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NextPreviousHome"F3" keyboard disfunction.

Alex-Raymond T. | a month ago | 10 comments | 302 views

Can you confirm that the "F3" keyboard correctly opens the color palette panel. On my PC, with the new Beta 64bit version, the key changes the color by acting on the 3 sliders. To get the table, I have to slightly move the 1st cursor then press "F3" again. The other function keys work properly.
Thank you for your rest.

Pouvez-vous me confirmer que la touche "F3", ouvre correctement le panneau de palettes couleurs. Sur mon PC, avec la nouvelle version Beta 64bit, la touche modifie la couleur en agissant sur les 3 curseurs. Pour obtenir le tableau, je dois légèrement déplacer le 1er curseur puis appuyer à nouveau sur "F3". Les autres touches de fonction fonctionnent correctement.
Merci de vos réponses.

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je ne savais même pas qu'on pouvait afficher la palette de couleurs, on en apprend tous les jours. Pour moi F3 fonctionne quand on place de focus sur le curseur ou bien dans le champ où on peut saisir la valeur R, G, ou B

vincent, a month ago

Alex moi aussi la touche F3 sur la palette des couleurs s'ouvre correctement si j'actionne légèrement le premier curseur ..

cheyenne, a month ago

Merci à vous deux, ceci confirme qu'il doit y avoir un petit problème. Reste à connaitre l'avis de Michiel.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Thanks for noticing!

The beta uses an experimental system:

When the active property is a colour (like for example the COLOUR prop of the text layer) and you press <F3>, the standard Windows colour dialog is displayed.

But when the mouse cursor is outside the tool window, it works as a colour picker: the colour is taken from the mouse position.

This method is very quick, but also a bit of a hack. What do you think?

michiel, a month ago

Like that Michiel, it's perfect! We just had to know the subtleties of the "F3" function. Great !

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

WOW I didn't know you could take the color with the picker ... nice !!

Franco Aversa, a month ago

A color picker would be great. But I don't understand this. Can you explain further? I tried everything but don't get what I expected.

Filip, a month ago

Open a new show. Open a plasma layer with colors. Color property selection of BluffTitler text. place your mouse index finger on any color. Press on "F3", the Text takes this color.
When the mouse cursor is on the tool window, press "F3", opens the color palette

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Wow great, Thnx Alex-Raymond.

Filip, a month ago

Realize that you can pick colours from everything: a paint app, a photo view app, a web browser, your desktop background picture... Simply point your mouse to the colour that interests you and press <F3>!

michiel, a month ago

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