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michiel | a year ago | 5 comments | 10 likes | 559 views

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When you use shadow maps (3rd dropdown of the light layer), the shadows can look horrible. Here are 5 ways to fix this.

1 Remove as many layers as possible from the shadow map

Press <F2>. The shadow map is now visible in the upper right.

The trick is to make the layers that you want to generate shadows as big as possible in the shadow map. You do that by removing all the layers that do NOT have to generate shadows. In this example that's the floor because there's nothing below the floor to receive shadows.

To remove the floor from the shadow map:
-select the layer that is rendering the floor
-choose LAYER > Active layer properties...
-mark the Never cast shadows checkbox

2 Switch to high quality

Switch to high quality by choosing the menu item SETTINGS > High quality. This increases the resolution of the shadow map.

3 Use soft shadows

Use the SHADOW SOFTNESS property of the light layer to blur the shadows.

4 Be careful with particles

Don't let your particles use a big area. This reduces the size of the text in the shadow map because it has to be scaled down to make all particles visible.

An easy way to do that is the reduce the LIFETIME property of the particle layer.

5 Fight shadow acne

Use the SHADOW MAP BIAS property of the light layer to remove the shadow acne artifacts.

Download media files (17.7 KB)

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With those tricks, the shadows look much better!

Notice the size of the text in the shadow map.

michiel, a year ago

Michiel. You are too great!

liuyongcai, a year ago

Please note that terms like "shadow acne" and "Peter Panning" are not BluffTitler specific.

Getting familiar with those concepts will help you to better understand any 3D engine, not just BluffTitler.

Google on them for more info!

michiel, a year ago

Great I get it!

Filip, a year ago

thanks, michiel for the heads up much appreciated

Rorysee, a year ago

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