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vincent | 8 months ago | 20 comments | 15 likes | 578 views

johnsolar283, mmissinglink, persiana and 12 others like this!

Glass and metals effects + some video frills, always to try to obtains the most realistic scenes as possible.

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Franco Aversa, 8 months ago

Un show extraordinario Vicente

persiana, 8 months ago

Grazie Franco! Gracias Persiana.

vincent, 8 months ago

Very good, Vincent

Nice interface, could be used in SciFi series like The Expanse.

komies, 8 months ago

This looks so great, Vincent!
I like it, when everything is moving.

Ulli, 8 months ago

Wow. Can you put this tech in a 3D printer and rule the world?

Filip, 8 months ago

Fantastic show vincent!

LostBoyz, 8 months ago

Only Vincent can do this type of shows...amazing ...

Dani, 8 months ago

Toujours de superbes montages avec une imagination débordante.
Avec toute mon admiration, l'ami Vincent !

Alex-Raymond T., 8 months ago

Quel incroyable luxe de détails une fois de plus une animation hors norme

PAT67, 8 months ago

merci à tous pour vos commentaires élogieux.
thank you all for your glowing comments.

vincent, 8 months ago

Vincent, when things are quiet I imagine you in your BT lab working on your latest miracle!
Fantastic detail, the desk is also very cool ;)

IntroChamp, 8 months ago

😊😊😊 thank you Joel!

vincent, 8 months ago

Great Job Sir

johnsolar283, 8 months ago

Bloody brilliant !!!

I love the antique table. Very nice Vincent.

lightads, 8 months ago

Thanks John and lightads.

vincent, 8 months ago

Exceptional effect!

mmissinglink, 8 months ago

Thank you very much mmssinglink.

vincent, 8 months ago

Great GUI design!

Maybe with a bit more tags in the text layer we could create such an amazing realtime 3D control panel with REAL DATA in BluffTitler!

michiel, 8 months ago

Welcome back michiel, yes, some new tags would be cool and also to have the possibiity to add simple operators , for example 1000+ <millisecond />, <seconds/>+ <millisecond /> this will give the possibility to display more different numbers.

vincent, 8 months ago

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