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vincent | a month ago | 12 comments | 11 likes | 210 views

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Experimentations with Colourmap + InteriorMapping

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chaver, a month ago


michiel, a month ago

I had tried with the rooms in colormap but I saw that it was a mess, however you get very special results like yours.
Always strong Vincent !!

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Awesome vincent!

LostBoyz, a month ago

Thank you all, here a 2nd test.
Franco , i must say it is not easy to obtain good results, i did many tests and i don't understand all in the interior map effect especialy FX interiors in texture (cursor 2>0 and cursor 1 values) and FX interiors patterns 1 et 2 , for exemple in this 2nd test i don't know how to have all letters centered in each cells, at the end i show the colourmap. Only one letters appears and when i change FX interiors patterns or FX interiors in texture letters are not centered and i can't obtain all the letters of "BLUFF" (text in colourmap)

vincent, a month ago

Very great tests, Vincent.
There is so much to discover at our new effect.

Ulli, a month ago

but have you used the scheme for the rooms respecting the floor, the ceiling and the walls? I had built a front view room inside the colourmap but it didn't work.
However beautiful results,
I will now do more tests.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Very interesting and creative Vincent! Your results are inspiring.

I've been super busy, but hope to have a contribution very soon.

IntroChamp, a month ago

Thank you Ulli, yes, Michiel have created a superCfx. Thank you Joel for your kind comment.
Franco, i have not really used the sheme as you can see at the end of the video where i show the colourmap, i think the result is enough good because the texture uses rectangular shapes, on the other hand i placed a text on the left colonne to respect the silhouette sheme but for any reason i have difficulties to make appear all letters.

vincent, a month ago

Fantastic vincent!! :)

LostBoyz, a month ago

Muy bueno Vicente

persiana, a month ago

thanks LB and persiana.

vincent, a month ago

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