

To manipulate the starfield:

Go to the last layer in the show this should be the Particle Layer with Flare9.jpg.

Under the Properties dropdown you see a lot of property settings but you alone need a few, just make sure you are standing on the 00:00:000 key when you make the changes else you are animating them from key to key.

Gravity is set at -60 on the Z axis so -200 (typ in) would make them move faster.
A positive number would make them move into the other direction.

Colour 1 and Colour 2 are set to 128 The higher the number the higher the luminescence I would set Colour 1 to 255 to all and Colour 2 to 444 (typ in) to all.

With F9 OR Media /Change texture you can change the star form by choosing another picture flare.

With Particle size you can make the Flare particle bigger/smaller it stands now on 11.1

In the link are all Particle properties explained.

Good luck,

komies, a year ago

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