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Alleyoop | a month ago | 9 comments | 161 views

Hi, I've watched the tutorial Using 3d models and have installed the SketchUp Make 2017 version, downloaded the 3d Rad Exporter Plugin.
First up, there's no Plugin folder in the install directory, but I copied it to an ifcplugin folder.
In the version of Sketchup that I have there is no Plugins drop down menu across the top.
I've accessed the 3d warehouse and brought in my model.
Can anyone help me with information on how to export my model for use in Bluff?
Thank you.

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I use AccuTrans 3D, is the best solution to convert 3d model in .x files

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Yes , accutrans is a fine tool I use it too. But sometimes when you want to convert a .blend or .fbx file you want to use the openmod vieuwer:

It has an export function and it's free.

Filip, a month ago

Here is the install config for Sketchup15 on my computer (Windows 7), [plugins] folder is located in :

..\ Users \ [your user name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Sketchup \ Sketchup [vers.] \

(see attached pic)

vincent, a month ago

Aah, that's very helpful information. I'll follow that up.
Thank you very much.

Alleyoop, a month ago

As I already have Sketchup installed I decided to paste 3D Rad into the Appdata folder.
I imported my model and 3D Rad showed up in the Extensions so I selected the model and Exported. The process took a while but a dialogue box came up to say that it was exported successfully.
However, the folder to which I saved the Model is empty. I repeated the process three times but the folder is still empty.
What do you think?

Alleyoop, a month ago

I downloaded open3mod to try, and it found a Chevy.x file. It was on my C Drive Users folder, which I don't normally use for saving files. Anyway, once I knew where it was, I imported it into Bluff.
Bluff forcefully resisted, said it didn't recognise the file, but eventually, to my surprise, it imported the file.
So, for this particular project I've succeeded, see how things go next time.
Thanks for the help.

Alleyoop, a month ago

Alleyoop, i don't know why the folder is empty, it's a long time since i used Sketchup but i never encountered your problem (empty folder). At the end of conversion have you the message : The model was exported successfully? If you draw a rectangle and exort with 3D rad have you the same problem ?

vincent, a month ago

Thanks Vincent, yes, though the export process seems to take a long time, there's dialogue that says it's reading back face etc. and then at the end it says Exported Successfully.
I'm not sure how the one .x file that was on my C Drive came to be, whether I didn't point to my intended folder on one of my efforts to export maybe. Bluff is still not happy about that file though, even after I'd edited it in a Show, closed out and came back later, it still told me three times that it didn't recognise it, would I like to do a manual search for it etc., but eventually it accepts and allows me to manipulate it in the Show. Strange.
And the.x file is a very generic looking icon, doesn't look quite complete to me.
Anyway, I got to do what I wanted with it and imported it successfully into Avid Media Composer with an alpha channel.
When I have time I'll uninstall the Try Sketchup version I'm using and reinstall the 2015 version I used a few years back. Maybe it will work better, now that I know where to copy the 3d Rad file.
I'll try a rectangle too.
Thanks Vincent,


Alleyoop, a month ago

Ok Al, about .x generic icon it's normal because there is no specific program to open it (SEE file associations in Windows). And yes, Sketchup takes time to convert...

vincent, a month ago

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