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SergKond | 3 weeks ago | 19 comments | 243 views

Всем добрый вечер :-)

Не подскажите как на версии 14.06 pro реализовать вот такую идею. Земной шар или просто шар. Он быстро вращается. Быстрее быстрее. И наконец распадается или превращается в текст.

Буду очень благодарен.

С уважением Сергей Кондулуков

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Сергей, вот очень простой маленький пример, который может помочь вам начать работу

vincent, 3 weeks ago

vincent Завтра же и начну :-)

SergKond, 3 weeks ago

komies Большое вам спасибо :-)

SergKond, 3 weeks ago

vincent То что надо :-) Текст естественно будет другой, но это не суть важно :-)

SergKond, 3 weeks ago

Vincent Good evening : -) Slowly getting closer to his screensaver. In this regard, I have two questions. The first cannot be whether in Bluff transpose one project in the other, as this for example is done in AE or Photoshop. And even if a Bluff to combine several layers into one.
As this is done in Photoshop or AE. And finally one more question. It is very inconvenient to work with flowers in Bluff. Whether there is in it a tool like a palette. And how to call it. Well, that's all. Have a nice evening :-)

SergKond, a week ago

Hello Sergei, you can import one show in an other show using CTRL+M, but after importation you must delete 2nd light layer and 2nd camera layer because all layers are imported (actually you can't select specific layers to imporr). You can't merge several layers in one but you can place them in a container layer, so when you resize, move, rotate container (it affects all the layers inside the container). There is no palette, BluffTitler uses a color property, you can use textures (for objects EPS, models, texts, sketchs..), some filters can produce interesting colors too. Hope that helps you. Good evening Sergei.

vincent, a week ago

vincent Many thanks :-)

Sincerely Sergey.

SergKond, a week ago

vincent Good evening: -) Well, my first screensaver is ready. Naturally this is the first pancake and lumps in it abound. In particular, beautiful Cyrillic fonts, but this trouble is correctable. Another matter as disappears the first the text and emerges the second. Could you as the expert to tell what effects can they to hang to be effective. And finally the weight of the video. It's huge. 600 MB and it's a 4-second video. Could not would you say what parameters need apply under render, to and the quality of was good and weight a small: -) Ah here is perhaps and all. Thanks for the balloon, it inspired me. Waiting for your advice.
With respect and gratitude Sergey Kondulukov

SergKond, a week ago

Hello Serguey, your video looks good, about disappear effect the most frequent way is to use transparency, as shown on attached pic, crossfade time (between 2 layers) is defined by the positions of keys on timeline, you can try with different values of the dynamics listbox (blue in pic), 'No Animation' gives the most brutal effect (no fader) but you can try different values for the both layers. About the size of the video, if you export with 'no compression' option, files are very big, personnaly i export in 1920x1080 AVI with no compression but then i convert AVI file to 1920x1080 MP4 with Vegas video, if you have Windows 10 you can export directly to MP4 with BlufffTitler, because MP4 is a compressed format, videos are smaller and can be easily uploaded in YouTube.

vincent, a week ago

vincent Many thanks: -)
Tomorrow I will definitely look at the project.

With respect and gratitude Sergey.

SergKond, a week ago

Serguey, you can use the property WRITER to appear/disappear a text layer, you can try the filters :
Take a look to 'dissolve' examples too. Happy to help you Serguey.

vincent, a week ago

vincent Thank you very much. Also today I will look :-)

SergKond, a week ago

Vincent good afternoon. Well, that's all I have so far turned out.
Himself understand not ice. But this is my first attempt. I spent a lot of energy on it. We need to rest, to gain new ones. And there, and this will improve and is another to implement it.
Thank you and new good projects :-)

With thanks to Sergey.

SergKond, a week ago

Vincent good day: -) I will return to my idea but at a higher level. Is it possible to implement such an idea in Bluff I don't need the project. I need technology. Text, text transformation, etc. And I'll try to crack this nut :-)

SergKond, a week ago

Hello Serguey, unfortunately i don't think it is possible with Blufftitler especially because explosion is applied evenly to whole text even if you use flexibility, mut maybe someone here have a solution.

vincent, 6 days ago

vincent you are absolutely right. I googled a bit and found out, such effects are made in After Effects with the use of special plugins.

SergKond, 6 days ago

SergKond, have you already played around with the particle layer?

michiel, 6 days ago

michel thanks but that's not exactly what I need.

SergKond, 5 days ago

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