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vincent | 2 months ago | 13 comments | 14 likes | 335 views

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Fantastic vincent!!

LostBoyz, 2 months ago

Encore une très belle réalisation ! Jusqu'où vas tu nous faire grimper ???

maggico, 2 months ago

Thank you LostBoyz, merci Gilbert, comment va ?

vincent, 2 months ago

What a great show. How did you make the escalator?

Filip, 2 months ago

Amazing escalator! Cool reflections! Wonderful water!

IntroChamp, 2 months ago

Filip, thank you, escalator steps animation is done with a text attached to a sketch. Thank you Joel too.

vincent, 2 months ago

Absolutely Wonderful, Vincent

Great escalator trick with sketch and text,
Great colour scheme,
Great Atmosphere,

The Music sounds familiar is it from the movie: "Alien"

komies, 2 months ago

Thank you very very much Alex. Music is called "Incubate", it is not extracted by me from an Alien film but comes from a set of audio tracks. Maybe it has been used for Alien soundtrack or comes from Alien soundtrack, i don't know, unfortunatelay i have not the composer name.

vincent, 2 months ago

Thanks Vincent,

I found it:
later on it even used The Dark Knight score.

I looked for Alien reference in the comments but there here none.
So I did find these soundtracks out of different Alien movies.

Hypersleep from the original 1979 Alien Movie:

Dark Discovery from 1986 Aliens:

Entering the Ship from 1997 Alien Resurrection:

Weyland from 2012 Prometheus:

What do you think?

komies, 2 months ago

Hi Alex, that's true all these themes use the same kind of sound textures (suspense, Scifi, drama, epic, adventure etc....). Music have a great importance and it is not always easy to find a good theme overall with our very short video, I really love how Hitchcock could add dramaturgy to his scenes through music, Alien is a good example too.

vincent, 2 months ago

Oh wow, this is fantastic, Vincent!
I love the reflection and the escalator.
The water Looks great.

Ulli, 2 months ago

Sensacional Vicente

persiana, 2 months ago

Thank you Ulli y persiana.

vincent, 2 months ago

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