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Just found michiel....he is working hard.

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LOL! This is the best!

stcyhood, 2 months ago

Il est sur île de Robinson Crusoé , dans tous les cas tu lui as fait Belle Île en Mer.

PAT67, 2 months ago

:D Fantastic vincent! :D

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

😂Great show... Love the water, what is it? Not the Water layer I imagine...

Filip, 2 months ago

😉 stcyhood, merci Patrick and thank you LB, Filip, absolutely, it is the water layer with a cubemap reflection (@ 0:04 sec. you can see island reflection) and some transparency to see the bottom of the sea done with a FilterForge texture.

vincent, 2 months ago

Lol! Nice Vincent!

IntroChamp, 2 months ago

Muy bueno Vicente, es genial

persiana, 2 months ago

Hahaha, this is awesome. Michiel has an great vacation island.

Ulli, 2 months ago

Thank you Joel, persiana and Ulli.

vincent, 2 months ago

Je vois que la chaise longue a du succès ! Comme ton joli montage, d'ailleurs !

Alex-Raymond T., 2 months ago

Oui, elle change de locataire toutes les semaines.

vincent, 2 months ago

Beautiful spot...Can i join there...Vincent...

Dani, 2 months ago

Your are welcome Dani.

vincent, 2 months ago

Tres forte Vincent, merci bien!

And yes, a broken fiber glass connection makes you feel like Robinson Crusoé. In 2019 this no longer requires a desert island. Maybe that's progress... :)

Luckily our hosting partner does a much better job keeping our site alive!

michiel, 2 months ago

Merci michiel, bon retour parmi nous dans la civilisation 😊

vincent, 2 months ago

Très beau show! La localisation de cette île paradisiaque doit être classée "top secret!"
Babe 34

Babe34, 2 months ago

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