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vincent | a week ago | 15 comments | 9 likes | 223 views

cheyenne, PAT67, Ulli and 6 others like this!

Deep impact

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I say: Mimi Leder

Nice, Vincent

komies, a week ago

Fantastic show vincent!

LostBoyz, a week ago

Effet de souffle bien réussi et bruitage réaliste

PAT67, a week ago

Superbe effet, Vincent !
Heureusement que ce n'est que de la fiction, que ce p... de virus n'est pas venu de l'espace et que nous pouvons espérer qu'il fera moins de victimes que "Little Boy" largué d' "Enola Bay".

Alex-Raymond T., a week ago

Encore une fois Bravo Vincent !

maggico, a week ago

Thank you all, Merci à tous. Yes, I hope that we will get out of this crisis as quickly as possible, but for that we really need to be disciplined like China which seems to have managed to contain the epidemic on its territory. If, by bad luck, now, a computer virus was added blocking all the systems we would find ourselves re-sent back to the stone age.

Meanwhile this corona virus has 2 advantages:
1) By the drop in production the pollution decreases.
2) Les seriously It's a source of inspiration for BT shows.


vincent, a week ago

Good show.

lightads, a week ago

Great show Vincent

Filip, a week ago

Buen show

persiana, a week ago

Wonderful. I love your earth shows.

Ulli, a week ago

Thank you Ulli and take care of Yourself and Yours in these bad times.

vincent, a week ago

Merci, Vincent.
Et j’espère que vous et votre famille resterez en bonne santé!

Ulli, a week ago

Vincent, very good show, you always surprise me with your shows, I congratulate you.

Jesus, a week ago

Vraiment superbe! J'adore le bruitage.

Babe34, 6 days ago

Thank you all.

vincent, 6 days ago

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