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NextPreviousHomeTry out the new ControlPannel effect

Filip | 9 months ago | 9 comments | 9 likes | 443 views

LostBoyz, persiana, Dani and 6 others like this!

I tried the new ControlPannel effect.

I found the FX Color possibilities somewhat meager.
It looks like some sliders (Mostly the third) has no effect.
Did I do something wrong?

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Maybe the 3rd slider of the COLOUR prop of the picture/model layer is set to 0.

Or maybe the 3rd slider of the COLOUR prop of the light layer is set to 0.

Try creating a new show, add a picture layer and apply the ProceduralTextures\ControlPanel effect. Now the 3rd colour sliders will work!

michiel, 9 months ago

Thnx Michiel, that works.

Filip, 9 months ago


But don't miss the opportunity to use mistakes as inspiration. For some reason your 1st video looks much more creative & exciting. A bit like this video:

Here's my attempt to use Bieber's colour scheme in the ControlPanel effect. (I applied the Camera\CameraBloom effect to the camera layer)

michiel, 9 months ago

Thnx Michiel. I'll try to make more mistakes for inspiration.

Camera effects are very good to use in combination with a Colourmap layer.

Filip, 9 months ago

Placer le ControlPanel sur un smartphone , belle idée Filip

PAT67, 9 months ago

oui! Le bilan santé complet en temps réel sur smartphone, et tout ça, grâce à BluffTitler

vincent, 9 months ago

Muy bien Filip

persiana, 9 months ago

Health Stats on a Smartphone is a very nice idea, Filip!

Ulli, 9 months ago

Super cool show Filip..

Dani, 9 months ago

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