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michiel | 4 months ago | 21 comments | 11 likes | 620 views

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BluffTitler version 14.6 has been launched today!

Download it here:

Interior map effect

The new interior map effect turns a simple surface into a highly detailed skyscraper facade with 3D rooms, silhouettes, windows and frames.

This what BluffTitler is all about: instead of complex and expensive 3D models, we use a simple 3D model in combination with a smart effect!

The Interiormap effect can be found in the Effects/Special folder. Details are provided in the <F9> dialog after selecting the effect.

If you want ready to use templates, take a look at the City Lights pack:

Shadow maps

Version1 6.4 introduces a new shadow algorithm: shadow maps.

This is the most common shadow algorithm used in games. It solves the 3 biggest limitations of shadow volumes: transparent textures and morph effects are supported and the camera can stand in the shadow.

But it isn't perfect either. The updated user guide gives all the details:

Here are a few shows from the installer that use shadow maps:

Directional lights

Shadow maps don't work well with point lights. So before implementing shadow maps we had to add directional lights:

Other changes

-2 new styles in the sketch layer: HEXAGRAM & GEAR
-3 new styles in model layer: 3D IN BACKGROUND, 3D IN 3D SPACE & 3D IN FOREGROUND
-2 new styles in the mirror layer: RECTANGLE and EPS. Choose MEDIA > Change EPS... to load an EPS.
-3 new properties light layer: DIRECTION, SHADOW MAP BIAS & SHADOW SOFTNESS
-the 3rd slider of the PEN SIZE PROGRESSION property of the sketch layer is now used:
-cubemaps, colourmaps and mirrors are now rendered in low quality mode as well
-new item in context menu file dialog: RENAME FOLDER
-bugfix: the <F2> info no longer disappears in high and super high quality mode
-bugfix: the camera layer no longer crashes when you set the FIELD OF VIEW property to 0
-bugfix: the file dialog no longer hangs when, for some reason, the thumbnails are super big
-bugfix: maximizing the render window now works as expected for all resolutions

Free update

14.6 is a free upgrade from version 11 and higher!

For your personal upgrade offer from older versions visit:

Thank you

Thank you all. Enjoy the new features!

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Awesome Michiel! Thank you!

LostBoyz, 4 months ago

Thanks a lot, Michiel

Nice updates, nice to experiment with.

komies, 4 months ago

16.4 or 14.6 ?

Jeep35, 4 months ago

So many interesting features and updates...thank you so much Michiel...

Dani, 4 months ago

muy bueno. gracias MIchiel

persiana, 4 months ago


liuyongcai, 4 months ago

Thank you Michiel & Co! Great work!

Kauzito, 4 months ago

Thank you again for all the amazing work you do!

SparkyVegas, 4 months ago

Gracias Michiel, increíble trabajo y una buena maravilla.

Jesus, 4 months ago

Thnx Michiel, great innovations. Busy experimenting with the new features.

Filip, 4 months ago

Thank you all!!!

Jeep35, it's 14.6

michiel, 4 months ago


Franco Aversa, 4 months ago

Merci Michiel pour cette nouvelle version

PAT67, 4 months ago

Very great updates! Thank you so much, Michiel and Team!
And now, I will try the new amazing effects.

Ulli, 4 months ago

Hi Franco,
wonderful first test with the new great effect!

Ulli, 4 months ago

the inflated option has a loading error eps

ARMABIT, 4 months ago

ARMABIT, thank you for the report.

However, we can't reproduce the issue. When you send us your EPS file, we will take a look at it:

michiel, 4 months ago

the EPS with the effect "Reflection_BumpMap.cfx" disappear the same happens with the EPS that have the INFLATED

Markruz, 4 months ago

Markruz, do you mean the old V11/V11_Reflection_BumpMap effect?

I tried the effect and experienced no problems.

Also, the inflated style of the EPS layer works as expected.

If you still have problems, please e-mail your show + media files and we will take a look at it:

michiel, 4 months ago

the load is very slow with the style of inflated for eps

ARMABIT, 4 months ago

Applying the inflated style to a solid rectangle is indeed very slow. In fact, it's worst case: there's no shape that takes more time.

The app doesn't hang or crash, it only takes time. We'll try to optimize the algorithm!

For now, I advise you to switch to normal quality: choose SETTINGS > NORMAL QUALITY.

Thinner shapes are faster and more fun:

michiel, 4 months ago

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Michiel den Outer is the founder and lead coder of Outerspace Software. He lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

If he isn't busy improving BluffTitler, he is playing the piano or rides the Dutch dikes on his bikes.

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