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IntroChamp | 10 months ago | 14 comments | 13 likes | 431 views

komies, SparkyVegas, persiana and 10 others like this!


Sometimes I resist designing with a lot of fancy camera work to see if the idea can stand on its own. Lots of camera movement can be distracting OR exciting, but it really depends on the design.

Do you guys sometimes struggle like I do when deciding how many camera angles and how much movement to include in your designs?

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Great clip Joel! I must admit that holding the camera is my weak point, I tend to freeze the details of objects at the expense of the camera. Yet it's true that the way of filming is super important, and the rendering is even better with a good soundtrack and these are 2 points that you master Perfectly Joel.

vincent, 10 months ago

Wonderful, Joel

Also a lesson for me to learn.

komies, 10 months ago

Thank you Vincent and Alex! It's true that more often than not, less is more. Unfortunately, It's a lesson that I have to constantly re-learn lol!

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

Not a camera guy. Want to use it more. But find the different camera positions difficult.

Filip, 10 months ago

Looks great, Joel!

Ulli, 10 months ago

Hi Filip,

Practice camera position and movement with one simple object... forget about the distraction of design or creating anything, just play with the camera. It will start making sense.

Thanks for you comment Filip!

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

The show does remind me of a show I made earlier.
Used V11-Shaker.cfx on the Camera Layer.

Filip, 10 months ago

Thanks Ulli!

Oh wow Filip, that's so similar!... They say great minds think alike! ;)

My show was a remake of a show that I did in 2014.

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

Thnx IntroChamp I think my show was Inspired by yours I my mind is not so great.
Love your exploding chain! Maybe my show needs an upgrade!

Filip, 10 months ago

Filip, you’re an awesome artist! I enjoy your designs very much :)

IntroChamp, 10 months ago

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin (with lyrics)
remembering this song.. when i watched your show...Bravo Joel...
Fillip your attempt too good...

Dani, 10 months ago

Thanks Dani!

IntroChamp, 10 months ago


persiana, 10 months ago

Mucho cerebro amigo, muy bien

gato@mo, 10 months ago

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