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NextPreviousHomeBT 64 bit version can't stop crying so happy

Rorysee | a month ago | 8 comments | 9 likes | 225 views

Ulli, Dani, ID Production and 6 others like this!

Renders very fast. handles layers well...looks good

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Great advert show for 64 bit Blufftitler making good use of a lot of effects in Bluff.

lightads, a month ago

Great show....!

Filip, a month ago

Great feedback. Thank you!

michiel, a month ago

One difference I picked up is in layers. In 32 bit version I could use any png file in place of a eps file and BT would handle png as a eps file. in the 64 bit version i only see proper eps file. same with sketch layer

Rorysee, a month ago

Rorysee, choose MEDIA > Change traced picture... to trace another picture.

This extra menu item is necessary because the file dialog now shows thumbnails of EPS files and we do not want to pollute this with thumbnails of bitmaps.

michiel, a month ago


Franco Aversa, a month ago

Muy bien

persiana, a month ago

Very well done.

Ulli, a month ago

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