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Rorysee | 10 months ago | 10 comments | 6 likes | 419 views

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just had one issue between high quality eps and normal quality bluff dropped the eps file. So it may be my PC is struggling or a Blufftitler issue
I can give the bluff files for anyone to check. we transfer = to big for bluff site. give us a shout will send zip file.

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Video looks good!

What do you mean with "dropped the eps file"?

michiel, 10 months ago

michiel the file was square = no motor bike detail. = as you switch between high quality Bluff gives you a = bt cannot handle this file

Rorysee, 10 months ago

so in normal res

Rorysee, 10 months ago

switch high quality

Rorysee, 10 months ago

That's strange.

When you e-mail us your EPS, we will take a look at it:

michiel, 10 months ago

sent a zip off with com project

Rorysee, 10 months ago

We've taken a close look at your project and this is what we've found:

In high quality mode, your EPS file generates an outline with in total 23.860 line segments. In order to protect the frame rate and memory use, we have to use a budget. In the current version this is set to 20.000. For this reason it is rejected.

We could solve this by increasing the budget to, let's say 25.000. This however will slow down the rendering speed and increase its memory use. We have to think about that.

For now, I advise you to reduce the detail of your EPS file by tracing a lower resolution bitmap.

Thank you for your report!

michiel, 10 months ago

thanks guys easy enough solution

Rorysee, 10 months ago

Un buen show

persiana, 10 months ago

Very nice show, I love!

Alex-Raymond T., 10 months ago

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