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michiel | a year ago | 20 comments | 16 likes | 953 views

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Here's a new effect that makes it easier to highlight parts of a text or scroller layer.

As always, choose MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... for the details.

WARNING: this is an experimental effect. Feel free to use it in your projects, but don't be surprised if the next version is incompatible. Compatibility won't be assured until this effect is distributed with the installer.

UPDATE: since version, the highlighter effect is part of the installer:

Download media files (44.9 KB)

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Thank you, now it's very easy to create karaoke subtitles effect and much more...

vincent, a year ago

Thank you for sharing Michiel. Well done

chaver, a year ago

Super Michiel, Merci !

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Well done Michiel. Now for me to get to grips with it. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

Michiel. Managed this text effect in three layers, its a work in hand, so thanks so far. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

Wonderful! This was a greatly needed effect. Thank you Michiel.

JCB, a year ago

Une foultitude d'utilisations en perspective. Merci Michiel pour cet effet

PAT67, a year ago

Thank you Michiel!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thank you all!

This is an experimental effect. As long as it has not been distributed with the installer we do not have to worry about compatibility and can still change everything.

Current version has 1 colour and 10 selections. Looking at Pioneer's screenshot it would be better to have 5 colours and 5 selections. We have a maximum of 16 effect properties. What do you think? Which props do we need?

michiel, a year ago

Thanks @Michiel, this effect is thought out very well,
from many new possibilities!
That was just what BluffTitler was missing.
Congratulations, I hope you will soon include it with the executable, for my part it works wonders !!

with the gradient you can also make special effects such as bars

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Muy bien michiel, gracias

persiana, a year ago

Thank you. Very useful effect.

lightads, a year ago

Great, this effect is very useful. Thanks a lot, Michiel.

Ulli, a year ago


is it possible that the first slider does not stop at 20 but has at least a value of 300 so as not to have to enter the number manually if the words are many?
I don't ask to automatically put the value based on the words contained in the text, it would be excessive, but at least to have by default a number that does not stop only at 20 thank you very much

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Love new possibilities. When I'm back home i
I'll try to test it...can't wait!

Filip, a year ago

Thank you all!

The download has been updated. The maximum number of selections in this new version has been changed from 10 to 5, but you can now use a different colour for each selection.

Please remember: this remains an experimental effect. Compatibility won't be assured until it has been distributed with the installer.

michiel, a year ago

Franco, the slider is about 200 pixels wide. For this reason it can't be used to enter a value of precisely 300. For such high exact values you will always have to use the textbox.

michiel, a year ago

ok @Michiel, I had exaggerated with 300 but you can't do something in between? I figured it depended on the sensitivity of the slider.
Anyway congratulations this effect is GORGEOUS

Franco Aversa, a year ago

This has been a great addition from you Michiel. It was nice to see so many other forum members can make very good use of this in different ways within their projects. It is also great that you listen and work towards what users want and need with the program. Cheers John

Pioneer, a year ago

Love it. Gives many new possibilities. Thnx Michiel!

Filip, a year ago

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