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IntroChamp | 10 months ago | 12 comments | 11 likes | 392 views

Alex-Raymond T., SparkyVegas, Ulli and 8 others like this!

I was able to create a moving football field with the Bluff Particle Layer. That blew my mind!

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He Joel,

Real nice, but....
I saw some double lines.

Wouldn't a conveyor belt shaped eps with football field texture and animate texture position do a better job.

Just a suggestion.

komies, 10 months ago

Joel i love your timing and theme in your shows...

Dani, 10 months ago

Particle layer to create field movement ? I don't understand how and why

vincent, 10 months ago

Un show fantástico, me gustó

persiana, 10 months ago

Cool, I like the movement of the football field.

Ulli, 10 months ago

Very good!!

SMSgtRod, 10 months ago

Nice music and action!

Filip, 10 months ago

Thank you all for your comments!

Alex and Vincent, I did notice a few double lines, but it was a fair trade off for the result.

I suspect that there is a better way to create an infinite football field in Bluff, but until I get back up to speed with the nuances of BT, this technique is passable.

Alex, the more that I think about your conveyor belt suggestion, the more obvious sense it makes lol!

I’ll get there :)

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

Fantastic show Joel! :)

LostBoyz, 10 months ago

Joel, i don't understand, is football field picture used as particle in particles layer ?

vincent, 10 months ago

Thanks LB!

Vincent, yes. I created a seamless texture and used it as a particle. I rotated the particle 90 degrees around the X axis, then used gravity to move its position along the Z axis.

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

ok thanks Joel, works fine.

vincent, 10 months ago

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