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NextPreviousHomeCreating a Star Background Without in Showing Through Foreground Objects.

steveg | 4 months ago | 3 comments | 2 likes | 166 views

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I created a particle layer with twinkling starts, but they also appear in front of the foreground object (a picture layer). I have tried moving the picture forward via the Z axis but the starts still overlap.

Is there a trick to doing this?



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1) if you UFO is a pic you can set layer to 3D in foreground (2 nd listbox on the left of tool window).
2) Or on particle layer you can play with launch position (3rd cursor) to push it to background, once it's done you'l need to adjust launch area (size of starfield), emission (number of stars) and particle size (stars size)

vincent, 4 months ago

Vincent is right, but... I think the stars look magical. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes and recognizing their potential!

michiel, 4 months ago

Thank you Vincent. I couldn't do option 1 because the UFO rises out of the ocean. However, option 2 worked perfectly once I realised that you can enter numbers higher than the maximum values the sliders show.

Damn I love BluffTitler. It's so powerful and there's so much to learn. :-)

Thanks Michiel, it's a lot of fun accidentally creating good scenes.

= Steve

steveg, 4 months ago

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