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SMSgtRod | a month ago | 7 comments | 136 views

.... is having fun with the GIF capability of BT.......
anyone found any Easter Eggs?

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Not on Pentecost 😉

michiel, a month ago

@Michiel..... are there any instructional insights to the GIF capabilities of BT available or in the making? Maybe on the drawing board?
I know GIF's are ancient but still very useful and fun to boot!

SMSgtRod, a month ago

GIF capabilities???

As far as I know it's just another video format. And not a very good one because the files are huge, the number of colours is limited to 256, it does not support audio and the alpha channel is pretty useless because it's only 1 bit.

GIF can be useful for a quick social media post or a tiny animation on your website, but apart from that I advise to avoid it.

michiel, a month ago

Hmmmmm? I find the GIF file sizes are generally pretty small. Mostly in a few KB. Quite a bit smaller than a lot of JPG's.

GIF's are great for Avatars and to send quick samples of a video.

I believe I have found a way to create them here rather easy. Will take a little more play time.

SMSgtRod, a month ago

Yes, avatars and quick samples!

I really hope you're not going to export your 4K videos as animated GIF 😬

michiel, a month ago

@Michiel..... now come on!! Export my 4K videos as GIF animations..... Never!

GIF animations are reserved strictly for the 5K to 8K clips only.....

SMSgtRod, a month ago

That's a relief to hear 😀

michiel, a month ago

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