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JimH | 11 years ago | 7 comments | 5 likes | 3,915 views

abcodie, Yousef, Tester and 1 other like this!

Using transparent PNG files to create a fake 3D animation for a video intro. Not so sure about the music - I think I need something a bit more military sounding.

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Nice and effective effect Jim.

Yousef, 11 years ago

Very interesting effect, we can see the depth of the field of view.One day i saw on TV a great animation like this with city landscapes and camera was running thru buildings, it was very impressive. I will try to do that with BT.

vincent, 11 years ago

Very nice work. The Illusion of camera depth is something I'll have to give a try.

Thanks for the demo

Vanlen, 11 years ago

Nice depth.

Rae, 11 years ago

I am amazed at the way the background layer held up with the zoom. Nice Work.

myoffices, 11 years ago

Thanks for the comments all. As a follow up I did correct the typo in the final version. :) Speaking of final versions, I'll attach that link as it also contains two other scenes using a similar technique.

JimH, 11 years ago

nice work!

devil07, 11 years ago

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