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NextPreviousHome[Suggestion] Working with layers for BT after

lucato | 7 months ago | 6 comments | 209 views

Dev team, IMHO, It should be more intuitive to work with layers in BT, actually it would be like Photoshop with its own window for layers view and order and uses, so you would drag and drop to move up/down (Bring backwards/forward), also click to select the active link, hide/show layer and so on. So, If not possible, some improvements in the actual layout would be:

a) Add group of buttons as we have for KEYS such as create key, delete key, but for... LAYERS so we would have a group with:
- MOVE LAYER UP (Arrow up icon button);
- MOVE LAYER DOWN (Arrow down icon button);
- HIDE/SHOW LAYER (Eye icon button instead off the checkbox "visible" on the very right side);
- DELETE LAYER (Lx icon already existent);
- DUPLICATE LAYER (LL icon already existent);
This group would be between keys group buttons and move keys buttons group.

b) When adding a new layer, if my active layer is the 3rd layer position, the added new layer should enter as the 4th position, not for exemple in the latest. It would be interesting to get to add a layer right below or up the active layer (would be optional in the settings like: always add layer on "top or bottom" of the active layer.

Well, just a suggestion. Thanks.

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What is the use of a level above or below another if so much the object moves in a 3D space?
(however levels can be moved with ALT + [ or ALT + ] )

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

@Franco, nice to meet you. Franco, because as a newbie, when I posted the comment above I was creating a 2d video introduction with texts and images and wasn't thinking as 3D environment, but after reading another article I saw that I need to think it as 3D space and layers as a distance of the camera instead layers order. Any way the group button suggestion is still a good think to have IMHO. ;0)

lucato, 7 months ago

nice to meet you. I find all your suggestions correct on a simpler timeline to manage with multiple copy and paste. Besides this great community, if you like viewing my YouTube channel where I published over 500 videos for BluffTitler

Franco Aversa, 7 months ago

These would also be nice features for the NLE version of Bluff. Thanks!

In the current version, layers are always sorted by type. For example the 1st layer is always the camera layer. This makes it easier to find layers and to work with shows from other users.

If you want hierarchy, use the container layer:

michiel, 7 months ago

Thanks Michiel for the extra info.

lucato, 7 months ago

These would also be nice features for the NLE version of Bluff. Thanks!

Hi michiel,

do you think about a NLE Version ?

erikger, 7 months ago

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