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NextPreviousHomeHi Michiel ! How to creat CFX file ??

agpvn | a week ago | 10 comments | 231 views

How can I create CFX Files for Blufftitler. I wanted to add a variety of materials to the Effect section instead of just having a few available materials.

I tried using a Preset, but every time I add a Preset to the Text it saves a lot of the text's parameters while I only need 1 effect as the material. What I needed was to create a lot of material for the front of the text, just like I did for the Attach Boders.

This comes in handy every time I create the first texture for the text I have to press F9 then choose an Effect Refectionmap then have to select different textures it takes a lot of time.

Hope you understand what I mean, thanks Michiel

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Why can't you use presets?

michiel, a week ago

Because Presets save many effect Text . i want save only Effect texture . Preset save Font Text, Size, Position, Effect ......

agpvn, a week ago

i want same Effect Reflectionmap , only effect & texture of Text .

agpvn, a week ago

So you want a preset that does not update all properties?

For example a text layer preset that changes the COLOUR property, but not the POSITION property?

michiel, a week ago

Yes, i only Preset save Effect & Texture .

agpvn, a week ago

Michial . Or you can creat feature "Attach Face to active layer " same " Attach Boder to active Layer " . i want creat Library Texture for Text Face .

agpvn, a week ago

When the filename of your texture contains the string "reflection", the ReflectionMap effect is automatically loaded when you select this texture:

michiel, a week ago

Hi Michiel: how can i creat CFX ? i want creat Library for Text Face same Text Boder .

agpvn, a week ago

I don't think creating your own effects is what you need.

Here's info about the CFX format:

michiel, 6 days ago

Thank Michiel ! i think we need have "Attach Face to active layer " same " Attach Boder to active Layer " .

agpvn, 5 days ago

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