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NextPreviousHomeBT intro for my drone video channel

Rorysee | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments | 7 likes | 214 views

Tintin, michiel, liuyongcai and 4 others like this!

miss flying and filming. vid

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Great show. Now one with the a drone video....

Filip, 3 weeks ago

Great Autel intro show.

lightads, 3 weeks ago

Belle intro

PAT67, 3 weeks ago

intro with drone footage on my other channel

Rorysee, 3 weeks ago

Rorysee, J'aime l'Ile Maurice et son sega, j'ai un ami qui a encore de la famille là-bas. j'aime
les paysages, les sept sables, la mer etc...Merci pour ce vidéo drône. A+

Eddy, 3 weeks ago

I like drone videos.
Many years ago I´ve made an experiment with my camera, bound to a rope and several balloons. The camera climed a few meters into the height.

Ulli, 3 weeks ago

@ Eddy

Merci. I also have family there. love the Island. I am 4 hours flight away as I work in South Africa. want to move back in a few years, Right now its not possible as I have work commitments, also easier to get work contracts.

Rorysee, 2 weeks ago

@ Ulli. check this out.
this is where technology should be going. drone are very power hungry. A zeppelin balloon makes so much more sense for filming. we we wasting our time with drones = Zeppelins make sooo much more sense

Rorysee, 2 weeks ago

Wow, that looks great and the Zeppelin can be controlled well.

Ulli, 2 weeks ago

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