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Is it possible to have a rainbow.cfx which get texture parts and not only color or have a value of FX Space in UVMapper.cfx where texture follows position, rotation, etc..of the characters. It works with value=2 (model) but same part of the texture is applied to all characters.

Download media files (90.7 KB)

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Try this effect

ID Production, 11 months ago

Dur, dur et pas évident ! C'est bien de suivre son idée, Vincent.
En dernier recours, voici le lien d'un jeu de 32 cartes que je viens de finir suivant le modèle précédent:
Courage, l'ami !

Alex-Raymond T., 11 months ago

Maybe we could use the picture layer and get an addition to the layer properties:
Filmstrip frames per second: Add position 0
Add the property Filmstrip number, to choose the part of the strip you want to show.

Filip, 11 months ago

Thank you ID Production, i tried RGB.cfx but this effect works with colors but not with texture so it does not the job for what i would like. Thank anyway.
ART, oui, je suis un peu têtu!!! tes textures sont de superbes qualités, tu as du faire chauffer le scanner, elle me serviront surement. Merci beaucoup.
Filip, yes i'm sure that one of the numerous filters we have can be updated to do the job.
Thanks to all for you help and advices.

vincent, 11 months ago

The Special\UVMapper effect computes the texture coordinates from a 3D position.

How about adding an FX CHARACTER INDEX OFFSET property that increases this position with a fixed value for every successive character?

michiel, 11 months ago

Michiel, I’d be happy to test (Would that be a property added to UVMapper?).

vincent, 11 months ago

Vincent, I have updated the download: click on the blue DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILES button to download it.

Place the included Effects/UVMapper file in the BluffTitler/Media/Effects/Special folder.

This new version has an FX Character index offset property. I think this does exactly what you want.

michiel, 11 months ago

Michiel, it's perfect !!!??? You are the best, thank you very much. If only I knew the secret of cfx files

vincent, 11 months ago

Nice Michiel. It does the trick!

Filip, 11 months ago

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